Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm bloody sick again.

I haven't been going out of the house for one week, i just stayed at home and chilled. But yesterday, I caught the fever again. My mother was sick and now it's my turn. But the thing is, i haven't had contact with anyone who has fever, i just got it randomly yesterday.

My internet is also being a bith, i haven't paid my bill yet and Maxis is smart enough to let it disconnect a billion times. It's so frustrating. But hey, at least my allowance is coming in this month :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Home taping is killing record industry profits!

In September of 1981, Dead Kennedys released the 8-song EP, In God We Trust. It contained the single, "Nazi Punks Fuck Off". On the original version on tape, Side A contained all 8 songs, with Side B being left intentionally blank. Printed on Side B was the explanation, "Home taping is killing record industry profits! We left this side blank so you can help"

Found this on Flickr via Reddit

Wikipedia: In God We Trust, Inc.

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My ex called me.... WOW!

I received a call from my ex today. Seeing his number shocked me because even when we were together, I would be the one who made most of the calls. On his first attempt I couldn’t answer his call because of some connection problems. Then I started to wonder why he called me, was there something wrong, or something I said, or something I did. That kept racing through my head. I waited for a few seconds for his phone call then I told myself that I shouldn’t and continued doing the dishes.

He did call back about a minute later, I answered. He sounded like he always do and I sound like I always do. He asked me what I was doing and you know, we talked about random things, catching up about each other’s lives. He told me he slept with this person or hooked up with that person, and I told him that I slept with this person and hooked up with that person. So it was nice la that we were both laughing ish and all.

But what surprised me most was that I don’t miss him like I used to, sure, I did miss him when we were talking, thinking about the past and everything. But the feeling is not as intense as it was before, like I could bare it and not even thinking of sending him a thank you for calling message. I actually feel good in a way. Well, maybe we still can be friends and I do wish him the best of luck with his life. But I can happily say that I’m still not really stuck on him and that I am moving on with my life. J


Jeffrey James

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Belgium is the most offensive word in the whole Universe according to Douglas Adams who wrote "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy".

While there are national and regional variations in swearing on planet Earth, it is a part of 3% of normal working life and 13% outside. What does it prove? That work is less frustrating? Of course, it is. That is why some of us work a lot.

Most swear words fall into just two categories:

1. Religion

2. Body functions.

Mere insults are not swear words. Sorry.

Men tend to swear more, but, according to some of the experts, women are not too far off. Social expectations of women decrease the frequency of swearing, just a bit, I think, but all of that can be changed in a taboo free culture. 72% of men swear in public and 52% of women.

At the General Medical Council (GMC), London there is a different treatment of male doctors who swore from that of female doctors. Need I say more? Predictably, it is acceptable that male doctors get stressed and medical directors do not rush to the GMC to back stab the doctor who swore. In the case of women doctors, it becomes serious professional misconduct and the finding of the fact is called "the use of obscene language". Why not just say the use of swear words?

Religious fanatics employed to sit on Fitness to Practice Panels, really do not help the healthy need to swear sometimes.

Swearing is not in the Medical Act 1983. It is exempt from the protection of free speech in USA. However, we shall not see anyone checking law books (or any others) when swearing happens.

William Shakespear swore a lot in his books. In his time, religious swear words were considered much more offensive than those relating to body functioning. The word "zounds" means God's wounds and it was considered very offensive in his time. He used it ten times in Henry IV! Similarly word "sblood" means God's blood. William Shakespear was very popular and swearing worked in his favour.
Here is some swearing poetry from William Shakespear:

Social norms change, but General Medical Council can be rather slow on the uptake. Or is just England?
In France only 4% of the population attends church, but in England 50%. This does not mean anything more than the cultural constraints on the population brought up in a certain way. British people remain oppressed.
If the General Medical Council invited me to discuss the issue of swearing at work and there was such a thing as poetry in their communications it could be like this:


Dear Fish,

For you we have a dish
Of bugs and seeds
And wicked weeds.
Come to drink and dine
After 8.0 p.m. but before 9.
Wear vivid spots or stripes
But we'll bear no grudge or gripes
If your suit's dry and not too wet.
(There is some choice of toilette).
Please, please, please,
Come to our den
You'll look so nice
In our frying pen.

Editor's note:
You'll look so nice
With a lemon slice. Editor: Ms Philippa Kennard Bent

From my book: The Reason for Treason

Wow... A Self Hating K.K Boy.... :)


what do you do in KL ?

im studying

doing masscomm

i see..

are you working now?


im a banker

why work in kl?

not ozzy or back home in kk?


thats nice

i already used tocity life


the city life is fine la but a relaxing atmosphere is good as well :):)

haha.. true, i prefer places with sophisticated people.. :P:P


KK.. far behind. sorry to say this .. haha

you can take the boy out of the kampung but you can never take the kampung out of the boy :):)

when was the last time you were back in kk?

last CNY for 2 weeks

the longest i have been

have to because just got back from AUS


did you go to the gay bar in kk?

do they have ??


i dont have much friends in KK


kk is the second most entertaining city in malaysia la

even though we are far behind kl


now you have one :):)

yea.. i agree

im fine with KK

just that i prefer the lifestyle here, go to gym , fine dining with friends, happy hour , read book at cafe.. i dont reckon can do this oftenly in KK


it depends how you look at it la

and who you hang out with

most of my gay frens


what does most of your gay friends?

i do realise the culture difference between here and kk la in terms of gay life :):)

maybe im just not used to it

sometimes gays friends from overseas will come here to visit me

thats nice :):)

haha.. yea.. soon or later you will get used to it

gay life here is soooo common

everywhere you go you'll see

some of them might me my friends or they have seen me somewhere before

especially gym or pavilion

i feel the same when im back home


when is the next time you're going back to kk?

i dont .. coz no one knws me in kk

dotn know

are you the super closeted type back home?

or your family there knows?

not really .. i dont really care

i cant be closet type

i have a very typcial gay look


short short hair and gym body

a lot of people still close one eye


though i know the type


my colleagues friends and everyone curious about me


because i dont have a gf

then they will surprise how come...


im a full fledged faggot

out to everyone in kk


but now in college, i have to start all over again


dressing does matter


very mafan oj


get used to the gay attire here

my sense of style very casual



gay circle here got several types

yea i know


you dont see fags in kk wearing mini pants

one also consider the best one

are those wearing t-shirt or polo t with nice short hair and good body

duh.. KL , most gay wear short pants

haha, thats me minus the good body

even i do .. in day time

but to clubs


when i see fags in shorts, i will go like, "damn thats so kl or sg"

yea.. sg and kl are like that

thats why in KK , ppl dont really wear short pant

haha, they do, but it's usually board shorts

soon or later, you will adpated to it, people here are more fashion concern , simplest the better

thats so lame

Seriously, I've never seen someone who is from K.K but at the same time looks down at K.K. I am beyond shocked about the whole matter. Apparently he graduated from Australia. And now is working in KL. He criticized the sense of style in kk, the way we live and the way the city develops.

I'm lazy to argue because i really think that it's a waste of time, K.K-ites are from my point of view far more sophisticated than Kuala Lumpur, people in KL are very plastic. Of course not all la, there are also good people in KL. The same as there are also plastic people in K.K. But honestly, when i chat with this guy, i feel like, oh my god. He seems very "Bruno".


Jeffrey James

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Dj Am found in his apartment dead.

Dj AM has passed away.

Adam Goldstein was famously engaged to Nicole Ritchie and also escaped a plane crash last year. His Body was discovered by the New York Polise in his Apartment yesterday. Apparently the New York post reports that he died of a drug overdose.

He was 36 years old.

The Dj had apparently gone sober through drug use and is apparently working with MTV on a show that helps people get sober. The only thing i can think of now is that his plane crash might have scarred him more that people know.

Rest in Peace DJ AM.


Jeffrey James

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Kylie Minogue does bollywood :)

Kylie Minogue does Bollywood. Man this music video is so well made...

ABC - All Of My Heart

On this date in 1982, ABC released their fourth single, "All Of My Heart". It was backed by "Overture". The A side was on their debut album, The Lexicon Of Love. The B side was a non-LP track that was added when the album was re-released on CD. The single reached the #5 spot on the U.K. singles chart. The Sheffield, England new wave band disbanded in 1992 but has done some touring in recent years. They are on tour this year.

Wikipedia: ABC

Official Website:

Video: ABC - All Of My Heart - youtube

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The Lambrettas - Decent Town

On this date in 1981, The Lambrettas released their first 12 inch EP (after six 7-inch singles), Decent Town. It contained the title track as well as "Total Strangers" and live versions of "Da-a-a-ance" and "Young Girls". The title track appeared on their second album, Ambience as did "Total Strangers". The studio version of "Da-a-a-nce" was on their debut album, Beat Boys In The Jet Age. "Young Girls" did not appear on either. The Brighton, England mod band named themselves after a motorbike popular with the mod revivalists. The Lambrettas released nine singles and two albums before disbanding in 1982.

Wikipedia: The Lambrettas

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Heaven 17 - Play To Win

On this date in 1981, Heaven 17 released their fourth single, "Play To Win". The B side was "Play". The A side appeared on their debut album, Penthouse And Pavement. The B side did not. The single reached the #46 spot on the U.K. singles chart. The Sheffield, England new wave band formed when Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh split from The Human League. They recruited Glenn Gregory for vocals and the band was born. The band has recorded and performed sporadically since 1988.

Wikipedia: Heaven 17

Unofficial Website:

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The Passions - The Swimmer

On this date in 1981, The Passions re-released their third single, "The Swimmer". It had originally been released in 1980. This time the song was backed by "Some Fun". The A side appeared on their second album, Thirty Thousand Feet Over China. The B side was a non-LP track that was added as a bonus when the album was re-released on CD. The London new wave band released three albums before disbanding in 1982. Original bassist Claire Bidwell left the band in 1980 to join The Wall.

Wikipedia: The Passions

Official Website:

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The Cure - Happily Ever After

On this date in 1981, The Cure released a U.S.-only album called Happily Ever After. It was a double album that coupled The Cure's second album, 17 Seconds, with their third, Faith.

Wikipedia: The Cure

Official Website:

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XTC - Generals And Majors

On this date in 1980, XTC released their ninth single, "Generals And Majors". It was offered as a double seven inch package. The other three tracks were "Don't Lose Your Temper", "Smokeless Zone" and "Somnambulist". The A side was on their fourth album, Black Sea. The other three tracks were non-LP tracks that were added as bonus tracks to the album when it was re-released on CD. The single reached the #32 spot on the U.K. singles chart. The Swindon, England post punk/new wave band called it quits in 2006 when Colin Moulding expressed a desire to call it quits. Andy Partridge didn't feel that it would be XTC without the both of them.

Wikipedia: XTC

Official Website:

Video: XTC - Generals And Majors - live - 1980 - youtube

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Buzzcocks - Are Everything

On this date in 1980, Buzzcocks released their eleventh single, "Are Everything". It was backed by "Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore". Neither of the tracks appeared on an album but both were added as bonus tracks to their third album, A Different Kind Of Tension, when it was re-released on CD, as well as on an expanded edition of Singles Going Steady. The single reached the #61 spot on the U.K. singles chart. The Manchester, England punk band disbanded in 1981 but reunited in 1989 for a reunion tour. Shortly thereafter, Shelley and Diggle regrouped to start the Buzzcocks again with new band members and they continue to play today.

Wikipedia: Buzzcocks

Official Website:

Video: Buzzcocks - Are Everything - on TV - 1980 - youtube

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Happy Birthday!

Hugh Cornwell of The Stranglers turns 60 today!

The Stranglers, left to right:
Jet Black, Hugh Cornwell, Dave Greenfield and Jean Jacques Burnel

Wikipedia: The Stranglers

Official Website:

Video: The Stranglers - Nice 'N' Sleazy - on Top Of The Pops - 1978 - youtube

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Devo - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!

On this date in 1978, Devo released their debut full length album, Q: Are We Not Men? A" We Are Devo!. It contained the singles, "Come back Jonee" (#60 U.K.), "Jocko Homo" (#62 U.K.), "Mongoloid" and "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (#41 U.K.), though this last track was different than the single version. The album reached the #78 spot on the U.S. albums chart and the #12 spot on the U.K. albums chart. The Akron, Ohio punk/new wave band went on hiatus in the early 90's as the band members were involved in separate projects. They resumed recording and performing in 1996.

Wikipedia: Devo

Unofficial Website:

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John Cooper Clarke - Post-War Glamour Girl

On this date in 1978, John Cooper Clarke released his second single, "Post War Glamour Girl". It was backed by "Kung Fu International". The A side appeared on his second album, Disguise In Love. The B side appeared on his debut album, Ou Est La Maison De Fromage? John Cooper Clarke was a punk poet from Manchester, England, whose poems would often, but not always, be set to background music. He opened for such bands as Buzzcocks, Sex Pistols, Joy Division and The Fall. He still performs.

Wikipedia: John Cooper Clarke

Official Website:

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stiff Little Fingers - Bits Of Kids

On this date in 1982, Stiff Little Fingers released their eleventh single, "Bits Of Kids". It was backed by "Stands To Reason". Both tracks appeared on their fourth studio album, Now Then... The Belfast, Northern Ireland punk band broke up in 1982 after four studio albums, one live album and numerous singles. They re-formed in 1987. Jake Burns and Ali McMordie, from their original lineup, are still there. They occasionally release new material but have maintained an ambitious performance schedule.

Wikipedia: Stiff Little Fingers

Official Website:

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Devo - New Traditionalists

On this date in 1981, Devo released their fourth album, New Traditionalists. It contained the singles, "Beautiful World", "Through Being Cool" and "Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth". None of the singles charted but the album did. It reached the #23 spot on the U.S. albums chart and the #50 spot on the U.K. albums chart. Early editions of the album came with a bonus single of "Working In A Coalmine", which was also available on the Heavy Metal soundtrack. The Akron, Ohio punk/new wave band went on hiatus in the early 90's as the band members were involved in separate projects. They resumed recording and performing in 1996.

Wikipedia: Devo

Unofficial Website:

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