Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Psychology

Halloween is a celebration of death. Its origins are thought to go back to Greek, Roman, Druid and old Celtic holidays. It is the time of New Year in a sense that the Lord of dead Souls does a yearly review to see who is to be accommodated where. Thus all those souls that were kept in animal bodies could give presents and appeal to the Lord of Dead Souls to be transferred to another body to host them for another year. This is the origin of the expression "trick or treat". Celts call this Lord Shamhna. Romans had Pomona. Apples and walnuts were aspects of Roman celebrations as these were fruits stored for the winter. During Christian times like many other things pagan, there was a need to compete in business and to fill up the churches with those thinking of their dead relatives, or loved ones and to prevent them going elsewhere with their treats. Thus, Catholics have 1st November to celebrate dead. Flowers sellers do very good business around cemeteries on those days in many catholic areas.
Jews also had their Lord of the dead souls. And so did many other people in the world.
As you can see I put up a sexy witch picture with this article. In human psyche there is also hate and hate towards women is called misogyny. Witch in Old Scottish means a wise woman. Many thousands were burnt and their property taken by the church.
Psychologists, social scientists and feminist politicians have put various theories as to the origin of misogyny. One of them is that women give birth and through giving life also determine death of the newborn. Everything that lives has to die. The power of giving birth is thought to give rise to envy and envy to destruction.
Other explanations but not completely separate is that of hostile dependency. Hating those one has to depend on.
Melanie Klein, famous psychoanalyst, wrote that envy was linked with lack of gratitude and that it was constitutional i.e. people were born with it. Treatment for it was to help the envied objects, as it increased the low self-esteem of those who were green with envy.
Halloween is, of course, in essence a denial of death as it essentially propagates the idea that dead are still around and that one can manipulate the Lord of Dead souls by treats (presents).
Today, for many people Halloween means nothing and is just another excuse to have a party and wear costumes. However, primitive human psychology with its fears and denials is still around.


So it has been a few years since I have listed anything on ebay so I thought I would give it another try??? Boy it has changed alot since I used it last!! Looks different and I don't know how to make it look pretty:(

Please take a few min and check out Elijah Edwards auction:)

tonight is the midnight ball, Yve is hosting it and you simply MUST attend!!!! There will be sooooo many amazing dolls to see!! Check it out:)

Happy Halloween

The Misfits - Monster Mash

In 1997, the horror punk group The Misfits released a music video of them covering "Monster Mash" live. They also released a studio version as a single in 1999, and recorded a separate version for their 2003 album Project 1950 (see below).

Wikipedia: Monster Mash

I'm Jealous.

of my younger sister Kimmy.

1.She's been going back to kk more often than I have lately.
2.She got a new laptop.
3.She can actually make clothes (ish) now.
4.She is in a foreign country.
5.She has a hotter boyfriend.
6.She lives in a big house with maid services and free food.

But I know I shouldn't be because;
1.I got a car.
2.I can make music videos.
3.I am in KL (not a good thing la)
4.I had a better boyfriend, one who was a doctor, in terms of looks can compare but im single now.
5.I live in my own place and I get more freedom.
6.I went to other places like Singapore and all.

Oh well, I actually have been getting more things than my younger sister. But i still want more things. I want that MAC and she has it. I want a boyfriend who looks like Richard but she has it, I wanna do fashion design but she's doing it. But oh well, I've been getting more than her la. I'm happy and jealous of her. BITCH!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Watch New Videos!


Guide to Emergency Household tips!!

My very own special method of hiding period stains
on your skirt!! LOL!!

Guide to photoshop part II!!

Many of you have requested for this...

More ways to lie and cheat your way to internet chioness!


Kaykay and Paul are forced to phone their
parents and blabber the most vulgar words!

Watch to find out why!


Shan and Rozz interviews Ris Low, who turns out
to be a bit ding dong!

This episode even made it to The Newpaper (2 pages can?)
and she even strips down to her bikini... You just HAVE to watch it!


Poor boys... Numbnuts indeed - forced to sit naked on ice cubes...

Loser gets pepper sprayed in the face!

Really, you should watch it just coz they suffer so much...

The boys get into a cage fight.


That fucking thing is how muthafucking gross!

I gagged like five times watching this.

p/s: You guys need to chill about the promised blog entries ok? I'm gonna write them, but a good entry needs inspiration and time!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cargo Eyeshadow book--Wet/Dry Eyeliner Palette

The last palette included in the Eyeshadow book was the Wet/Dry Eyelining palette, which retails for $32. This palette was probably the only disappointment in the book as the colors don't quite apply all that smoothly wet and are somewhat unimpressive to me dry. You can use these as eyeshadows as well, but they're a bit chalky, so I'm not sure any of these will see much use, if any. I swatched each color wet (left) then dry (right) for comparison.

Guidebook is proud to present The Internet Music Guidebook, a manual for the internet audiophile. An introduction to the World Wide Web of Sound!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday Night in Borneo.

Well not exactly Borneo. But I was at Borneo Rainforest with Anne. She came over on Monday and met up with me on Tuesday night. I cooked her dinner and we went out for drinks after. I teached her how to upload photos from her Iphone. It seemed quite easy. I'm actually considering registering for a 3g service. My phone can be my everything when I do so.

It was nice to meet up with a friend from K.K again. And being in Borneo Rainforest reminded me of home. The club was very K.K, live band playing, atmosphere and the people were also very K.K. So i guess when im feeling emo i know where to go :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

The History of my phones

Well, I am kind of a phone person, i've been crazy with phones since I was a little boy. I don't know. Before I got into the whole clothes thing I was pretty much a big fan of Music (Kylie) Cds and getting the latest technological gadgets, oh, there were also Pokemon and Wrestling Trading Cards. If I cut out Pokemon, Wrestling and Cds... I would be able to buy such so many things, like maybe that Gucci bag that I want right now :) I got my very first phone when I was 10 years old (year 2000), well, primary five la. My mom got this Nokia 8250 Butterfly phone two weeks before my birthday. So anyway, during my birthday I was showing off this phone (being 11 years old and having a phone), so to my surprise, during my party my phone got stolen. And after that I had to wait a couple of months for my mom to trust me with a phone again.

Which in turn made me buy this phone 6 months later (2001). It sucked though big time for only being able to get the older version of my phone. First it was the 8250, then I had to downgrade to the Nokia 8210. However, I appreciated and took more care with this phone la compared to the last one which I lost only two weeks after getting it.

In the same year (2001), I re-changed my Nokia 8210 to the same phone as my first one (Nokia 8250). I kept this phone for a couple of months before breaking it. I didn't really give good care to any of my phones. But honestly, this particular phone is one that I really like. I love the size and the style.

Now this is my favorite phone of all time, one of the nicest phone in my personal point of view that has ever been made, I love the quality of the phone. My mom came back from Singapore at the end of 2001 and got me this Nokia 8850. Sadly, I dropped this phone thousands of times and when I tried to change the cover manually, the phone screwed up on me just after a few months of using it.

This phone is a classic, everyone had to have one of this. It's the nokia 3315 (2002). My sister bought it for me after I told her that I wanted a phone. i think she bought it for about 400 bucks. it was nice though, and it satisfied me enough, at least I had a phone that I could use to Sms people. However, after only having this phone for about two months, I left it on the plane.

The moment I saw this phone in an advertisement on television, I knew i had to have it. Color phones just began to make an impact in the mobile phone industry and I thought that this was cool, the whole polyphonic ringtone and colour screen was so cool at that time. I remember saying that the polyphonic tones sounds so real, like a karaoke. The nokia 7210 (2003) was quite satisfying at that time. Too bad it got stolen when i left it in class :(
This Nokia 3100 (2004), was a reasonably good phone. It glowed in the dark and it was quite trendy. i remember when It first came out, everyone was like "wow, thats the glow in the dark phone." Then i got it, used it for quite sometime, and then wrecked it, I fell in the water three times with this phone in my pocket, I'm so surprised that it lasted that long.

Now this is the phone that I bought with my hard earn cash, I bought this Motorola E398 at the end of 2003 and used it for more than a year. I could honestly say that this phone was ahead of it's time. It was far more better than it's competitors cause there were music functions, memory card, flash light, video recording, and of course the 3D speakers. I honestly love this phone and this particular phone gave me a new relationship with Motorola.
When i saw the commercial for the Motorola Razr V3 Pink on an advertisement in Singaporean television back in 2005, I told myself that I had to have it. I immeadiately walked into some random handphone shop in Singapore and got myself the V3i. The colour is just so striking! However, after only using this phone for 2 weeks, I realised that the phone had no functions. It practically was a very functionless phone, it only is nice to look at, I decided to give that phone to my younger sister and buy a new one.
Which in turn made me get the Motorola Rokr E1 (2005). It looks a lot like the Motorola E398 and it is similar to it in many ways. But the Motorola Rokr is the first phone with the Itunes Function in it. So the sound quality is much better compared to the Motorola E398. i had a blast with this phone cause the base from the 3D speakers were like Woahhh!
After using the Motorola Rokr for a few months, I decided to get myself the Motorola Slvr L7 (2005). I love this particular mobile phone because It was so slim at that time and the functions were practically very good. The camera was fine and the music player was also efficient. It had the whole Razr feel but it wasn't a flip phone. i loved how it could fit into my pocket at that time.

My sister gave me thie phone, her boyfriend used it and then she gave it to me. The camera for the Sony Ericsson S700i (2006) was not bad at all. It was 1.3megapixels and it looks practically like a digital camera. I had a good time with this phone. It was kinda big though. I did enjoy the tennis game. I loved playing it.
Now this Motorola V3i was very very good! It was a Razr with all the functions that you need. It was a nice phone and I really wanted it, it was too expensive in 2005 so I only got this phone in 2006. It was a fairly usable phone. Camera was off but apart from that, at least I looked good answering it ;)
The good thing about the Motorola Razr V3x (2006) was that it had two cameras. I bought it when I already have the V3i. It was my second phone la. So anyway, I used this phone to take secondary pictures and it was a good phone. Sadly I didn't really appreciate it because it was only my second phone.
Now the overpriced Nokia 8800 (2006)is a phone that sucks. It wasn't only expensive, but there were practically no functions on it. No memory card, bad camera. It was exactly like the Razr. Useless but really nice to look at. However, this phone is still the in thing now. It lasts so damn long man. I still really like how it looks.
The Motorola Krzr K1 (2006) is a very pretty phone. Now this is the one I got immeadiately after it came out. I was the first guy in K.K to have that phone and I absolutely love it. The screen can't be scratch and well, it was just a really really pretty phone to have. I love using it.
After selling of my Krzr K1, I used the Motorola V3x for sometime. Then after that I went into National Service, when I got out of NS i got myself the Motorola Krzr K2 (2007). It was similar to the K1 but it had some touch buttons at the front for music. I liked it because the colour was very neutral, it was as if i have a mirror i could look at everyday:)
I got this phone when I was in Curtin. The Samsung U700 (2008) was a fairly good phone. It was new and people thought that It was nice. So instead of getting the Motorola Razr2 v8, I decided to get this one. I still kind of regret getting this though because the Motorola was so much more nicer, however, the camera for this phone was really good la, considering the fact that this phone is thin.
This Lg Shine (2008) was a good phone. i prefer it over the Samsung U700. Unlike the Samsung, The LG Shine was made with stainless steel, the Samsung was made using cheap plastics. Apparently Samsung Claimed that they can do what Lg can do but better, but to me, quality wise, the Lg is so much more better than Samsung.
I won this phone during my Eligible Bachelors Competition in 2009, the Lg Flip phone. I used it for two days. Apparently it has a wine menu and shit. It is quite Razr-esque looking and i gave it to the maid. It is a fairly good phone but I decided to get something else.
Which brings me to my current phone, the nokia E63. I really like it. It has all the functions bundled up into it. Wifi, bla bla bla. I can't wait to switch though. My next choice would either be a Blackberry or the New Motorola or the new Nokia E72. So well, I hope that this phone can last long enough:)

Toy Dolls - I've Got Asthma

I haven't seen this great band in a long long time.


Official Site:

Wikipedia: Toy Dolls

Blogload: Toy Dolls - Dig That Groove Baby (1983) -

Wolves in the photographer's clothing


Today I was just thinking to myself... Why the hell is it that all these male, "amatuer" photographers all like to photograph these "models" in lingerie or bikini??

If they are so interested in photography, then why don't they shoot other things such as... family portraits, close-up shots of a fly's eyes, a droplet of water dropping into a pool of water etc etc other artsy fartsy nonsense?


And the most puzzling of all... Why do they like to shoot FLAWED girls??

Ok I know. Firstly, they would of course want to shoot flawless girls if possible, but flawless girls are unlikely to want to be shot by amatuer lechers, plus they are of limited stock.

Secondly, I know even people like Megan Fox have their flaws, but I don't mean like a clubbed thumb...

I mean like... They are trying so hard to ooze sexuality and then it's like they are hideous.

I know I sound fucking elitist or something, but it just seems to me that it's totally silly to allow a girl's armpit fats to ruin an otherwise good piece of photography!

I mean, if you changed the subject from a race queen with terrible black roots to, say, a butterfly or an elderly woman pushing a cart, it just won't be RUINED that way, you get what I mean??

Anyway that's not what I'm gripping about. I'd get back to this later.

I am actually really annoyed with the increment of these "photographers" around, who are actually just wankers wanting to snap a sexy shot for his evening stroke.

Honestly man, if you are a fucking pervert, just fucking admit it instead of parading around with your E05 or whatever and pretending to care about the fucking proper lighting!

Let's see... If we let them choose between shooting a fat tou geh plucking auntie with the most fabulous lighting and equipment... or shooting a nude race queen with a compact camera, which do you think they will pick?

Please leh! The nude of course! You know why? Coz they are fucking wankers!

The whole "models" photography culture is just sick.

If you go to Clubsnap's forum, you will see pages like this.

Girls, whored out by these organisers... Enticing these "photographers" with either lingerie, bikini or sexy fashion shoots... Guess which is the most expensive?

For $100 you can snap snap snap away at a model of your choice while you try to entice her to give even more smothering looks and jut out her ass more.

Then you can go home and wank to the close-up boobage shots, while imagining having a kinky photographer-model relationship with her.

After that, even better still, you can add the "artistic" shots to your portfolio and earn respect as a PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!!!!!


I don't know what these men are thinking when they snap all these slutty photos, but here's what I think when I see some of them.

"How did she manage to get such a hideous bikini?"

"Invisible mirror squishing monster!! HAHAHA!
Ass distractingly flat."

"MUST... GIVE... SMOTHERING... LOOK... No matter what...."

"Why is she wearing a bra to shower? That doesn't seem to make much sense?

Hard to dry... Imagine all the padding heavy and soaked with water. Urgh!
Must bring the bra home in a plastic bag.
If she got no other bra and wears the bra home
she will look like she is lactating HAHAHAHA!"

"Fine I'd buy you that LV bag now please put your clothes back on."

"AHAHHAHA I REALLY don't think you fit into the S sized top!"

"Surely that beach is not very clean..."

"I open the toilet door and URGHHHH!!!!
What sort of person sits on a toilet bowl with underwear on?
You peeing through it??"

"You are facing the wrong way."

"Is her ass cold on that table?
When she stands up, will the table have ass-shaped steam marks?
Did they photograph that? Coz that would be FUNNEH!!!"


"Really now... Don't ever wear a thong again."

"The phone must be ringing and she REALLY doesn't want to pick it up.
Ooohh... Label on shoes? How much?"

"My god woman, put your pants back on!
And next time, please wear matching lingerie for christ's fuck sake."

"Her asscrack is entirely too short."

"She is surely not very comfortable..."

"WTF? And honestly, who you trying to bluff with
BOTH bra straps falling down 'accidentally'??"

So anyway... My point is... Do those photos show off great photography skills? Not one bit. They just show how fucking perverse the photographer is.

If you have real talent, why would you try to distract from it with all these sexual vibes?? I don't think anyone is looking at the composition or whatever is important in photography coz everyone's trying to find nipple slips!!

I must, of course, credit the photographer whom I got all these photos from.

Dunno his name but at least he is not a hypocrite - he did go semi-naked himself complete with come-hither eyes.

Check out his photographer 'friends'....

They are buzzing around these car shows like flies on corpses... Gross.

p/s: I have nothing against girls taking such photos. As you all would possibly point out, Kaykay also does such shots. What she does is her business and if it earns her money without hurting anyone, why not?

Hell even I took bikini shots for Maxim before.

My disdain is for the lecherous photographers, not the models. Although, it is still fun to laugh at the ugly models when they do stupid poses.

What? They dare to take then dare to be criticised lah! Nothing wrong what! You all also criticise my Maxim shots - and I totally deserve it. They are horrid to the max.

And of course, these photographers' natural defence will be that I am JEALOUS coz nobody wants to shoot ME.

Yes, yes, I wrote this post coz I am fat and jealous. Because every girl would love a pack of perverse, scary middle-aged uncles photographing them.

p/p/s: Why can't all these men control their penises?!