Friday, October 31, 2008

Shit! I am so late in posting!!


BFF challenge Part 4!

BFF challenge Part 5... Now you can to see the final two!


Kaykay and Paul guess the prices of objects.
And they get to keep the object! Hahaha!

Meet Paul's science project: A penis volcano.
He is so funny I swear!!!

Happy Halloween y'all!!!!!!!

I'm getting old so this Halloween imma go have dinner with Shuyin and Weili and after that, imma play mahjong again!

I know right? My life is so exciting!

(Am I a prude or what? I saw some of the costumes Singaporeans are wearing and I am seriously quite shocked by the level of skimpiness. Do you think it's ok to wear a bra top or panties bottom on Halloween? Is it just me? Am I getting old and narrow-minded????????)

Quit quoting Mean Girls, you fucktards. I heard that shit so many times I could implode if I see another comment spreading that dumbass quote as gospel.

Thursday, October 30, 2008



Recorded at the famous chem19 studio, there is a distinct Mogwai-esqe post-rock feel to this release that would have earnestly felt at home on the roster of Chemikal Underground when the label was at its height.

Perhaps more Explosions In The Sky than Mogwai, with the recent wet panting reception that Sigor Ros have rightly or wrongly received there is still more than enough desire and attention around for an act such as this, especially when those in the know will have written off and dismissed the genre a long time ago.

There is only so much that can be added to the atmospherics and ambience of post-rock but there is something truly Scottish sounding about this release curiously tickling memories of soundtracks from movies set in Scotland such as Restless Natives and Local Hero. Even more confusing when considering such soundtracks came from Big Country and Dire Straits. In other words, at times these guitars sound like pipes of bags.

There is still a real mystery surrounding Scotland to your average, considered Englishman. Against all the temper it is still, resentfully, a place of true beauty where the air, even if chilly, feels fresher and the people tougher. And on a good day, this is its score.

Thesaurus moment: tranquil.

The French Quarter

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A Jeffrey James Exclusive of Hilary Duff's latest Video called "Reach Out" It's HAWT!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Here is an album by a band that I have been force fed by Stevo, which is pretty strange considering he has no idea what Pitchfork is. In a way I think he is just looking for a new Pavement.

Alas his search is not likely to end here as Deerhunter really do not tug at such heart strings; they barely tug at such shirt tails. You can see where the comparison comes from in the breezy and slightly wonk despatch of lines and energy but away from that there is an element of the band that suggests they maybe horribly devoid of song.

Deerhunter remind me more of shoegaze than lo-fi, of a swarming sheet of sound within which songs too often get lost and never found. The sensation is one of a foggy temperament and chilled times.

Microcastle has a lucid demeanour. Picking up on a strange sense of occasion, the background behind these songs are worrying ones, origins that do not sound invigorating, ones not conducive to a joy filled existence/experience. Then again early on into their career Blur sounded like this once.

Purposely odd and playing on it Deerhunter sport something of a strange and unique background making them (and this record) very much a product of their environment; which ultimately may explain why too often it sounds and feels like a whimper.

The ambience and stillness of this record suggests (maybe echoes) an existence originating from a slower pace of life, one away from grind and one very much geared towards survival set against old standards and conventions. There is a reason these people struggled to fit in.

With moments such as “Little Kids” a truly suffocating climate is captured where lush vocals combine with swarming strides of distorted guitar held subtly in the mix until it gradually reaches boiling point and consumes proceedings snuffing out all that came before it. Sadly such moments of illation are few and far.

In a time when the horrors of the world are more vivid and tangible than ever before with so many outlets and resources looking to dismay and distort the world for so many here is another piece of the action, a very personal account of a method of turning one person’s pain into another’s pleasure and treasure. This will not win a Grammy.

Thesaurus moment: dawn.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Being tagged and study breaks

Today, I have studied History and decided to hate on Nicholas II because there were three revolutions before all this shit got sorted and I can't remember what happened where! (Although, to be fair, hates on Stalin as well. Evil dictators FTL).

Anywho, I have been tagged by some lovely people (tara and jacinta... <3)>
4 things I did today:
1. Went into town and spent $30 on magazines - Frankie (with bonus gift wrap book! ker-ching!), jpg (a photo magazine) and some gaming one for Boy. I suspect it's actually manga porn. (I jest)
2. Studied. Ugh.
3. Bought my second CanTeen bandana this year. I can't resist the geeky robot designs!
4. Decided to post Kay's dress (my first design and business venture!)
4 things on my to-do list:
1. Find the sheet music for my WAAPA audition. Its next month but I'm terrible with actually doing stuff.
2. Save up for a four-track and make an EP!
3. Write some songs for said EP.
4. Study! Darn examinations.
4 guiltiest pleasures:
1. The icecream from work. Fererro tastes exactly like a Fererro Rocher and it is a mouth-gasm.
2. French Cannoli from work. We have two Italian pastry chefs, okay? I'm getting fat* working there! (* not fat, but no longer able to slip between the pastry desk and the doorway. This must be rectified)
3. Cheesy 80s music. Belinda Carslile and Meatloaf come to mind.
4. Sex. Not really, I'm just running out of things to say! Oh, actually, good cover versions. I used up much of our downloads watching The Arcade Fire and David Bowie perform "Wake Up", Stars covering The Smiths' "This Charming Man"... I may have dabbled in the odd Bowie cover myself (it's on youtube somewhere).
4 random facts about me:
1. I like using 1950s profanities more than modern ones. It's deeply satisfying to yell "Hot dang!" in an aggrivated tone.
2. I'm planning to save $7000 to go to England next year for Reading Festival (most of this will be spent on clothes while I'm there, for me and my darling sister). I have something like $5605.45 to go.
3. I've picked the name of my solo music project, and now just have to get around to recording the darn ep.
4. In one month I will be in Dunsborough caring for my drunk/hungover friends while playing Guitar Hero with the only other person I know who will be there and doesn't drink. I highly look forward to it.
Tag #2 from Jacinta
The rules:- Link to the person who tagged you. (
- Mention the rules. (am currently doing so)
- Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
- Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
- Go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged.
1. I have a History examination in six days. I know not a lot about Russia or Australia, hopefully my brain starts to function again when I catch up on sleep tonight!

2. I have a six day old "nephew" - my friend just had a baby and since she won't let me be godmother (even though I was promised the role) because her new lesbian lover is (I know, if she stayed a lesbian this never would have happened!), so I decided it's my nephew and I am the cool aunty who it loves.
3. I'm drinking green tea. I love green tea almost as much as life itself - this actually goes for most cups of tea.
4. I painted a picture a couple of weeks ago of a girl (in black and white) but her face is in a TV screen and that is in colour. I then analysed it from a third-person perspective and decided it could be a commentary on society, or it could just be crap on canvas.

5. Im unsure whether to sell said painting (money for England!) or give it to my sister (original plan, it was meant to be a birthday present but I had too much to do so I got her the DVD of Popular instead)

6. I'm not sure whether to cut my hair or grow it. Decisions, decisions!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

a story from a friend

during the second time we went out.. he was more... u know.. showing more interest lah

like leaning closer to me... hands at the back of my waist..

talking closer and more eye contact also

and then when we dropped him off he asked wether i wanted to stay over i said ok.. since i liked him mah..

steph drove back with my car loh

we were just on the bed lah cuddling going to bed ish..

talking talking then tiba tiba... "is it okay if I kiss you"

i didnt say anything i just kissed him la... my god hes such a bad kisser!!!!


Then after making out (i tried to force him kiss my way, he improved a bit but he still sucked), he just talked abit.. and I told him.. why suddenly he’s like this. And i was saying i don’t want just a casual relationship. Be honest with me. I’m not up to be fuck buddies. What are we now those kinda questions lah.

He didn’t know how to answer. Everything I ask, he answer with another question. So definitely something not right lah. My instincts were just itching me at the gut. Everything i ask he goes “I don’t know.. what do u think?” or.. “I don’t know.. i jsut really really like you. I don’t know why.. you’re beautiful and intelligent. I jsut really like you”

I was thinking... oooooooookay in my mind. Eventhough I liked him, maybe like a teeny wweeny bit lah, everything he says and does just keeps turning me off bah.. potong steam u know wat i mean? Demerits kao kao.

So he asked me lah “so wat do u want to do?” i thought he was asking me wat we should next like go out kah? Or whatever. And eventhough I like him, i didn’t want him to think that i yang want to be his gf bah... so i said.. i dunno i guess we can hang out more.. go out more.. wat do u think? Wat do u wanna do?

I swear jay. He did this.

He stared me down. In the eyes. And with the most serious, jiwang, emo-sih face..

“I just want to make love to you”

Omg. Can die.



“Teen Creeps” sees No Age at their fuzzy/distorted best washing over the listener with its plundering chord sequence and hoover sounding rebuttal. There is absolutely nothing subtle about No Age when they are in this kind of mood and it is quite possibly when they are at their best as the relentless approach to proceedings serves to be the aural equivalent of a mean face and angry expression. And this is coupled with nonchalant but direct vocals that sound slack but still affective.

There is a strange pulsing feel to “Teen Creeps” that reminds me of the theme music to Bret Hart in the WWF for some reason even though the Hart Foundation never got this dirty. As the drums begin to sound like falling cutlery and breaking glass there is a slight tone and urge of violence cleverly hidden in the track.

“Intimate Descriptions” on the opposite side sees No Age at their most awkward and annoying, delivering a dissolving buzz sound in exchange for a real song, providing the kind of hum a nation of post rockers almost killed music with a few years ago. Once the drums and vocals enter the equation a quizzical look arrives on the face of this listener as a disheartening lack of energy enters proceedings and fails to serve any real purpose or add anything to the day in general or at large.

So it’ll be back to “Teen Creeps” then.

Thesaurus moment: zing.

No Age
Sub Pop

Saturday, October 25, 2008



With a dark electronic intro of pulsing menace that would fit perfectly alongside a John Carpenter score to a Snake Plissken movie, before mutating into full blown cyber waves, there is a true apprehension to the sound of London’s Global Citizen of this release.

The band have been scouring the murky depths of the capital’s electronic/industrial underworld for six albums now gaining a true reputation for explicit and explosive output, producing a steady stream of material in an undaunted and jubilantly defiant fashion. As to where electronica ends and industrial begins is something of a darkened grey area and this would be the colour with which I would apply to the sound of Global Citizen.

Heavily influenced by exotic and futuristic Japanese culture, in a climate that so appreciates acts such as Ladytron and Client, Global Citizen sit comfortably with their peers delivering bulky rhythms very much reminiscent of the darker (and more interesting) face of Gary Numan with vocals delivered in an almost perverted curdling tone.

Having plugged away at the London scene for a number of years now, the visually arresting lineup serves up its latest release in the form of this four song CD that simmers with subtle menace, indulging fetish imagery and less than vanilla suggestion.

The aforementioned electronic sound of the band pulses with a bubbling beat which reminds me heavily of “Reptile” by Nine Inch Nails coupled with vocals delivered in a most swift Numanoid execution. Just what the title song is actually about is open to suggestion but it is definitely not for squeamish.

With beats that sound like bubbles, the dark pulsating electro soup of Numan inspired computer jams offers much to keep an army of black attired misanthropes happy for hours.

Thesaurus moment: Nippon.

A Vain Picture/Listen To This

I know, I'm unfit, but I like the dimples that Ive got, and this is currently my facebook profile picture. I know I'm gonna get comments from friends like "You look used and abused" or "Jay, please don't think that you're good looking" but fuck it la, I feel like posting this.

Now, for the next topic, I've been listening to this song called I hate this part by The Pussycat Dolls, I have it on repeat. Boy I love it! It's worth a listen! Here's their music video!

Possibly the funniest thing SABC2 has shown

Live Television - this shit doesnt happen everyday

I enjoy how the presenter tries to carry on like nothing had happened

Friday, October 24, 2008

Canon scrapbook

Talk about photoshopping your ass off! I've been working on this the whole day!

Anyway I'm just gonna post random "cute" photos I took with my sponsored Canon Powershot E1. I'm not gonna go into product specs lah! Just look at the pics and judge the quality yourself!!

Eh... My initial plan for a cute scrapbook was to go to Ikea to snap photos of people's babies. Then with the second parent I asked, I was rudely shoo-ed away before I could even complete my question! So I gave up on that idea and so... No babies!

I hope you enjoy it anyway, and sorry for the lateness!

Click here to also see what the other bloggers blogged, and vote for whoever you think did the best, ok! :)

(I'm off to play MJ now!)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


omfgomfg!!!!!!!!! I woke up to like 2 unpleasant surprises today! First, I was supposed to go to a business meeting today which I forgot about.

So I woke up, saw Gillian's sms, and said, "What time is the meeting ah?"

Gillian said, "It's over already lah!"

Thank god they (munkysuperstar) handled it well without me and it went ok. TMD!

THEN. Cherie from Nuffnang called and asked when I am going to post up my Canon advert.

I groggily said, "Isn't it at 12am tonight?"

She said no, it is 12pm (what kinda ungodly hour is that?) and everyone's already posted except me!


Panic to the max ok! I intended to spend the whole day photoshopping, and I saw the rest of the girls' entries and they all put in so much effort and they are all so good! Madness!!!!!

Please lah girls don't say things like I'm going to win can!!!?!?! I know you are mumbling under your breath "But you are what!" and it is totally ridiculous that 74 idiots* already voted for me, butttttttt........


What if I totally suck and everyone says I suck????

Ok why am I blogging about this when I should be blogging about my scrapbook?


*I know you are supporting me and I shouldn't call you an idiot but at least have some semblance of fairness, please! I haven't even posted!



Sounding like a standard from a time bygone and a string intro that sounds directly lifted from “I Put A Spell On You” this is a sultry little number featuring two of the best voices in independent of the past decade delivered in a most complimentary of vehicles. In a world where people literally shit themselves over the horrible hole that Duffy is, here is the real deal.

Not since Nick Cave chose to duet with PJ Harvey have two indie singers been so explicit and artistically successful. Again with these two, much like the former you sense some kind of conjugal visit may have occurred at some point during the night.

It’s all about the strings that lend it the most classic of feels to the composition making it sound almost Bond theme-esqe. Neither Belle And Sebastian nor the Screaming Trees ever sounded like this which serves as a timely reminder of just how much of a classy outfit and act these two performers have matured into. It takes many years of life lessons to be able to find the confidence to truly take a risk such as this. Scotland and Seattle – they’re pretty much the same thing.

Of course this is not the first example of these two performing together, now on their album proper, but it is the latest and most definitely one of the most accomplished fruits of their labour.

Thesaurus moment: majestic.

Isobel Campbell
Mark Lanegan

7 daysssssssssss...........

So I guess theres 7 more days until I board that plane and head back home. Again.

I am broke broke broke. And I guess it's because I've been spending spending spending each time i get back home. I've been boarding planes over and over again. Okay, I'm not showing off or anything. The ticket are not exactly expensive and I don't fly to Europe or anything. But honestly, this year, I've flown in planes so much I am getting sick of it. First to Kuala Lumpur, then to Singapore, three times, then I don't wanna count how many time's i've flown back and fourth between Miri and K.K. And in Seven Days, I'm going back again, and flying back to Miri after 10 days, and 10 days after, it's back to K.K again.

I've read a couple of blogs today, apart from the usual close friends la. I read two, one belonged to a friend of mine called Marolene, her blog is called I never knew a girl like her could have a blog. It was all in mandarin though and I had a hard time reading through it. But it's worth a visit-ish if you are into those chinese thingamajig. She made me comment on two of her posts and I don't usually comment.

And there was another blog, Honestly, the guy behind that blog is kinda-ish cute. But he did appear to be a turnoff when a friend of mine suggested that he looks like another friend of mine who was unattractive. I guess different people has different taste. His blog is "colorful" and well, "childish". But I guess he is being himself and because of that he attracts a huge following like how Abby gets hers. Mine is just plain boring but I like the whole simple is Chic design.

Now, I am at Marolene's place. Sitting in her room. And I've got something to share. My mom's movie. I found it on youtube believe it or not! hahaha! And i'm gonna place it here. Please do watch the video! I'm proud of her. this was her second film and it was released during the year 1981. Enjoy!