Monday, May 31, 2010


Boxee - Best media center I've ever used.
Works on Linux, Mac and Windows. FREE!!!

Boxee Beta from boxee on Vimeo.

I use my laptop as a media center, just installed Boxee (Ubuntu version) and plugged it into the flat screen in my living room.

Thanks To Our Brave Babies On The Front Lines Of Freedom

Jim Smith honors our fighting babies who suffer the unspeakable horrors of battle and wet diapers in order to preserve all we hold sacred.To all the babies who fight and cried for us, thank you!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Pirate Bay: 4 Years After The Raid

Today, exactly four years have passed since The Pirate Bay was raided by the Swedish police. While the entertainment industries hoped that this would be the end of their troubles, in hindsight they’ve created a a multi-headed hydra that is impossible to kill. The events that unfolded could easily be turned into a Hollywood blockbuster.

Going to Get a Cartooning Class Together

Live, in LA Areaif enough folks are interested12 lessons$12006 weeks/2 lessons per weekmust have some basic skills firstIf you're interested post drawing lessons from 1-7 on a blog and send me a link to checkIf you have the stuff it takes you will be accepted details to come

It's a Jenny, It's a bird, IT'S JENNYBIRD

While I was in San Francisco I had the great pleasure of Meeting the amazing Jennybird at Jack Howe's opening for one of his art shows. It was a great show and I met so many nice people. Jack's art work is something you need to check out if you haven't seen it before. Google Jack Howe.
Jenny and I exchanged info and a few days after the show I contacted her to see if I could come by for a visit before I went back to Canada. We welcomed me with her sweet open arms into her home and her private studio!! OMG.......... I was lost for words!!!!
I LOVE Jenny and her Over the top work.. Here is a small sample of what I had the honor to view with my very own eyes!!!
Thanks you sooooo much jenny for giving me the privilege to see your beautiful art work up close and personal:) These images and many others will be forever etched in my mind:)

MEC Paddlefest Ottawa, Ontario, May, 2010, Riot Aura Test Paddle

Perfect weather and a huge turnout at MEC Paddlefest 2010 in Mooney's Bay.

I decided to hang out for a while in the RIOT Aura 18. (You can get them at Ottawa Paddleshack)

As usual, I show up somewhere, and right away one thing will catch my eye and keep it.

The RIOT Aura was right there. It is a good looking, sleek, fast 18 foot boat (I think it has lots of rocker, the manufacturer says moderate) that is too big in the cockpit for me and a real bitch to turn. I hear some people love them. Anyway, you can't really test much or take too many chances with what you do in the murky and questionable waters of Mooney's Bay, so I didn't do much with this kayak except enjoy its speed, and curse it whenever I needed to turn it.

I was there to test touring paddles. I love my skinny stick (Greenland paddle), except when I want to get somewhere moderately fast and keep up with others!

I finally caught up with Peter Whaley, founder of Pure Canadian Adventures and the Current Designs rep. He's from Nova Scotia! Hey! Aren't you pretty far from home? I just assumed our Current Designs rep would be somewhere nearby like Toronto.

I missed him last year at the first National Sea Kayak Symposium (NaSKS) in Palmer Rapids, Ontario. And I really missed him and wished he was there when I took a look at the Current Designs Suka sitting there. I wanted to test paddle it, but he was away. I probably should have snuck it down to the water and hopped in. I wonder who would have noticed? There were only a few hundred people at the event that weekend.

And then this year, at the Ottawa MEC Paddlefest, Peter was there with all the Current Designs boats except the Suka! How does this boat keep eluding me? Anyway, I'll keep trying until I can finally get in it and take it for a spin. I have no clue why the Suka has stayed on my mind but I'd like to find out. Maybe it's the path to get there that is more important.

I'm campaigning for Ottawa to get a wider variety of sea kayaks/touring kayaks for us paddlers to test and play with. It seems we have to work way too hard and travel way too far to get into all these great boats that we mostly only see on the manufacturer's Web sites. Most stores, of course, only want to carry the boats that most commonly sell or suit most people. But if the choices are limited, how do you know what you're really missing? How can you move up your paddle skills without a choice of more performant boats to test and learn with? Ever been in a boat that when you say, "Edge and turn", it says "Huh? What? Is that what you really want. Ask again way harder and maybe I'll budge!"

I own a Boreal Baffin and more recently purchased a fantastic Maelstrom Vital 166. But I still want to test paddle the Suka and find out how we can get some Romany boats around here. So anyone with a Suka, let me know. And if anyone starts stocking Romany boats around here, call me!

Peter had two really cute Huskies in his truck. Such neat dogs, especially when their eyes are two different colours. I asked what their names were twice and still can't remember (should I really be admitting this?). I think they're worth remembering so I'll ask again and if he'll send me a cool pic of them, I'll post it too.

Happy paddling!
The Baffin Paddler

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

I have had a rather splendid weekend, topped off by the fact that I am now finished for the semester! Until exams in two weeks. BUT for now, I am quite fine!

I went to see The Room last night at a midnight screening. It was simultaneously the best and worst two hours of my life, and I strongly encourage you all to go and see it. With plastic spoons in hand.

That was essentially the highlight of my weekend. Really. "OH HI MARK"

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Pal, Pou

Sometimes it's fun to base a cartoon character off a person you know. This is Jose Pou - a fellow cartoonist and animator who worked with me on APC and other cartoons.Cartooning real people in action is a challenge because they are much more specific in design and personality than most cartoon characters.Jose Pou is a beautiful specimen of specificity. He not only has a very unique design, but he


My pal, Pou.

Happy Birthday Nem

Friday, May 28, 2010


I didn't realize there was smog in London, but if you go there, make sure you bring your Viewmaster. It works just like a gas mask.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Design Balance: Fitting one character's positive shapes into another's negative space

Japanese magazines have some really good layout in them.These clusters of Dream Pets could easily have been cluttered disorganized messes, but instead they ad up to a pleasing and easy to understand design. The whole composition and arrangement invites your eyes to navigate easily accross the page.The layout artist arranged all the characters very carefully to make them:1) Read Clearly (

Exclusive Pixar tour for Toy Story 3

Finally! Toy Story 3 is about to come out in Singapore and I have seen it already when it was like 98% finished but I'm so excited to see it again in 3D!

(Even though I'm not a big fan of 3D but that was because for my first and only 3D film I watched Avatar from the front row and it was horrific.

I believe that 3D should be for cartoons instead of normal films too! Coz in cartoons the lines are so much more defined mah.)

Ok I'm rambling on because I'm so excited.

Anyway to recap for people who didn't already know, I auditioned to be one of the 15 bloggers chosen WORLDWIDE (very hao lian must put in caps) to get an exclusive tour of Pixar and to get a first watch at Toy Story 3.

I've always been a big fan of Pixar (my absolute favourite movie is The Incredibles) so this was like a dream come true I tell you. Seriously.

And so I went, all the way to Emeryville, San Francisco.

Flew Philippine Airlines with the plane mostly filled with Filipinos. Transitting in Manila airport was a breeze, got personal escort one! And the filipinos are super friendly!

Was supposed to fly SQ but only Philippine Airlines could drop me home in time for the Nuffnang Symposium.

(On a side note I think I've figured out the difference between Philippine, Philippines, Filipino, Filipina, Pinoy and Pinay!

Philippines: Country
Filipino: Citizen, male/general
Filipina: Citizen, Female
Pinoy: Slang for Citizen, male/general
Pinay: Slang for Citizen, Female
Philippine: Inanimate object from Philippines

I think!! So confusing)

Here's my flight get-up. I normally have extensions and slap on some blusher + lipstick and gloss.

No foundation or mascara coz confirm get smudged and get very uncomfortable when you sleep!

Dude sitting beside me was a farter. -_-

Inside my bag... The big brown pouch contains Gillian's $3,000 video camera knn I was so stressed I would lose it or damage it.

And this Pixar trip was made into a Guide to Life episode which was filmed entirely by me! It wasn't easy filming yourself, let's just say that.

On a cab en route to Four Seasons Hotel! Gotta love USA advertising.

The hotel was crazy posh and super hugeeee!! Must go up 2 different lifts to get to your room from the lobby -_-

First thing I did: Shower, and order room service... Courtesy of Disney! ;)

And this is what I had - Pan Fried Halibut with creamy potato gratin

Comes with the yummiest creamy lemon butter sauce

It was so freaking delicious I ordered it for 3 dinners straight can you believe that? NOW I'M CRAVING FOR MORE OMG...

SLEEP! Day 2:


Spent about $400 on a four storey Juicy store. Oh well once a year.

Four seasons was in Market street which is where all the shops were!

Diesel ad

Also went to the flagship F21 building (yes it's a building by itself) and spent LOADS of money!! *sadface

At 5pm the bloggers/youtubers had to meet at the hotel lobby to be shuttled to Pixar... TO WATCH TOY STORY 3 OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG X INFINITY

I was responsible *ahem* and reached the hotel with ample time to prepare so camwhore first!

Loving my New Look jacket (super warm and chio!) + Hongkong nude pink boots!

Must try with the camera at different positions

In the luxurious toilet


Hehehehe will the camwhoring stop?


After a while we arrive at PIXAR!!

It was raining so I only managed ONE BLURRY SHOT of bloggers walking in... Lao sai.

Anyway it was very hard to juggle filming and photography lah... Obviously filming was my first priority!

We weren't allowed to snap photos inside for today so we just went into the theatre (yes they got indoor theatre in Pixar) straight!

Was Toy Story 3 any good? HELL YES IT WAS!!

Action-packed and won't even let you have a moment where your mind wanders off! It will make you cry (some of the bloggers did), laugh, get indignant, and filled with childlike awe. :)

Andy's going to college so how will the story wrap up? It's really an awesome ending imho.

Plus there are super a lot of new toys! Pictures of them later. Really lor, you know how you've been seeing Toy Story 3 trailers and ads around and sometimes the product doesn't live up to the hype? THIS TOTALLY DOES.

Plus I don't know how they did it but they also like polished up the animation or whatever so it looks chioer than ever!!


Day three:

Meeting at the hotel lobby again at 8am

Pic of two USA pixar bloggers... Left is 18 and right is only 16! The 16 year old had to have a guardian with him lor. It was their first time going into Pixar too and it must be even more a dream come true for them (coz they are passionate enough about Pixar to have a pixar blog)!

I'm sitting beside Natalie Tran on the bus... She is a famous youtube star. Erm the first day I tweeted that she is very hostile so on day 2 she said she saw the tweet (mad paiseh) and was trying to be nicer.


SULLEY AND MIKE~!! Monsters Inc is awesommmmme!

Sunnyside Daycare - place in Toy Story 3 that looks deceivingly cheerful :D

Toys scattered on the table. No idea whether these are real coz director Lee Unkrich has a penchant for collecting bootleg Pixar toys.

Pixar's office space is so big and airy and fun!


Huge Woody and Buzz made of LEGO! MUST. CAMWHORE.

HOWDY! There is a snake in my boot!

Pixar supervising producers Bobby and Mike were bringing us around and telling us more about Pixar's work environment, showing us the equipment (one huge room full of 6 feet tall computers just doing nothing but rendering all day long), and most interestingly of all, the offices of Pixar's animators.

These people are obviously very creative, so much so that no one could resist decorating their offices (they all have a room to themselves) VERY VERY EXTRAVAGENTLY!

It was unbelievable!!!

We saw an office decorated completely Tiki-styled with straw roof and torches etc... Pretty pale yellow with a baseball-picket fence coz the animator loves baseball... Other crazy designs - which unfortunately I couldn't video or snap shots coz it's not allowed...

THEN Mike and Bobby led us to animator Andrew Gordon's office. They led us in in groups and allowed us to take pictures.


Totally disappointed lor!





Vegas styled with a bar and casino poker table!

And all the celebrities who have been in this very room with Andrew Gordon... So many!

However this room was a bit cramped so I didn't have a chance to snap more before leaving to let the next batch in.

There was this super grumpy middle-aged Russian blogger among us who was giving a stupid black face the entire time. I can't believe there are people so ungrateful man, who is forcing him to go to this junket?! Some other kid somewhere would be soooooo happy to take his place for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

As Bobby and Mike were checking to see if everyone went in, they asked the Russian if he would like to go to, he just rudely waved Bobby away and glared into the distance.

I'd invite him to leave at this moment but Bobby just looked politely incredulous.

And then we had roundtable interviews!

With Bob Pauley, Art director, showing us the creations, paintings and drawings of many talented artists.

Some of the new characters you can expect to see in Toy Story 3! My favourite is a little yellow bunny (not here) that looks like Minilove!

Explaining to us how each character was conceived. Very interesting!

Christine Freeman, lead archivist, looking pleased to show me a sculpture of Jessie.

She has LOADS of paintings/toys/sculptures etc all showcasing the start to finish of each Pixar creation. She even showed us how Buzz looked like initially and it was not like the final thing!

And btw do you know why Buzz Lightyear is white, green and purple? That's coz his creator's favourite colour is green and his wife's is purple. Don't know about the white part I guess it just looks futuristic.

I love this gigantic painting of Buzz and Woody looking at Andy going away from them.

With no facial expressions even, one can feel the disappointment, sadness and helplessness of the duo just by the colours and that hand on the shoulder that says There, there, we can work something else out...

Very sad one!! Why am I so emo it's a movie -_-

And we break for LUNCH!!

Pixar staff are so lucky their work place is so nice!

Camwhore shot

We visited Hidden City Cafe, a small joint where a lot of the Pixar peeps used to eat at just coz it was near to their office.

We were real lucky to dine with Teddy Newton, who is an animator, storyboard artist and also directing the Pixar short film that would show before Toy Story 3, Day and Night!

Somemore he does voiceovers. He was the newsreel narrator in The Incredibles!

There he is with Bobby (second from right) and Mike (extreme right).

What's with the hats?

Eating with the bloggers. I like Bree, from Buzznet (right).

And still I didn't get any

And we got to watch Day and Night!!

Everyone went "woooooo!" when John Lasseter himself (CCO of Pixar) came to introduce the short film to us!!

Was it good? YOU BET. Pixar shorts typically don't have any dialogue and yet expresses so much! And this one is lagi better it is 3D INSIDE a 2D film!!

The black colour parts are 2D while the insides of the dudes are 3D!! It's realllllly amazing lah! I really love Pixar shorts it's like you paid for an awesome movie and got one bonus little movie really very wu hua *sobs

My favourite is Partly Cloudy and second is the lamb hopping one!


Me as a toy!! Well I'm already part silicon...

Maan, the disney rep from Singapore, also gives it a shot. I like her very much! Among all the strangers from around the world it is so comforting to see someone back from home being nice to you. :)

Disturbing director Lee Unkrich as he does someone else's video interview.

More camwhoring!


in a POD!! Hehehe so cute

With Jessie, one of my favourite characters from Pixar ever

Toy Story 1 and 2 in Blu ray!

Toy Story video game!

Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich and producer Darla K. Anderson signing for their fan. I also had them sign something!

An alien!

Present for Ming in exchange for the Capella room he booked for Mike and I for our wedding. He loves this kinda stuff!

Love what Darla wrote. She is super cute!

Picture with Maan, thanks for taking care of me so well xoxo

Ming's pressies, bought from the exclusive Pixar studios store - merchandise there cannot be found outside!

Dug says hello!

Asked Bob Pauley if he could sketch a toy story character for me and he drew Lots-O-Huggin' bear and an alien!! I could keep this and he signed it for me too!

I am so, so proud of what Clicknetwork has evolved into...

3 years ago it was just a dream and look at us now!! *hugs Gillian to cry*

Last look at Pixar Studios


p/s: I know this entry is super long-winded but I have to record my memories of this awesome event! Hope all Pixar lovers like me enjoyed this entry! Confirm must watch Toy Story 3 you can hold me personally responsible if you don't like it! LOL but seriously though if you don't it's coz you have shitty taste.

UPDATE: Erm sorry to burst the bubbles of the peeps who said they are definitely gonna give Pixar a visit but the place is not open to public and they are very stringent about visitors!! Cannot be open to public lor it's a workplace so imagine if got people milling around all the time how can they work?!