Saturday, February 28, 2009


What are the odds really of one winning two times in the OWOH event??? I am not sure but the art doll Gods were with me that day:) I have been blessed with a spooky time skelly from Dani of They post new offerings on the 13th of every month. you MUST stop by there and get YOUR OWN spooky offering. You should also stop by her blog to see all the wonderful things Dani makes and mark her as a favorite.....cause she is sure one of mine:) XOXO

Thanks Dani for sending Mr. Skelly to me.......I LOVE him!!! And he has made himself right at home here:)

(((((((((HUGE SKELLY HUGZ))))))))))))))

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Super Sunday.

Peter, Me, Kimmy, Keith and Rounnah,
So i had a photo shoot last Sunday with my younger sister and some of my colleagues. It was for the purpose of the whole agency thing which required us to take pictures for our portfolios. I only had like 4 hours of sleep and our angency owner said that i should have more sleep and that i should have slept earlier.

So i got there at about 11 in the morning. And then started with my make up and all. We made our way to the beach and there were like 7 photographers waiting for us. So we got our pictures taken and they asked me to remove my shirt, damn I look so fat. I hate wearing singlets. But my colleague Peter does have a very nice body. Unlike me of course which is filled with muffin tops and cellulite sally :)

After the beach session we headed for our next location, which was at the park. It was already starting to look gloomy. But we decided to go with it. I changed my outfit, and quickly made my two minute walk to the secondary location. The pictures were taken in this two storeyed shelter. There was a shelter right beside ours with about a dozen of illegal immigrant boys who were having a picnic.

Being the irritating boys that they are, they started whistling and throwing comments at us when we were doing the photo shoot at our shelter. During the middle of the shoot, it started raining cats and dogs, so we ran into our shelter. the most annoying thing is that the boys climbed up our shelter and started jumping above us. Since the shelter was beside the sea, sand kept falling on us. We started screaming and cursing at those annoying twats.

Wonders of being a struggling walking hanger. :)
Rounnah during her shoot. She was also a former breeze covermodel.
The photographers shooting me :)
Me after make up :P
Kimmy during her shoot.Peter, the guy with the nice body :P

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Oh I just Love love love my monster and his girl!!! Today I got the best surprise in the mail from my friend Nicole aka mealy monster We did a trade and it was to be a surprise:) When I saw that post man today bringing me a box I was like a kid at Christmas!! I knew right away it was my very own monster!! I know Nicole's monsters and LOVE them but the photos do not even come close to how wonderful they are in your hands!!! I just love them to bits!! You just HAVE to get one of your own!! Check out her etsy and GET one.....for the kid inside you:) sorry Nicole, I am not sure if she is suppose to face forward or backward but either way.........they are absolutely fabulous!! His little girl and her dolly are sweet and you can tell he loves them too:) I promise to love and look after them for ever and ever:)

The best bog roll?

There are some perks to my "toxic" job if you put it in financial armegeddon speak and that would be loo rolls that remind me of puppies playing in the soft loo paper - we can do without 25 consultants but heaven forbid single ply!!!! Nice one lads

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What I Wore 25.2.09

Probably about time for a what I wore post. Because I'm in that sort of a mood - I've been very domesticated today doing the grocery shopping and cooking meals to freeze for the week because we all know I'm a little bit lazy and I'd only eat hot chips otherwise. So taking photos while I was waiting for muffins to cook seemed like a good idea.

Shirt: Lee Louise
Dress: Be A Tiger Designs (hehe)
Bracelet: Portmans

OWOH Baby fairy Nissa

How lucky am I??? Really really lucky!!! This is Nissa. I won her from Rosanna from fractured fairy tales. You MUST check out her work it is absolutely amazing and today I got to see if first hand:) I just love my little Nissa and will cherish her for ever!! Thank you Lisa from
for putting on such an amazing event, thank you to the automated # generator for picking my # and most of all to Rosanna for making such beautiful dolls and sending one my way:) God Bless.

Smashbox Mini Lip and Eye Palette

The Mini Lip and Eye Palette was released a few years ago with the Mod Chic collection. I don't particularly remember how much it retailed for, but you can still find it on ebay for pretty cheap nowadays. It's a great little palette with 4 buttery, sheer, but buildable eyeshadows and 2 lip glosses with a mini double ended eye brush. It's great for a quick neutral look or simple smoky look. I do have to apologize for the state mine's in. I neglected to clean it before snapping a picture of it..

The colors are as follows:
All of the eyeshadows are sheer, but buildable, and are of the same excellent quality of Smashbox's regular singles. The shimmery shades have light shimmer, and are great for everyday
Fab: A shimmery white. An excellent highlighter
Mini: Shimmery Cream, makes a good base
Shag: Shimmery light brown, a bit on the warmer side.
Jet: Matte "off-black" This shade is black, but not a full on black, if you know what I mean
These are also sheer, but buildable and nondrying. One layer gives a tint with a soft shine. More layers=more color and shine
Smashing: Warm Peach color. It looks orangey on my arm, but on my mauvey-pink lips, it's perfectly fine
Smashing: Mid-toned Rose.

Tutorial-Reviving Gel liners

So I've been swatching quite a bit for the last few days, but for the most part, I've been too lazy to blog about any of it for various reasons..with the main one being this:

My kitten lovingly likes to spend a good 5-10 minutes blocking my computer screen...and my laptop has no imaging programs for labeling ^^; (not to mention that my keyboard on that's a bit busted..and my desktop has some hardware issues as well...) There isn't a whole lot of swatching in this post as well, but at least there's pictures this time. YAY! So anyways, today I'll be teaching you how to revive a dried out gel liner (or change the consistency on your drier textured liners)

1. Before you begin, you will need the following items: your dried out gel liner, eye drops (the regular kind, for dry eyes--I am using Blink Tears in this tutorial, but Visine works quite well for this as well. DO NOT USE CONTACT SOLUTION. It won't hold up as well), something to mix with, and something to smooth your liner back down with. You can choose to use a toothpick to stir, or a spatula or small wax applicating stick, whatever you find. For the green liner, I used a toothpick to stir with and a brush to smooth it back down. For the blue-grey one I simply used a small stick.

If you are using a wax applicating stick, you may choose to break the stick in half, allowing to use the same stick to revive 2 liners.

2. Add 2-3 drops of your eye drops to the liner. You don't need a whole lot ofo this to revive your liner. If you find you need more later, you can add it in, but adding too much will cause your gel liner to lose its consistency, and your liner will not apply as nicely.

3. Start mixing. If you are using a toothpick, you will have to make sure to mash your liner well, breaking up any chunks.

When it is done, you should have a nice, creamy consistency:

Personally, I found it much easier to mix with the small wax applicator I was took much longer for me to use a toothpick..but you use what you can ;)
4: Final step: pat your gel liner back down in its container, smoothing it over the best you can. You may want to clean up the edges and scrape off as much of the liner off your mixing tool as possible. There will still be a bunch of it stuck to the stick, but it's not a huge loss considering the fact that you're saving money by not having to buy a new liner.

Congratulations: your gel liner is now revived!

Monday, February 23, 2009



Earthy and acoustic, Emmy The Great on this occasion feels very much the antithesis of Kate Nash and all those other ballsy young teenage girls that like to sniff out any kind of weakness available at their disposal in order to exploit and manipulate before getting daddy to pay to bail them out. Perhaps and maybe.

I don’t think Emmy The Great will be too impressed to hear that of anybody else in music this reminds me most of Lisa Loeb. And that Hallelujah refrain – it’s just playing into people’s hands! Leave that kind of shit to the wonder lips on the face of Alexandra Burke as she attempts to butt fuck Leona Lewis (Lennox Lewis’ drag persona) out of the stratosphere. Leona of course will be all right, her music industry dad will see to it.

So what is really wrong with Emmy The Great? You sense she sees and hears herself as some kind of Beth Orton talent when really you the impression that she is some twee bitch they dug up out of the compost heap. “Piss on your grave” indeed.

Given a second hearing I flip the seven inch to hear the opposite offering which turns out to be a cover version of “Burn Baby Burn” by Ash. I don’t know what to say about this version of the song; I didn’t really like the original so it is unlikely that I am going to appreciate a floppy cover of it.

These fucking kids.

Thesaurus moment: wet.

Emmy The Great
Close Harbour

The R50 salmon filled with cheese and prawns

Worth it? Well it tastes good....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"That Beard Thing"

Slight deviation from my business-like blogging (like I ever did that much anyway!) and onto whats been consuming most of my life for the past couple of months: rehearsals! I'm in the polka dot dress, if you didn't pick up on the common theme of me in all the photos :P

Hostage scene (but really an excuse to lie down)

Tavern scene

Another wench scene

Just another manic monday....

Lying here thinking about how quickly yet another weekend has gone by. And how am I mentally preparing myself for what promises to be one of those mondays. You know the type, where after several meetings you are left wondering where the next weekend is!! Ah yes, another manic monday

I know I should be blogging...

But I'm just so lazy!!

Anyway I'm still photoshopping the trillions of photos I have uploaded, so soon I'll update!

Meanwhile, here's someone who doesn't need photoshopping...

Pumpkin! Who now has hair long enough to be tied up into a top knot! Tying top knots are not only pretty, but actually good for the dogs, as the hair falling into their eyes often irritate them.

Juicy couture ribbon!

And one more of me in the cab going to meet Ringo...

Love ya all!

p/s: Ok you people need to stop harping on the flash thing. I've googled it, and there is no concrete proof that a camera's flash will hurt a dog's eyes anymore than it would hurt a human's.

If you like it then you should have put a ring on it!

So my best friend Inessa stood me up when I drove all the way to the airport to send her off. I called her and dropped her a text message but there was no reply. That's how I started my Saturday Night. I had a bit of a bad mood as my love also made me turn one big round and realised that I didn't have to pick him up.

But all things ended up being nice when I went out partying with all my friends. I played pool, danced to some music, and just had a good time getting together with the community. I Headed to Q bar of course. And realised that my Saturday night wasn't such a bad night after all :)

I am lazy to elaborate more cause i'm exhausted from the photoshoot i had today :)

Here are the pictures of my Saturday night :) Enjoy!

Pork Leg busy swinging his hair, Shawn sitting with Jay Sean, and Syazwan in Calvin Klein.
Simon, Michael and Syaz.
Bottom - Top.
Awww, the lovely couple.
The club looked empty already, we were there until 3 in the morning!
Michael with his fabulous fan.
Michael and Beth.
Adrianna and Rizal.
Senior citizens still know how to have fun!!!
Mr Albert, Owner of the Club.
Girls (Old) just wanna have fun ;)
Karim, Owner number 2.
This is the club where i spend my Fridays and Saturdays.
Sean (Covered), Ara, Michael, Ron, Teddy, Simon.
Teddy and Simon.
Michael laughing as usual.
Ron, the friendly carpet muncherrrr!
Pork Leg and Teddy posing like the sluts that they are!!
Teddy with his usual awkward smile.
Beth and Syaz. You can tell that the club was clearing up right before 3 am.
Bye bye guy in white.
The resident Dj of Q bar.
My cousin and I.
F.Y.I. The shape of the bar is of the letter "Q".
Men in Black.
Michael and Syaz.
Michael with his Gay fan.
It's faggots on the dancefloorrrrrrr!
Razak, Unknown, and Kilut.
Kilut. P.s. She's not a girl......Never a woman.
Razak. He was a former model. And lost weight as well.
Resident Dj.
Pork Leg with his "pantene" hair.
Murder on the dancefloor.
Rizal and Teddy.
Hellu is not a girl, never a womannnnn :)
If you like it then you should have put a ring on it!
She's not a girl, not yet a woman.
They're not girls, never womennnn :)
6 years.
Syaz and Beth.
Beth and Simon.
Syazwan, Adrianna and Hellu.
This is when the club was still quite packed.
Beth, Syaz, Teddy, Michael, Shawn and Pork Leg.
Adrianna, Ricky and I.
Walter, Gideon and Terry.
Walter, I and Terry.
Dovan, Me and Michael. I think Dovan is the cutest guy. Until i actually have him la then he's not.
Beth and Michael.
Teddy, Pork leg and beaver.
Shawn and Simon.
Lola. She's not a girl, never a woman.
Hellu, Michael and Riyo.
Hellu and Riyo. They're not girls, never women:)I stopped by a Drive through when the night ended. It was tiring.