Monday, October 31, 2011

Is it Really Autumn? Years Are Passing

  Women's Center Squirrel by mtodd

A rainy cloudy day in kansas is a Good thing.
The candles are Lit, the chocolate is Rich.
at the window knock for nuts.
when i film them
they smile for me.

Womens Center Squirrel Whisking Away by mtodd
In the next post, i will explain
The Great Redux

Getting That Poppy Buzzed

Last year I got into a record by psych instrumentalist Imaad Wasif (you can read about it here). This has been in the pipeline for a while now, but Narnack Records is ready to release Electric Flower onto the global populace. Formed by Josh Garza (of Secret Machines) and Wasif, Electric Flower is preparing the release of their debut self-titled EP a week from today. They are quick to stress that this is NOT a side project - it is first and foremost their main day band. They met during the filming of an episode of Top of the Pops (this was when Wasif was a touring member of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs). The friendship and now musical partnership has coalesced from there into something that is very exciting indeed. Eastern infused drone psych rock malaise, anyone? Ill gladly overdose on it.

It will be available digitally and on limited foil stamped, red 10-inch vinyl (tasty - and only 500 copies available, get in there!)

Electric Flower - Four16

Beware of those scary skeletons.

II would like to welcome Mr. 9-9-9 to the world of big time politics.

It seems that my man forgot one thing while he was jigging and joking his way into the hearts of white conservatives across A-merry-ca: Your skeletons will always come back to haunt you. We all have them. But we don't all try to get elected as the leader of the free world, or, for that matter, to become a member of the most powerful "democratic" judicial body on earth.

And so here we go again; yet another black conservative is the victim of a "high tech lynching". The last one survived the metaphoric rope around his neck and ultimately found himself in a position where he can influence whether a rope is put around the neck of others. 

Apparently when Mr. 9-9-9 was at the National Restaurant Association he wasn't just making sure that all of us had somewhere nice to eat. He was allegedly making sure that he had somewhere nice to.....ahh never mind. (I hate these types of stories.)

Of course, like most politricksters, Mr 9-9-9 (and the GOP) first denied that he sexually harassed anyone. But then....

"Herman Cain is now saying he does recall some details of a financial settlement with one of his female co-workers who accused him of sexual harassment during his tenure at the National Restaurant Association.
Cain's quotes are being reported by Byron York of The Washington Examiner, based on the GOP presidential candidate's interview with Fox News to be broadcast at 10 p.m. ET Monday night.

Cain spent the day trying to beat back a Politico story that said he was accused twice of "sexually suggestive behavior." Amid his explanations that he had been "falsely accused," Cain twice said he knew nothing about a financial settlement with his accusers." [Source]

Yes, that pesky "financial settlement". Bad news Herman: It exists. Good news Herman: The folks who got the payoff are probably prohibited from divulging the details of the settlement to the rest of us.

But I take no pleasure in watching yet another high profile brotha go down. I don't care how much he jigged for his wingnuts friends and hated and demonized his own people. It's always sad to watch a tragedy such as this play itself out for all the world to see and hear.

"Come on Field, it's not only republicans who do this type of thing. What about Bill Clinton? He was getting pleasured in the people's house for crying out loud and you people defended him!"     

And I would defend Mr. 9-9-9 if whatever he was allegedly doing was between two consenting adults. Sadly, for conservatives, it never seems to be that way. If it was, there would be no charge of sexual harassment.

But the show must go on, and conservatives will now start the spinning:

"In summary: there is a real story here. It's possible thatPolitico got the story wrong, in which case they will be exposed. It's also possible that the story is totally accurate, and yet Cain is innocent of any wrongdoing.

There are plenty of reasons, after all, why a businessman would settle a harassment suit even if he were blameless. The final possibility, of course, is that Cain did behave inappropriately toward women he worked with. Let's hope that's not the case.

A few final points: the accusation that Politico is unfairly liberal (made by Jeff Lord, among others) is itself unfair.Politico undoubtedly employs reporters from liberal media backgrounds, including at least one of the reporters who contributed to the Cain story, Ken Vogel.

On the other hand, they also feature writers hired from conservative outlets. It's worth noting they have published pieces by a number of Spectatorwriters, myself included. " [Source]

Those few paragraphs alone had more twists and turns than a Jamaican country road. But I understand the difficulties that conservatives must be having with this story. It must be sad for them to watch Herman go down. Where else are they going to find a a straight talking black man who is willing to take on uncomfortable subjects and speak of certain things that they are too afraid to utter publicly?

Still, they need to take heart, because, the truth is, Herman Cain was never going to become president, and this story might just make him irrelevant sooner rather than later. Which, in the end, might be a good thing for them.

Happy Halloween everybody, and please make sure that those scary skeletons stay inside the closet.


In our household, Halloween is the favored holiday -- yet nearly every year, some crisis impairs our festivities. This year was no exception. We were going to spend the night driving around to check out Maryland's spooky spots, of which there are many. In particular, we wanted to seek out the state's fabled paranormal superstar, Goatman.

If you don't know Goatman, think of the Celtic god Cernunnos. Or maybe Pan. Now put a freakin' ax in his hand.

Alas, a financial crisis hit, and we can spend not one dime on frivolity. So now we will stay home, hand out corn sugar confections to rugrats, and laugh at paranormal documentaries.

We especially like the ones where the team of ghostbusters goes out to investigate some scary historic spot -- and never, ever find anything supernatural. Ever. And the folks at home spend the entire show trying to figure who is sleeping with whom on the ghostbusting team.

I was also going to post an arty video of graveyard markers in Baltimore. We have some very elaborate tombstones out here. You'll see the video when it's done.

Happy Night Of Terror

Here's what Shawn Dickinson is wearing tonight, so when he says "Trick or Treat" make him draw you a cartoon for his sugar.It's ok to offer him a cigarette because his costume isHere's demonic voice actor Auralynn swathed in the sweet blood of her latest victim.Here's some really scary costumes thanks to Mike Fontanelli.Here's a mask actually of him.Nothing is scarier than a duck wearing a


let's get lost

Today I received an amazing package full of t-shirts and jumpers, gifts from the sweet Christina and owner of 291venice. Of course I put on one of the tees as soon as I opened the box and decided I definitely had to make a post right away. Perfect, cool, loose t-shirts and jumpers that I fell in love with the minute I saw them. You'll see everything over time, I promise. In the meantime this is one of my favourites and decided to match it with my red leather pants, that I haven't wore for a long time. Be sure to check out 291venice clothing here, I'm sure you're gonna love everything!
happy with my new tee

zara knit
(let's get lost tee thnx to 291venice, bsb red leather pants, topshop heels and ring, asos studded rings)

Salon becomes relevant again

The folks at Salon finally came up with a 99 percenter manifesto, and it's really good stuff.

I have some problems with it -- for one thing, I'm annoyed that the focus is not entirely on ECONOMICS ECONOMICS ECONOMICS. It really is the economy stupid. This is not the time to start talking about gay issues or climate change. It's not that I disagree with Salon's positions, but non-economic statements have no place in a declaration on money and class. Those tumblr photos in which the 99 percenters relate their tales should give us a guide as to what to talk about and what not to talk about.

When it comes to the issue of gay marriage, those within the one percent are probably more tolerant than those within the 99 percent. Therefore, switching the discussion from economics to gays will do nothing to highlight the abuses caused by the one percenters. Talking about gay issues will simply alienate proles who have every financial reason to be on our side. I don't much like that situation, but it is what it is.

Same thing with marijuana legalization: For some absurd reason, polls indicate that, even in liberal California, the majority of the populace prefers to keep weed illegal. Don't ask me why; frankly, I don't care one way or the other. (I do not partake, so this is not really my issue.) Yeah, you can argue that marijuana legalization would have dramatic economic benefits: We could tax the dope and release a whole bunch of prisoners. That'd be fine with me. But apparently it's not fine with the majority of my fellow citizens.

Why alienate potential allies by taking unpopular stances on non-economic issues?

Update: According to the most recent poll, 46% of the nation favors legalization and 50% favors prohibition. Flip those numbers and marijuana becomes a good issue for OWS.


Celine and Julie Go Dancing 51: Summertime -- Jamie Jones


I consider Milan to be my second home. And calling Milan your second home means you've picked up one thing or two about the wonderful world of food. I love Italian food - real Italian food - for one simple reason: the focus is made on the freshness of the ingredients. Period. And it makes a world of difference! Just think about a plate of fresh mozzarella di bufala, pomodoro and olio d'oliva extra vergine. Loooove in my mouth.

In the historical center of Milan, there is a gem of a gourmet store called Peck. It is very famous, and probably one of the most expensive food stores around. But well-worth it. It's divided in various sections - Meat, Fish and seafood, cheese, oil, spices, coffee, etc.

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

Any place where you can browse cheese for a half hour is perfect in my book. And if you get the chance to go, don't overlook the basement: it's a treasure of a wine cellar!

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English Leagues the 80s: Watford Leicester City Division Two 1981 1982

Saturday 8 May 1982
Vicarage Road Stadium,

 In 1976, Leicester City signed Gary as a schoolboy apprentice and three years later he made his first team debut. During his career at Filbert Street, Gary made 209 first team appearances and scored 103 goals. 

 Codec H264, Mkv
Bitrate 1200
Sound 128 kbps
English Comments
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English Leagues the 80s: Everton Chelsea Division One 1985 1986

Sunday, 16th March 1986  
 Goodison Park,

Attendance: 30,145
Referee: David Hutchinson

 On arriving at Goodison Park in July 1985, Gary Lineker had a similar problem to the one Joe Royle faced at the start of his Everton career, except to a greater extent.  The difference lay in the fact that while Royle only replaced fans' favourite Alex Young for one game, Lineker's £850,000 arrival from his home-town club Leicester City led directly to their then idol Andy Gray actually leaving the club. It was nearly Christmas by the time Lineker won over the Everton crowd-astonishing, given his phenomenal strike-rate of 38 goals on 52 games over the season.  But Gray, the talismanic catalyst for the rise to the peak of European football, was a hard act to follow.  Andy Gray and Graeme Sharp had shot Everton to the League Title and the Cup-Winners' Cup the previous season, and the fans' outrage at his replacement was perhaps understandable.  Not that it can have affected Lineker very much, so freely did he score, and his goals looked like driving Everton to match those achievements – only for the blues to end up even bluer as they were pipped by Liverpool in both the League and the FA Cup.
Lineker was a finisher rather than a creator of goals, as was borne out by his World Cup performance that summer.  He finished the tournament as leading scorer with six, all of them finished from within ten yards taking a maximum of two touches.  Indeed, he owed a large debt of gratitude to the likes of Kevin Sheedy, Trevor Steven, Peter Reid and particularly his striking partner Graeme Sharp.  The between them were responsible for making the vast majority of his goals for Everton with precise crosses, incisive through-balls taking advantage of his searing pace, or in Sharp's case by flick-ons or lay-offs.  Despite Everton's painful failure to win any silver, Lineker was rewarded for his contribution by both his fellow professionals and the Football Writers with Player of the Year awards. He stunned the Everton fans that summer by leaving in a £2.75M transfer to Barcelona, where he kept up his prolific scoring record and won the Spanish League and the Cup-Winners' Cup, before following the man who took him there, Terry Venables, to Tottenham.  From there he moved in 1992 to Nagoya Grampus Eight in the embryonic J-League in Japan, but a persistent toe injury prevented him from making any significant impact and he retired from playing to concentrate on a broadcasting career. The sad thing about Lineker, the thing that most grates now with Everton fans, is his dismissive attitude to the club that set him on his way as the highest-profile English player of the late 1980's.  To listen to him now, spouting his fawning platitudes of Spurs, you'd think he never wore the Royal Blue of Everton.

Everton Southall, Stevens, Pointon, Van den Hauwe, Mountfield, Richardson (Heath 71), Steven, Lineker, Sharp, Bracewell, Sheedy
Scorer Sheedy 86 Manager  Howard Kendall
Chelsea 1 Eddie Niedzwiecki, 2 Darren Wood, 3 Doug Rougvie, 4 Colin Pates, 5 Joe McLaughlin, 6 John Bumstead, 7 Pat Nevin, 8 Nigel Spackman, 9 Kerry Dixon, 10 David Speedie, 11 Jerry Murphy
 Scorer Murphy 12 Booked Rougvie, Spackman, Speedie Manager John Hollins

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Full Game

First Half

Second Half