Friday, January 30, 2009

GMC and Xenophobia

There is a dipproportionate number of foreign doctors who appear before GMC. Surely, nobody at GMC is mystified that such a things is a part of their everyday life.
Research and education to improve if not the life of those who are mobbed than reputation of those doing it has commenced.
Watch this GMC work in progress:
Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has reported increased racist and xenophobic violence in UK.

Department of Health Ghostbusters

When I telephoned Department of Health to ask them if they were Ghostbusters Department they told me they were Department of Health. I pointed to the front page of AOL news announcing that Derby City General Hospital was to employ an exorcist to deal with a ghost there. Instantly, the newly recruited ghostbuster googled the news and got to business. Only a couple of hours later the story was gone from the front page of AOL .com and Derby City General Hospital spooksperson denied any plans of exorcism and claimed press reports were inaccurate and exaggerated. Click on the link below to see an accurate report in video form of what I did today:
As always ther are different versions of events and this is what GMC said really happened:
But my mother knows best and she always had her feet on the ground:
For those of you who think that if you appeal against GMC and go to High Court that there would be a recording of the hearing, I must say: You are stupid just like me. You have to go to USA to get a recording of court hearing:
And here are some psychiatrists who have not paid their fees to the Royal College of Psychiatrists and what are they doing in their spare time? Ghostbusting!

Royal College of Psychiatrists says unlikely to call exorcists like Derby City General Hospital

Today I asked the office of the president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists if they would follow Derby City General Hospital and call exorcist. I was told: "As far as I am aware, it is unlikely. It has not come up in any discussion."

We shall have to wait and see what Spiritual Special Interest Group decides as they now boast of having 2000 members in the Royal College of Psychiatrists alone, but you will not find them listed on their web site.

Have a look at small section of their resources:
How would you like to be treated by a psychiatrist who is into spirit attachment and realease like the one below?

Some people think it is more scary to see how irresponsible some psychiatrists are than seeing ghosts any time.

Spookesperson and exorcism at Derby City General Hospital

Derby City General Hospital is clearly very short of psychiatrists! How do I regret not working there now when they are having so much fun!

Is the managment spooked by Department of Health breathing down their neck because they know the world is having a good laugh at National Haunted Service?

It is clear managers deny they were planning to call exorcist. Poor things. Surely, at least one manager was trying her best in the play field of superstitious diversity ever so popular in British politics.

Who is afraid of their own shadows disappearing into the walls when walking near the morgue?

I have spoken with Derby City General Hospital spooksperson who told me things have been blown out of proportion by the press today and there would be no exorcism taking place to get rid of the ghost. When I asked who saw the ghost I was told two staff working in medical records. Must be the most boring job around. Is it possible that out of some sensory deprivation things were seen? Or is it a revenge on other staff for having been asked too many times to chase the medical notes which are as hard to find as ghosts are?

I suggested that Human Resources could be involved rather than a priest.

This reminds me of times on call when I was a junior doctor and someone played a practical joke on me bleeped me on my pager and gave a telephone number from the morgue for me to call back. Of course, nobody was answering at 3 am. I rang the hospital switchboard to find who called me as a matter of emergency, but was not answering my call. I was told it was hospital morgue number and nobody was there. It was annoying when I was trying to sleep, but funny the next day.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Commission number 2!

This is my second (ok, third, second one thats going to get to the person who wants it) dress commission! I'm pretty stoked with how it turned out, although most of the credit has to go to mum for making up a pattern for it. But still, its gorgeous and now I want one for myself :D

Also, it kind of matches the new blog layout. Win!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"They take offence because that's the only weapon they got"- Richard Dawkins

I wish Dr Richard Dawkins told this to GMC Fitness to Practice Panel who were more concerned about a nun saying she felt offended than psychiatric patients dying. It is as if some people have never heard of freedom of thought and speech.

We have seen Bosch paintings; "Ship of Fools" on left representing how people waste their short lives.

and now we have "Bus of Intelligent People" . Click on link below to watch

Against Honour Killing

Maryam Namazi's speech, click on link above

Monday, January 26, 2009

Interest in teeth brushing is more common than in spirituality at the Royal College of Psychiatrists

It has come to my attention that the Royal College of Psychiatrists has a special interest group: Spirituality in Mental Health. This article is from one of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (in London) ex-presidents :

You can decide for yourself what kind of "battery" powers him.

Allegedly, this Special Interest Group was allowed to be formed because the Royal College of Psychiatrists constitution allows it if there is sufficient number of people interested to form such a group.

Surely, there are more psychiatrists and patients interested in teeth brushing on daily basis, but there is no such group at the Royal College of Psychiatrists in London! We just get on with this business of teeth brushing in private. Surely, our superstitious beliefs should be kept in private if we are unable to keep them under control.

It is hypocritical to recommend to our patients to have cognitive behavioural therapy which addresses personal beliefs while at the same time desperately hanging onto personal superstitions which are also destructive beliefs (sexist for a start, psychopathic and so on).

This reminds me of a joke about a man who was deluded that his tooth brush was a poodle called Fifi. One day his psychiatrist asked him:
"And how is Fifi today?"
He replied:
"It is a tooth brush, not Fifi".
Promptly discharged from psychiatric care he whispered: "Fifi, we are safe now".

Saturday, January 24, 2009


You know, something funny happened this morning. I haven't had any sleep and I was getting ready to catch my 10.35 flight to Singapore. So it was 7 in the morning and I was trying on my sunglasses, I looked at my hair and the sides looked a little bit too long, my hair was like popping out and it seemed weird.

So, I was also frustrated because I knew that I could not make it to the hair saloon on time to fix my hair. So I decided to go ahead and tidy my room. while i was busy placing all my junk into my drawers, I came upon a tailoring scissor. Without thinking, I ran into the toilet, looked at myself, and started trimming my hair.

I trimmed trimmed and trimmed and my hair was still uneven, i kept trimming the sides and it still became uneven, i kept on trimming and trimming and trimming until i gave up, i then took a good look at myself in the mirror, "Fucking Hell what did i do?!", I thought to myself. My hair is much worse than before.

I went downstairs, with a bennie on running into my mother who was waiting for me in the living room,

"Mom, do you know where I can fix my hair?"

"Don't worry, your hair is fine."

"Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." - (If only you can see how it actually looks like) I thought to myself.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Shu Uemura at Lancome CCO

I love a good deal whenever I can get one, so recently I have been visiting the Lancome and Estee Lauder outlets every so often to check out what they have. This week, the Lancome outlets were having a special sale on their lipsticks and lipglosses where lipsticks were 2 for $15 and lipglosses were 2 for $10. I picked up two Shu Uemura lipsticks in Serene Pink and Pink Bloom, Limited Edition shades from last spring's collection, a Shu Uemura Sweet Gloss in Peach, and a Lancome Color fever gloss in Heatstroke (more on that one in a different post later).

Both lippies are lightweight and go on sheerly with a bit of a glossy finish. Pink Bloom is a nice, bright warm toned medium pink that I can picture myself wearing a lot in the spring and summer months. It's similar in color to Dior Ultra Gloss Reflect in Pink Liberty, which was also released last spring (Pink Liberty has a bit more orange in it). Serene Pink, unlike it's name, is not Pink in any way at all, but a nice nude beige. It's good for those days you want to play up your eyes but not your lips, but personally, I would have wanted it to have more pink in it as I find it a bit close to my skin tone. (which is a good thing it's sheer). I basically picked this one up because it was cheaper for me to buy two lippies instead of just one and I didn't think it was necessary to own two of the same lipstick.

The Shu Uemura Sweet Lip glosses are sheer glosses that smell exactly as they are named, and are probably the stickiest glosses I have ever come across. The one I picked up, Peach, is a somewhat bright orange in the tube, but goes on sheer, leaving a peachy tint on my lips. It has pretty decent staying power, probably due to its stickiness. I'm not too fond of the gloss itself, but I love the way it smells and it's not drying for me, so I'm still debating about whether or not I should keep it.

Wet 'n' Wild

So Rite Aid was having a sale on Wet'n'Wild stuff where anything usually $2.99 and under was on sale for $0.99. Being bored as I am, I headed down to my local Rite Aid and picked up a few things. I got eyeshadow trios in Egyptian Sands, Mojave Mauves, an eyeshadow single in Naked, and Blushes in All over Shimmer, Naive, Mellow Wine, and Heather Silk.
The eyeshadow trios are of surprisingly good quality; they're soft, blendable, and decently pigmented. The single, although a great taupey color, was not as soft or pigmented, but still nice. I swatched these below over some UDPP.
The SilkFinish blushes were all very soft and very pigmented. These require me to use a light hand or a skunk brush to apply. The lasting power on these is surprisingly good for such a cheap product (I wore it for a good 6 hurs yesterday before washing it off) and I was really pleased with these.
I got:
All Over Shimmer: a nice, light creamy beige highlighter. The shimmer on this isn't super fine, but it gives my matte blushes a nice shimmer without being too frosty. The swatch of it below didn't show up very well
Naive: a bright, matte apricot blush.
Mellow Wine: a matte pinky brown
Heather Silk: a matte rasberry color

Dior Spring 2009--Elegante quint

From the Dior 2009 Spring Collection, I purchased the Elegante quint, a great quint of nude eyeshadows, sight unseen, from Sephora. which retails at $54 pretax. Sephora describes the shades as camel, golden ivory, pale gold, deep bronze, and peachy beige, which to me describes the shades perfectly. The eyeshadows are of Dior's usual soft, easy to blend formula and are much less shimmery than their usual quints. The shimmer in this quint is very polished and subtle and is just enough so that the colors are not flat and boring. (Though I'm sure that some people find nude eyeshadows boring, but that's a matter of opinion) To me, this quint is a perfect choice for colored eyeliners or stronger lip colors and I can definitely picture myself wearing this a lot. I have labeled the colors with numbers on my photo of it in order to distinguish them from each other as they aren't named individually.

Swatches were done on NC30 neutral leaning warm(medium neutral) skin over UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) in indoor lighting that is slightly warm. I tried to picture the colors as accurately as possible, but there will be variance depending on the color settings on your screen. For those who have lighter skin, and would like to know what these shades would look like, KarlaSugar has some great swatches on her blog (

I wasn't quite sure that this quint would show up with me, but I am definitely quite happy with it. It's very subtle on my eyes, but I definitely like this and would recommend that anyone with light-medium skin that likes nude colors. For those with darker skin, I probably would not recommend this, as I'm not sure this quint would show up.

Stila Lip Pots

Stila's lip pots are potted tinted lip balms that come in cute little glass jars with a floral print on them. There are 7 shades in total and they retail for $17 USD each or for $25 for a set of 5 of them. I have been intrigued by these since Stila's warehouse sale last month so I ordered the set from Stila's website; for $25 on Monday, which arrived today via UPS.

The set included the shades pecan, amande, baie, mandarine and cerise.

  • Pecan gives a nude tint to the lips
  • Amande gives a brownish nude tint to the lips
  • Baie gives a really pretty mauvey pink tint to the lips
  • Mandarin, which looks fairly orange in the pot, gives a slight peachy tint
  • Cerise, which looks red in the pot, gave me a corally pink tint

All of the potted balms go on sheerly, imparting just a hint of color to my lips with a glossy sheen. The texture is light, somewhat jelly-like and moisturizing without any stickiness, which I was quite pleased with.
They are comparable to MAC's tendertones, in my opinion, in terms of moisturizing ability, though they are of a much lighter texture and less sticky. They also don't last as long as MAC's tendertones because of this. On first try, just sitting around with one applied on my lips, it took just over an hour for the balm to dissappear completely. Because of this, I would say that I would buy these balms again because they look and feel really good, but I would never repurchase them at their full retail price, but I would repurchase them at the price of the set, or off of when it pops up on there.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I can't be arsed to blog

So I shall patronise you all by just posting photos of Pumpkin.

I called her Pumpkin because I think she looks like black and gold/orange, which reminds me of pumpkins because those are Halloween colours. Ok fine, that doesn't make sense. I just think the name is cute lah, ok!

Anyway she learnt to respond to it by now, so no changing! :D

One day before I bought her:

It was love at first sight. Well, for me anyway. Pumpkin looks like she is deeply unsettled. Too bad for you doggie, you stuck with me!

Forlorn, would rather have a "true dog lover" owner.

Day one: We put her on the couch and she crawled up to my shoulder and promptly fell asleep. What a weird location to want to sleep on!



zzzzzzzzzzz again niaping against Mike's lap. I was so jealous!

Several minutes later...

This direction seems to be better...

After her bath

All nice and fluffed out

In the t-shirt that I bought for her that was meant for bunnies (because all the dog sizes are way too big for her)! It says "Good rabbit" on it, isn't that cute!?

(And in case you about to start yapping about cruelty to animals, I bought said tee coz Pumpkin even trembles in chill when there is a big wind, or in aircon, ok! She is a puppy and she gets very easily cold!)

Anyway even this bunny tee is too big for Pumps, her front paws slip out of it, so I've decided not to let her wear it unless I am keeping an eye on her. As you can see in the pic she wiggled in her sleep and somehow put 2 front paws into one paw hole. Siao. Hahaha!

On a completely un-dog-related note,

My first Lv-yi-se (Green one colour)!!

At first I had the three 4 suos and one 3 suo - which means I was waiting for a 3 suo (green one colour + one colour + pong pong) but 3 suo was dead, and so is 2 suo as you can see I gang-ed it.

So I was waiting for 5 suo, which makes the cards completely not chio lor! One colour so boring and common!

I had one fa cai earlier in the game and threw that out, then I mo-ed another fa cai and kept it, throwing out my 3 suo - and I zi mo-ed the last fa cai (my MJ kakis are way too pro to throw it one lor)!! Woohoo!!

The 1 flower also mine.

Ok I shall stop the MJ jargon here.

And yes I am acutely aware of the rolls of fats in some of the doggie photos, so here's me in better times and also my best boring angle:

Taken in the loo.

I was about to go shower when I thought, "Why waste the make up? May as well camwhore", so I did.

Till next time and Happy CNY!

Note to self: Blog about USA trip and also cupboard nearly killing me.

p/s: Pumpkin is also sleeping on my lap now as I am posting this. Everybody say Awwwwwwwww!