Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nail Polish Stash Part 6- Icing, Hot Topic, American Apparel, Finger Paints, Wet n Wild, and Nina Ultra Pro

Here's the next part of my stash; there's a few more parts left. If anyone is kind of wondering why I'm posting these parts so slowly, it's because I'm stalling until I finish taking makeup stash pics...which quite honestly might be a while since I haven't really gotten on them. I have parts of it done, but for the most part, it's nowhere near done...I was really bad about taking them this year...despite having no problems not growing my makeup stash so far this year.

As with the previous posts, if you want to see anything swatched, let me know..I might be a bit slow about it since I just started a new job, and I'm not allowed to wear makeup, polish, or jewelry at work..though I'm starting work in the afternoons for a while starting tomorrow, so it may get done anyways. (I've been cringing at my natural nails the last two days...they're ugly to me, but I can't stop staring...even after buffing them, they're still kind of stained/yellow) I did start swatching the Nubar Fortress collection, with comparisons, but I'm too embarrassed by the state my cuticles were in when I swatched them, and annoyed with the fluctuations in my light source to feel like posting what I already have, so I plan on redoing them. I think I may cave and maybe buy an OTT light if I can find them on sale/coupons. I've been holding out on this since I'd be getting this specifically for the sake of blogging and I'm not entirely sure I could really justify that in my head. More than likely I'll cave on this within a few weeks (bills come first though of course).

Monday, March 29, 2010

Crazy April!

In another 12 hours' time I'd be flying off to San Francisco!!

Can't say why yet but it's HUGE!!!!!!!!! Well to me it is anyway!!

I'm going on a press junket for only 2 days and I'd be rushing back by April 3rd so I can go to the Canon Symposium... Where apparently there will be 300 people listening to me talk nonsense. Why, I cannot understand. The Nuffies suggested I should charge for conferences though, which sounds like a swell idea. Just kidding, I'm way too lazy.

(Touch down at 10am, have to reach Symposium by 12pm. The Nuffies are worried sick that my flight will be delayed/cancelled. Won't one lah where got so suay, right? Right?? *Crosses fingers)

Anyway April is a crazy crazy month for me!!

Here's the ding dong schedule:

30th to 3rd: San Francisco

6th to 8th: KL for Project Alpha press conference and *maybe* a FHM shoot

10th to 11th: Bintan for a friend's birthday

14th to 18th: Tbilisi, Georgia - to also talk at a conference with Gillian

23rd to 10th May: Dallas for our annual trip back to see Mike's family and also for his younger brother Paul's wedding! Omg I'm so excited!!

I'm excited about all the trips! Talk about living out of a suitcase man. Confirm don't need to unpack, maybe only transfer from big suitcase to small suitcase.

Ok I'm gonna curl my hair now see ya guys in 3 days!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010



Perhaps not with the smartest of reasoning I am finding myself these days purchasing a lot of seven inch singles just based on their artwork. As the format becomes sadly rarer by the week, this growing personal throwback for me presents itself more as a piece of art rather than a salient music format. This single is a very good example of this. I really hate the way the world of the single has gone now, the Sunday charts are so pathetic it is unreal and there is no way in hell that a band selling an MP3 or two on a given date will or should constitute a single release. The idea of doing an “MP3 single” is one so redundant to me. The other day I heard a pretty decent song by a band from Liverpool and I decided to check out the release date of the song I found myself faced with a two week wait to buy it from iTunes etc. I promptly laughed my fucking arse off as I found the song on seconds via Hype MP3. It is what they deserve.

This release however is the polar opposite of such backwards management. For me passion oozes from the tangibility of the release. So who the hell are The Dustaphonics? I have no idea what their music sounds like but what I do know is that they come with amazing artwork.

Looking at the sleeve alone you get the impression it is going to be dirty, like something you might find in a John Waters or Russ Meyer movie. Yes, music from a better time. The cover features a golden age comic beauty, shameless and suggestive.

Having already reviewed the record before even playing the record finally upon hearing it I find myself introduced to something that sounds akin to The Cramps fronted by Lisa from the BellRays. It is slow paced and dripping in swagger with dirty sax spewed sporadically over proceedings. This is very fun stuff.

The writing credit includes the name “T.L. Satana” which indeed does turn out to be Tura Satana, most famously the star of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! which lends another exciting aspect to the record as it transpires that she is indeed responsible for some of the lyrics/words in some capacity (although perhaps she didn’t realise it).

Perhaps the less said about the b-side (a cover of The Jiants “Tornado”) the better.

Thesaurus moment: pine.

The Dustaphonics
Dirty Water Records

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Money, why is that five letter word is such an importance to almost everybody around the world? Most people always feel that life would be so much better when they have more money. I am one of these people and I want more money. Not much of course, maybe 10 million dollars would do. But then, if i do get my tem million dollars, would i want more after that? I know that I would find a reasonably good looking partner who would make me happy. Hire a trainer to train me to have a supermodel-esque body, drive a nice sports car and live in a wonderful penthouse in the middle of the city.

Money, they can buy me so much, but what if I have money but don't have the man of my dreams, don't have a wonderful body, get bored of my sports car and penthouse? What will I want then? More Money? I don't know. This five letter word does mean alot to me and I do want it now, but will I actually be happy when I have it? Well, give me my 10 million dollars and find out:)


Jeffrey James

Psycho bitch

I think twitter is awesome because it is somehow even more revealing of people's personalities than blogs are. That's coz when people blog emotional posts it's triggered by certain feelings. I like to blog when I'm pissed off, so that's the constant emotion that's portrayed here (in the text parts anyway).

Some people blog when they are happy. Some when they are emo. And therefore only certain personality traits are shown.

But on twitter you see happy tweets and angry tweets and bored tweets etc etc!

And then there are psycho tweets. So I'm gonna blog about this psycho bitch who keeps replying me on twitter.

A few days ago I went to Far East Plaza and walked past my tattoo's artist Jeremy's shop. So I stopped by to say hi and enquired where Jeremy is.

One of the staff/owner there said Jeremy is no longer here and is in Europe. I don't know if I heard wrongly or whatever but he also said that Jeremy is not coming back. I asked why and the answer is coz can earn more money there (in Europe).

So I tweeted that I'm sad coz Jeremy is no longer available in Singapore. And that when you mix talented people with publicity, they will be so busy and successful you can't use their services anymore!

Jeremy was featured in the first episode of Guide to Life but when I was talking about publicity, I WAS NOT TALKING ABOUT ME GIVING HIM PUBLICITY.

I was talking about publicity in general, which talented people are bound to get, from me or whoever!!

(Even if I'm talking about me so what? Truth is I've sold out many products before!)

Enter psycho bitch:

Very polite and normal right? She is apparently the cousin of another Tattoo Artist, E (whom I've also met and like quite a lot, he is also v talented), and supposedly Jeremy is gonna work with E now and will be back tomorrow or something. But I have no idea how true her info is coz as mentioned, psycho bitch.

So I just replied pleasantly that I'm happy Jeremy will still be in Singapore and that I must have got or heard wrong info from the guy in Jeremy's old shop.


WTF MAXIMUM??????????????

So I misheard info also cannot is it? She @messaged a bunch of people to complain about how she cannot stand me and all... With shitloads of logical fallacies!

(none of these people replied her wtf)

Kena accused of feeling like a "LOSER". What has "feeling like a loser" got to do with me not screaming at her? Totally don't get it.

And why the hell would I scream at her when she was so polite to me?

I didn't even see her crazy timeline (obviously I don't follow her) till today coz another follower informed me about her (I presume this follower kpo went to see psycho bitch's profile).

If not for someone informing me I'd think this girl is so nice lor! Then never mind.

She must have read my reply (I replied before I knew how psycho she is) about misunderstanding the ex-colleague of Jeremy's, so she tweeted:

Two more perfectly normal, nice tweets.

So I got curious after seeing the first few abusive tweets, and I went to read her timeline all the way from the beginning. And here it is, chronologically:

In reply to my tweet about Heidi Montag's surgery. I replied that Heidi told Hello magazine she did 10 surgeries in one day. Her reply:

Psycho bitch being nice.

And in reply to my tweet about attending my first wedding as the couple's friend, not relative:

And in reply to me doing eyelash extensions:

Such a sweet girl!

Another nice tweet

In reply to me buying a hat for my ROM.
(I didn't reply or replied positively)




Logic fail.

I really don't know.

And you know what's the funniest thing??


MAXIMUM IRONY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a tweet she wrote:

So you don't get why you don't get clients, but everyone who is or will be a client in future is a bimbo who can't plan their own wedding?!

When did I ever said I'm classy?!?!

Then why are you constantly replying me like you like me?! WTF?

And a mere 4 hours before her abusive "tattoo artist" tweets, she was teaching me how to cook lady's fingers:


I can't decide if she hates me or loves me.

p/s: Comments containing her URLs will be deleted.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Q Bar Show Girls Every Friday!

So there is a Drag show in my Hometown every Friday night and I decided to create a new poster for them. This is one of the Image that I picked and edited. I tried to go with the whole "magazine" cover look and well, it looks pretty okay. I just used the ordinary Photo Shop and poasted the pictures on the Q Bar Facebook Wall. It's quite cool. What do you think? :)


Jeffrey James

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hottie Of The Moment

There's this Sabahan model that has the whole Porcelain Doll Look and is quite statuesque with her tall height and her classy vibe. Her name is Nicole Ong and she is one of the top Models in Kota Kinabalu since she made her debut a few years ago. Nicole Ong also went on to become the third runner up for Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2009. She has done numerous photoshoots and shows in Kota Kinabalu and has garnered attention all over Sabah.

She is currently studying in Kuala Lumpur now and is trying to make her mark in the west malaysian fashion scene.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Weekend

So my cousins flew in from Singapore for an Interview and a Television Shoot. I stayed over at my cousin's place during the weekend and got to accompany them to their appointments. It was fun as I got to eat, eat, eat and eat more as well as got a free perfume from Estee Lauder. I got the Unforgivable perfume by P.Diddy. It's nice, very citrusy. Met a few new people and expanded my communications skills! Hopefully I can get an intership with a company when I'm on Holiday:D
Jennifer Pedersen and Miss Iking
Malaysia's Top Stylist, Jen, Naz and I.
Jen During her Television Shoot.
Jen and I waiting.
Jeffrey James