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Good morning fashionistas! Actually the weather here is getting a lot colder, it's freezing. Yesterday it started snowing with no luck of settling it though. On sunday I was in the mood of wearing my favorite vintage levis shorts but regreted that as it was the first day that the weather was so cold. From now on i only wear my warmest clothes, beannies and fur  coats.
(vintage levis shorts, bershka leather bomber jacket, 291venice hoodie, guns n roses tee, office boots)

photos by: Eirini

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A friend asked me about some recent Thai experimental films, so here is my answer to him:

1.NAKORN ASAJARN TRILOGY: COLLAPSE (2011, Wachara Kanha, 26 min)
NAKORN ASAJARN TRILOGY: MIGHT (2011, Wachara Kanha, 30 min)
NAKORN ASAJARN TRILOGY: NIGHTMARE (2011, Wachara Kanha, 30 min)
This trilogy is composed of many scenes of Bangkok. An extremely atmospheric film. The second part of the trilogy features a 30-minute monologue of a lawyer talking about the injustice from which the red shirt protesters in Thailand suffer.

2.WHY DO YOU JUMP? (2011, Korn Kanogkekarin, 19 min)
A queer film featuring strange scenes which are seemingly unconnected to one another. It includes a scene of Korn nakedly dancing in his room, a scene of Korn throwing his hair into the air repeatedly for approximately 30 times, and a digitally-effected scene of Korn's body divided in half, which makes him look like a statue of a pagan goddess.

3.GAZE AND HEAR (2010, Nontawat Numbenchapol, 10 min)
I wrote about this film here:

4.EMPLOYEES LEAVING THE LUMIÈRE FACTORY (2010, Chaloemkiat Saeyong, 31 min)
I wrote about this film here:

5.HOME COMPUTER (2011, Teeranit Siangsanoh, 19 min)
This film is composed of various still images and sound found in a computer. What I like the most in this film is how the various sound and noises are combined, and it results in one of the strangest soundtracks I have ever heard of in my whole life. I also like the scene in which we see the images of Khattiya Sawasdipol, while we hear the song CIVILIZATION ZONE by Thanes Warakulnukroh. It is arguably one of best ironic scenes of the year 2011.

6.THE FESTIVAL OF DEMON SPIRIT (2011, Sittiporn Racha, 2 min)
I wrote about this film here:

7.RATCHAPRASONG (2011, Nok Paksnavin)
The film is about the massacre of the red shirt protesters in Bangkok in May 19, 2010, and it deals with this tragedy by showing us some enigmatic scenes, and then it shows us a black screen, while we hear the very loud sound of gunshots for about 90-100 times.

8.PASSING THROUGH THE NIGHT (2011, Wattanapume Laisuwanchai, 13 min)
I think this film should be screened together with THE LONG DAY CLOSES (1992, Terence Davies), because both films deal with the memories of the directors about their own families, and both films present these memories in an extremely poetic and beautiful way.

9.IMPERIAL EARTHS (2011, Phatthi Buntuwanit, 15 min)
One of the most visually gorgeous Thai film made in 2011. The film reinterprets some parts of Buddhist teachings/legends. The content of the film is not as interesting as its visual elements. The production designs/set decorations in this film is as beautiful and powerful as the ones in EDEN AND AFTER (1970, Alain Robbe-Grillet) or PROSPERO'S BOOKS (1991, Peter Greenaway).

10.SPIDER (2011, Tossapol Boonsinsukh)
A woman is having trouble with some mysterious water leaking out of the wall of her house. A plumber can't help her because he doesn't know where this water comes from. The first part of this film reminds me of some cute feelings found in Miranda July's films. However, the second half of SPIDER reminds me of Marguerite Duras' films, because we see some characters, whom we are not sure if they represent humans, or animals, or both, or whatever, circle around one another in a townhouse in an extremely slow manner.


Thai Cooking Class

While in Chiang Mai, I took a cooking class in a local school to get better acquainted with local techniques and ingredients. I learned to make a few traditional dishes and will make sure to try and re-create them. I wanted to share my favorite recipes here, starting with the famous Green Papaya Salad - typical dish from the Isaan region of Thailand.

If you plan on visiting Chiang Mai and would like to do the same, I attended the class at Asia Scenic Cooking School

Photo by MP Charette for Dee & Duke. 

adapted from the Asia Scenic cookbook

1-3 small chillies
A few green beans, cut into 1-inch long pieces
2-3 cloves of garlic
¼ tomato, sliced
1 tsp roasted peanuts
1 green papaya (unripe papaya), shredded
1 tsp palm sugar (can be replaced by brown sugar or a mixture of white sugar and maple syrup)
2 tsp fish sauce (can be replaced by soy sauce)
1 tbsp lime juice

Mortar and pestle (can be replaced by a bowl and a meat pounder)

Pound chillies, beans and garlic together in the mortar until they start to break.
Add tomato, palm sugar, fish sauce and lime juice. Mix.
Add shredded papaya. Mix.
Sprinkle roasted peanuts on top.
Eat and be merry.

Rustic Women

It's time to get in touch with my feminine side today, so Ive made a mini-playlist of four ladies that, either on their own or out front of a band, are belting out some amazing tunes leading up to special releases in 2012.

First up is a band that I haven't mentioned before, which is strange because their band tee is my fave t-shirt of all time. Erika Wennerstrom fronts Heartless Bastards, a brooding garage country band (having been compared to Crazy Horse, Neil Young, The Black Keys and more) who brought out a pretty amazing album in 2009 called The Mountain. Check it out - especially the title track - and get it here. Anyway, they have a new LP about to drop called Arrow, and this is the first cut off it. Its been floating on the blogosphere ether for a while - that's what happens when you hibernate for two months - but it's a good track for what promises to be another great album. Plus, Wennerstrom shreds, seriously. Arrow is out on Partisan Records, and you can get it here (there is a $US65 deluxe package that includes 2xLP, shirt, ltd edition lithograph, CD, and digital download with bonus tracks - well worth it methinks!)

Heartless Bastards - Parted Ways

I've somehow passed Sharon Van Etten by, but 'Serpents' brought me whiplashing back to have another listen. Her new LP Tramp is also out soon (out on Jagjaguwar - pre-order it here). She has a bit of a "topper" of a career - encouraged by TV On The Radio's Kyp Malone to pursue a music career, she has done backing vocals with and become good buds with The National, and Tramp feature the Dessner Bros, Matt Barrick (The Walkmen), Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak, whose Civilian was pretty ace and I forgot all bout it for last year's lists, oops!) and one Zach Condon (AKA Beirut). I can't see the songs from the stars! But seriously, listen to 'Serpents'. This is Neil Young (again!) and Stevie Nicks procreating, and that is an inimitably awesome thing.

Sharon Van Etten - Serpents

Lower Dens are also a bit of alright - each single they produce has me salivating, they are really coming into their own - and new track 'Brains' is all kinds of ace. I'm a bit in love with Jana Hunter (actually I'm in love with every woman in this list, their music is truly amazing), and on this latest brooding bubbler of a track I think she nails the spectral vocals perfectly. They have a new album coming out in May called Nootropics, which after the strength of this single is too fucking long! Get ready to become addicted...

Lower Dens - Brains

And finally we have an album that I actually talked about last year as part of Hits From The Box but has just recently gotten a vinyl release, Cheyenne Marie Mize's We Don't Need. You can get it here. It's a nice way to end of this excellent post, by revisiting an oft-missed little release. Enjoy!

Some Junk To To Tide Things Over


I made this list for Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa.

1.BELKIBOLANG (2011, Edwin Ifa Isfansyah, Azhar Lubis, Rico Marpuang, Wisnu Surya Pratama, Anggun Priambodo, Sidi Saleh, Agung Sentausa, Tumpal Tampubolon, Indonesia, 87 min)

2. THE BLOOD TRAIL (2009, Jerrold Tarog, Philippines)

3.BRIDAL QUARTER (2010, Teng Mangansakan, Philippines)

4.BUENAS NOCHES, ESPAÑA (2011, Raya Martin, Philippines)

5.CENTURY OF BIRTHING (2011, Lav Diaz, Philippines)

6.THE DANCER (2011, Ifa Isfansyah, Indonesia, 112 min)

7.DONOR (2010, Mark Meily, Philippines)

8.THE DREAM OF ELEUTERIA (2010, Remton Zuasola, Philippines)

9.ECLIPSES (2011, Daniel Hui, Singapore)

10.EVENING SKY (LANGIT PETANG) (1982, Shahrom Md. Dom, Malaysia)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4kpJT4hF_k

11.EVIL PORTENT (LANCHANG KUNING) (1962, M. Amin, Malaysia)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF8ny-uwb-I

12.HANG JEBAT (1961, Hussain Haniff, Malaysia)

13.HERE COMES THE BRIDE (2010, Chris Martinez, Philippines)

14.KANO: AN AMERICAN AND HIS HAREM (2010, Monster Jimenez, Philippines)

15.LOVE FROM SALMAH (1995, Mahadi J. Murat, Malaysia)

16.LUPANG HINARANG (2009, Ditso Carolino, Philippines)

17.MANILA SKIES (2010, Raymond Red, Philippines)

18.MECHANIC (1983, Othman Hafsham, Malaysia)

19.THE MIRROR NEVER LIES (2011, Kamila Andini, Indonesia, 100 min)

20.MONDOMANILA (2010, Khavn de la Cruz, Philippines)

21.MY AMNESIA GIRL (2010, Cathy Garcia-Molina, Philippines)

22.PINK HALO-HALO (2010, Joselito Altarejos, Philippines)

23.REFRAINS HAPPEN LIKE REVOLUTIONS IN A SONG (2010, John Torres, Philippines)

24.RPG METANOIA (2010, Luis Suarez, Philippines, animation)

25.SA’YO LAMANG (2010, Laurice Guillen, Philippines)

26.SENIOR YEAR (2010, Jerrold Tarog, Philippines)

27.SHEIKA (2010, Arnel Mardoquio, Philippines)

28.SON OF GOD (2010, Khavn de la Cruz + Michael Noer, Philippines)

29.SRI MERSING (1961, Salleh Ghani, Malaysia)

30.THE TIGER FACTORY (2010, Woo Ming Jin, Malaysia, 84 min)

31.THE TRIAL OF ANDRES BONIFACIO (2010, Mario O’Hara, Philippines)

32.UNDER THE TREE'S SHADOW (2011, Doan Tran Anh Tuan and the Colory Group, Vietnam, animation)

33.VOX POPULI (2010, Dennis Marasigan, Philippines)

34.WAYS OF THE SEA (HALAW) (2010, Sheron R. Dayoc, Philippines)

35.WINDBLOWN (2011, Regiben Romana, Philippines, 123 min)

36.WOMAN, WIFE & WHORE (1991, U-Wei Shaari, Malaysia)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr3SCVE699c

The photo comes from HERE COMES THE BRIDE.


Gauntlet Hair Go Chillwave On The Top Bunk

You've gotta give it to Gauntlet Hair - despite their constant pigeonholing, the Denver duo refuse to be taken seriously. Latest track 'Top Bunk' is impressive in its innate ability to capture the shimmering insularity of the "chillwave" movement (I shall refrain from this abhorrent name from here on out) whilst remaining solely live instrument based, and wearing their Animal Collective thinking caps for all to see. The skewering of the coastal sounds is of particular note. Now, I haven't heard their self titled debut (on Dead Oceans) yet - I know, I'm a bad person - but with this twist in the tale track, I'm sure their noisy pop has many other trajectories on which to travel. I think I will try to find this record today...

Gauntlet Hair - Top Bunk

Flipper takes Florida.

It looks like Flipper is laying a smack down on Newt as I write this post. He is up by over twenty points. Congrats Flipper, I guess practice makes perfect. This could get ugly. Whatever happened to all those Tea Party folks? Flipper and his people out spent Newt big time. I can't wait for Newt's concession speech to his troops.

Flipper went negative on Newt and has vowed to crush him. (92 percent of the ads have been negative!) It seemed like only yesterday that Newt was saying that the negative stuff in the republican primary was all the media's fault and he was running a positive campaign. Well Newt, that ain't the media slamming you with all those negative ads in Gator country. You might want to check your fellow republicans to see where the heat is coming from.

Still, the truth of the matter is this, none these candidates are very appealing to their base. (Sarah, where are you?)

“That’s the great mystery of 2012,” a senior Republican journalist told me while watching the brouhaha in Florida. “We have the weakest incumbent president in 32 years, running on the weakest record in 32 years… and who’s taking the stage in South Carolina and Florida? It has to be the weakest field I can remember. Each of these candidates has in his character, in his history, in his idea set—never mind disqualifying—a guarantee for self-destruction. If Newt is the candidate, he’ll lose badly. If Mitt is the candidate, he’ll lose slightly less badly … So what you have is an almost complete guarantee that if these are the candidates, Barack Obama will be reelected.” [Source] 

Relax Mr. GOP; it's still going to be a very close election this November. No matter who represents the republican gang, the members of the gang will still vote for the person with the R by their name. You just have to hope that they come out. Besides, a little fighting among yourselves is good. It will get your guy battle tested for the war that's sure to come in November. Hillary and O beat up on each other pretty good, and O was a better candidate in the general because of it. Although this Flipper guy....I don't know.

"I think Romney will be the nominee,” a veteran Democratic campaign observer told me about the feud with Gingrich. “But he has unplumbed weaknesses. He’s such a terrible candidate. When’s he’s competent, he’s memorizing the talking points and delivering them with a mechanical energy. There’s no mind at work, no evidence that he understands how to do this. You don’t see a brain working, do you?”

Yes, but who needs a brain when you have money?


♥ LOVE ! ♥ McQUEEN ! ♥ LOVE ♥ !

Campaign Alexander McQueen - Spring/Summer 2012 - David Sims

Coupe de France 1995 1996 AJ Auxerre Nimes Olympique

4 may 1996
Parc des Princes,

Attendance 44 921
Referee M. Bernard Saules

   Au moment de la finale, que le titre de champion de France paraissait acquis à l'équipe de Bourgogne,mais, comme l'avouera plus tard Guy Roux, il ne manque vraiment pas grand-chose à Nîmes pour se hisser au niveau de la division 1. Et l'entame de cette finale confirme toute l'estime portée par le technicien bourguignon à cette formation de national 1. Les Nîmois en veulent beaucoup plus. Ils se jettent comme des affamés sur chaque ballon, devinant peut-être que la distance finira par faire l'affaire de leurs adversaires, plus aguerris, plus expérimentés, plus solides aussi.

« Les curés n'ont pas toujours envie de dire la messe, confesse un Guy Roux pas tout à fait rassuré par la tournure des événements. Nous n'étions pas au mieux. Il nous manquait le pschitt... Les Nîmois, eux, étaient en état de grâce. » Et les Nîmois déchaînés empêchent l'équipe d'Auxerre de développer son jeu. Ils sont partout. Devant avec Ramdane et Marx qui font des misères à Goma et à West, au milieu du terrain avec un bloc qui occupe soigneusement tous les espaces, renforcé d'une conscience collective insoupçonnée, mais aussi derrière avec notamment son duo de défenseurs centraux Preget-Bochu, faisant toujours preuve d'une vigilance extrême. Bref, Auxerre piétine, Auxerre tâtonne et Auxerre va prêter le flanc à une offensive nîmoise qui s'achève par un but de toute beauté. L'action, qui part de derrière avec Bochu, se poursuit par un festival à deux de Marx et de Ramdane qui déstabilise toute l'arrière-défense bourguignonne. Quand Ramdane glisse subrepticement la balle à Omar Belbey, celui-ci sait déjà qu'il va viser le petit filet, et le coup est parfaitement réussi. Voilà que Nîmes, contre toute attente, mène 1 à 0. 

 Nous sommes alors à la 25e minute du match et les Auxerrois ne donnent pas vraiment l'impression de pouvoir changer tout de suite le cours des événements. L'embellie nîmoise, qui durera ainsi jusqu'au terme de la première mi-temps, permet donc au rêve de pénétrer tous les esprits. Bien que personne ne se fasse vraiment beaucoup d'illusions. Guy Roux prêche alors la bonne parole. Il parle de lutte, de persévérance, de révolte. Autant de vertus fondamentales qui font depuis toujours la force de son équipe. De son côté, Pierre Barlaguet insiste sur le fait que la deuxième période sera beaucoup plus dure, plus éprouvante. Il demande à ses jeunes protégés de mieux maîtriser le ballon. La fatigue, pourtant, commence à faire son œuvre. Petit à petit, elle noue les jambes des Gardois qui n'ont plus le même entrain. Cependant, à leur vitesse et leur générosité, ils substituent le courage. Mais cela ne suffira pas. Sur un corner de Diomède remis dans l'axe par Ramdane, la tête de Laurent Blanc, qui monte bien au-dessus de tout le monde, met les deux équipes à égalité (52e). C'est le début d'un long calvaire pour les Nîmois qui se serrent les coudes afin de ne pas sombrer. Mais le ballon ne leur tient plus aux pieds. Il les fuit. Tandis qu'ils s'accrochent avec l'énergie du désespoir, même si plus d'une fois Auxerre a le but de la victoire à portée de main, ce n'est qu'à deux minutes de la fin que Laslandes, de la tête, parvient à tromper la vigilance de Philippe Sence, irréprochable tout au long de la partie, et qui se permettra même le luxe d'arrêter un penalty de Blanc dans l'ultime seconde de cette finale qui fut poignante jusqu'au bout. Auxerre n'aura pas sombré comme Saint-Etienne, Strasbourg et Montpellier devant l'enthousiasme nîmois. Mais tout a une fin comme dit l'autre... Nîmes, en tout cas, a bien mérité de la Coupe de France. Comme le dira Guy Roux en guise de conclusion : « On a la Coupe, mais le
héros c'est Nîmes !  

Buts Omar Belbey (25') pour Nîmes; Laurent Blanc (52') et Lilian Laslandes (88') pour Auxerre.
AJ Auxerre Lionel Charbonnier - Alain Goma - Franck Rabarivony, Taribo West, Laurent Blanc - Philippe Violeau, Sabri Lamouchi, Moussa Saïb (puis Christophe Cocard, 87') - Lilian Laslandes, Corentin Martins (cap.), Bernard Diomède. Entraîneur : Guy Roux
Nîmes Olympique Philippe Sence - Franck Touron, Johnny Ecker, Antoine Préget, Olivier Bochu - Cyril Jeunechamp (puis Ludovic Gros, 92'), Christophe Zugna (puis Anthony Vosahlo, 36'), Abder Ramdane (puis Éric Sabin 68') - Christian Perez, Omar Belbey, Nicolas Marx. Entraîneur : Pierre Barlaguet

Codec H264, Mkv
Bitrate 1200
Sound 128 kbps
French Comments
Full Game

First Half

Second Half