Sunday, February 28, 2010

Concrete Jungle Are Where Dreams Are Made Of.

Well, from the above subject matter it's true that dreams are made it concrete jungles. But why do I miss Jesselton so much? Oh, and I've got this Mall Castings tomorrow :S

Wish me luck :)

My friend said I gained weight :(


Jeffrey James

Your Asian Skin Solution!


The largest and most visible organ on our body is our skin, which is why we need to take superb care of it!!

That's why I was happy when Asian Skin Solutions asked me if I would like to try out their O2 Peel Rejuvenation Facial Treatment!!

(Never too early to start to look good for my wedding teeheehee)

Ok this photo looks more artistic:

Asian Skin Solutions is specially tailored to Asian females, and that's why before my facial treatment, all sorts of questions were asked so that they can better known my skin and give the best sort of treatment to me!

Questions such as the my lifestyle, environmental conditions etc. :D

After my analysis and consultation, I was led into their rooms... Located conveniently at Orchard Central (that's the mall next to 313), they have a spacious corrider at the back where all the treatment rooms are!

The comfy bed I fell asleep on later. -_-

And here I am before the treatment!!
I have no foundation on so you can see all my skin's flaws.

Ok lah here's a clearer view of my face!! I got shitloads of tiny zits on my forehead!

The first step is Double Cleansing!

It's shiok!!!

Anyway there are 8 steps in total.

Second step is the O2 Peel, then the X-lotion Steam!

Here's the bubbling water in the machine for the X-lotion Steam.

At this point I already felt that my skin was super refreshed and light!

Step 4 is Extraction, which is the most unpleasant part of any facials...

Using tools (like metal tools), the therapist will extract clogged white heads/black heads etc from your skin, and squeeze zits! Oh my poor forehead.

Luckily, this process wasn't that painful because the steam already softened my skin and loosened the pores.

It's necessary though coz in the long term clogged pores do bad things to your skin!

Next my therapist did step 5: O2 Spray!

It was very fun coz a jet of pure oxygen was sprayed on my skin!! Very cooling and nice after the extraction. The stream of oxygen was very intense and I imagined all my dead skin cells flying off. LOL!!

Step 6 was a Facial Massage and I could feel myself nodding off... It was so shiok.

And then for Step 7: Double Mask!!!

The therapist spread a super thick and cool paste on my face and zzzzz I have no idea what happened after that coz I fell asleep. Hahaha!

And done!! HAHAHA! My face!

Now for the last step which is my favourite: SHOULDER MASSAGE!!!

Enjoy maximum!!

And this is my AFTER!!

Skin is definitely more glowy and brightened. Totally feels silky smooth, baby-soft and QQ!! It is super hydrated and luminous. :D

After being a satisfied client, I still had presents!! Mad shiok!!

Asian Skin Solutions showed me some of their products, the DK1 line, which is only available with them and nowhere else.

I was given the Dual Revitalize Cleanser (tallest bottle at $98)...

What can I say? Awesome cleanser! Smells very, erm, I guess the only word to describe it is LUXURIOUS!!

After I use it I feel I should use an expensive body wash too. Hahaha!!

The texture is very viscous and smooth. Can be used as a make up remover too!

DK1 Skin Energizing Booster and H20 Lift

The booster is a great serum that will provide immediate lifting effect and help lock in moisture!

The H20 Lift is an excellent moisturizer with the ability to hold 50 times of water to its mass!! What the! Why so amazing one?

Vita Mineral Block 60! ($128)

Sunblock with SPF 60!! It simulates "collagen synthesis", which I have no idea is what but it sounds good.

The texture is very light - water based and not sticky!! If you are looking for the perfect sunblock, can give this a try!




Enjoy an O2 Peel Rejuvenation Facial Treatment worth $280 at only $28 today!!!

That's the same one I did, and I assure you it's awesome!!!

All you have to do:

Sms AsianXX_FullName_Nric to 83884888 to enjoy O2 Peel Rejuvenation Facial Treatment at $28 or call 67670077 and mention Xiaxue to enjoy the same deal.

Not finished with the goodies yet!!!

Xiaxue readers get 25% of package deals should they decide to sign up, AND 5% off product prices!!



Terms and Conditions to apply:

- Females only
- 21 and above
- Only for first time customers

p/s: Join Asian Skin Solutions fanpage now on Facebook to be updated on exclusive and latest promotions & to join Asian Skin Solutions Facebook contests!

Asian Skin Solutions will be holding a contest and be searching for a face for Asian Skin Solutions beginning of April. Details to be up in Asian Skin Solutions facebook fanpage end of March. Be a fan of Asian Skin Solutions in facebook to be updated on latest details! Link HERE.

Hottie Of The Moment

Now Now Ladies, and Gentlemen. I found a new feature for Hottie Of The Moment. Well, from his HOT HOT burning picture he is more to Hottie Of The Decade. But well, i couldn't find any Hot guys in facebook so I decided to feature him. This Hottie is called Jan Poborak (Pronounced Yan) and he is 26 years old, Born in Czech Republic. Jan is currently undergoing his postgraduate degree in Copenhagen Business School. So apart from being beautiful, he isn't dumb either. So if you girls or guys want to try your luck, well, go ahead ;) Here are pictures of our Hottie Of The Moment!

Hope you enjoyed it :)


Jeffrey james



The Sone Institute are one of those acts that produce a wide series of sounds that exhibit a huge scope of imagination and lengthy influences that provide a distinct setting for the task ahead. Listened to with a clear head, yours will be a mind soon muddled and disfigured by the sounds and images imposed onto your soul.

In the past Sone Institute have displayed a talent for spilling beats over the most cautious of tones in a style similar to Broadcast while mixed with an easy listening intellect and kitsch awareness (appreciation) akin to that of Jonny Trunk. Within such a gesture there is true fluctuation of two grand and downbeat worlds convulsing and marking something wholly fresh into the ground. With Curious Memories they have expanded further on this premise extending their arsenal and truly succeeding with every avenue they visit.

The album begins with a thunder bolt followed by crazed and disorientating fairground attraction atmospherics on the wonderfully named “Inter Asylum Cross Country”. The track sounds like something RZA may have cooked up and used on one of his scores. Truly a song to come with stitches.

With “The Wind Began To Switch” the record reaches a frenzied pace as handclapping hysteria coupled with grandiose strings that sound straight out of an American television cop show from the seventies bursts onto the scene. The crazy beat sounds excessively like Lalo Schifrin’s work on Dirty Harry only now bettered to a blistering pace.

Eventually it all mellows out quite significantly, changing identity like a chameleon on a mirror, touching zones that you might expect as output from acts on labels such as Ninja Tune and Kitty-Yo. A true blissed out harvest of an experience occurs as ambience overrules the exotic early impetus of proceedings in assaulting fashion. It has to be said the swinging of systems in such schizophrenic style does make for a difficult listen.

For some reason I come away from listening to this record with the theme music from The Professionals running around in my head.

This is music for the movies.

Thesaurus moment: flick.

Sone Institute
Front And Follow

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vegetable Couscous with parmesan and black pepper

That's really a fancy name for "Ohhhh I can't be bothered, what do we have in the house?" food.

This is pretty easy to cook.

Firstly, make up the couscous for however many people you are cooking for. 1/2 cup of dry couscous is enough for one person, and you need equal parts water and couscous. Put the water, some olive oil and salt in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Once its boiled, stir and take off the heat, adding the couscous and leaving it for two minutes.

Meanwhile (probably best to start while the water is boiling), put some chopped vegetables in a container and cover with water. Put the lid on and put in the microwave - I think about 10 minutes is normal but basically just until they're soft. I used zucchini and beans.

Back to the couscous - after the two minutes, add some butter and maybe more oil if its sticking, and put on a low heat. Separate the couscous with a fork so its all fluffy. At this stage, I grate some parmesan in so it melts into the couscous. Also because I love parmesan :D You only need to keep the couscous on the stove top for about three minutes.

Combine the couscous and vegetables in a bowl (I also put some chopped cherry tomatoes in at the end, but in hindsight maybe feta would be good as well?), grate some more parmesan over the top and add some cracked pepper. Yummy food in about 15 minutes!

Laying on the couch for the whole day plus the night before...

My housemates are overseas so I got the whole house to myself. Watching movies and not talking to anyone except myself is pretty sad. I do plan on cleaning my house but the whole cleaning mood hasnt sink in yet so I just lie on the couch and do nothing. It's sad really and I wonder whats stopping me from jumping out of my apartment window.

Well, maybe it's the fact that I live on the third floor and jumping out will only break my legs. Gosh I wish I lived on the 20th floor. :)


Jeffrey James

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some Up and Aways

I bought the entire China Glaze Up and Away collection, but I've been slow to wear them. (I've only worn 4 so far..unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of Four Leaf Clover). It's like 6 am and I can't seem to go back to sleep, so here's the other 3 I've tried.

First up is Angry Go Boom...
Did I say Angry Go Boom? Sorry, I meant Happy go Lucky. It's a bright-ish yellow creme that's an absolute nightmare to's a streaky mess, even at 3 coats. I smoothed it out with topcoat though, so the end result was fine.
I've already kind of posted pics of Light as Air, but here it is on its own. Despite being very light, I still like it. I believe this is 3 coats, though it's opaque at 2. Formula was easier to work with than Happy go Lucky.

Heli-yum is a decently bright raspberry creme. I kind of like it, despite it being pink. This was 2 coats, and is the easiest to apply ou of the 4 I've tried so far.
Indoors, indirect natural light. I couldn't quite get the color to show the way I wanted it to. It's probably due to the fact that by the time came out it was starting to set.
Bonus pic...because she's cute...

The Bitches

We live in a world populated by mean girls. Whether or not we're in high school, or in real life. Personally I know a few people who are in a way queens. Here in Jesselton, Queens are relatively different compared to how Queens are like in the states, or in other word, movies. This little queen I know personally, called Little J, or Queen J is someone who has lots of influence back home, she gets what she wants and there are people who follow what she wants, they're not minions, but if you bite her, the bitch will bite back :)

In Jesselton's Gay scene, people call me Regina George. Sure, I've done my fair share of sabotage, and also done schemings and bitching. People bite me, I try to bite them back, but which queen am i? Bellow are some of TV's Queens and bitches who have brought lots of joy to viewers at home, wishing that they could be like them.
Little Jenny Humphrey. Alot of people don't like her, I find her more and more entertaining because she's becoming such a big Bitch in Gossip Girl. However, when it comes to my scheming ways, I don't think I am similar to Jenny in any sense. Yes, we are bitches, and she does work hard, but I don't see myself being the same as her. She's too daring and well, Average.
Eric Vanderwoodsen. Hmm, well, we have a few things in common, both of us are fags, and well, we're always under the shadow of Queen J. However, unlike Eric, I don't intend to bring down Queen J. But at the same time, I don't follow Queen J's orders anyway, I learned how to shine in my own way and well, even though I don't shine as bright, I'm still shining ;)
Regina, Regina, Regina. I love her so much, the gays in Jesselton call me Regina George. She is a big bitch, losing to Linday Lohan on the way. But her plasticness, well, I have that in common with her. However, I don't have a burn book where I bitch about other people. I do know some other people know who have a form of a burn book and insult people, more like Burn Blog.
Georgina Sparks. Now this girl is pure evil, devious, and just plain bitchy. She can be so fake to get back at you that when she does stab the knife behind your back, you will notice only when you've lost a lot of blood. I'm in no way like Georgina, I don't really stab people, well, I do, but not really intentionally, more like accidently, when I don't realise it:)
Blair Waldorf. A bitch with a Heart. She's bitchy and i love her. In some ways, I do think that I resemble Blair Waldorf. But I'm not as Powerful as she is. I plan to get back at people, I did it recently in Shenanigans. But I won't go all the way like Blair does and humiliate them. However, i don't have a heart as big as her though, I'm still a bitch.
But the bitch that I think I resemble the most is Gretchen from Mean Girls. You know, the girl with the big hair? Because her hair is full of secrets and all, and if you want secrets you just make her pissed at the person. Well, that's me. Hahaha:)


jeffrey james



I used to have an online buddy hailing from Norway. In fact I feel when she disappeared from the cyber world I actually lost a potential love for in Line Larsen I truly feel I met (in an online capacity) a potential soul mate. Our interests were similar and we exchanged similar worldviews and a sense of fondness prevailed that could have remained/lasted strong for a long time. When she disappeared off the face of the internet I truly feel fearful that something bad occurred to her in real life. I really wish she would get back in touch I miss her so.

At this point the single has almost concluded as I acknowledge that the first time I am playing this seven inch I am paying absolutely no attention whatsoever to it. My bad.

Beach House appear to have come out of nowhere, they are being lauded by all quarters as a sudden stream dreamy (sometimes drippy) bands begins to overwhelm indie pop. If it were a bit louder you might compare it to the shoegazers.

It all feels rather minimal. Half the time the vocalist (I’m loathe to say singer) appears to be making up words, exchanging lyrics for noises they appear to be making up on the spot.

There appears to be a prevailing leaning towards an eighties slickness and sensibility to sound at the moment. I am truly struggling to decide whether this is a good thing or not. Here with “Norway” I am being presented with a layered set of sounds padding out a strange set of sentiments being exhibited by the frontman that be. With creeping, underlying sonics I would not be surprised if new My Bloody Valentine material were to sound like this (or at least the demos might).

Perversely this ultimately sounds to me like the singer from the Wannadies fronting the accompaniment of Ryuichi Sakamoto in “Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence” mode with a dabble of MBV effects stirring underneath. Random.

The b-side sounds a bit like Scrawl.

They’re from Baltimore but not like in The Wire (the TV show not the magazine).

I think I missed the point.

Thesaurus moment: hut.

Beach House
Bella Union

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hottie Of The Moment

This is the first time ever I have chose a female as Hottie Of The Moment. Well She is Hot. And from an ugly duckling she slowly turned into a beautiful swan. Her name is Inessa Ngu De May and she's 20 years old this year. She is currently doing her degree in Australia and is also a poster girl for Diriwan Corporation. Her beautiful smile and statuesque body made her the 1st runner up in the Sabah Supermodel competition 2010. Here are some photos of my Hottie of the Moment!

To find out more about her, please visit her blog at
Jeffrey James

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ADO Mini monthly Challenge.....Angels

So our mini monthly challenge for Art dolls only group was "angels"

I have posted just a few for your viewing pleasure:)

This is Gillian, my little angel, she is a new angel so does not have her wings yet:)
Please excuse the totally wrong date on the bottom of my stupid camera is broken and I can't change it!!! Augh....time for a new one:) The Talented Abi Munroe from

Nicole's "fallen Angel" from

Anna Zueva's Angel from

And......the ever so amazing and adorable Floradora from with her oh so cute Angel......

If you would like to see more of this teams multi talented work please visit