Sunday, October 31, 2010

Talking to my ex.

Okay, so I instant messaged him first asking for my friend's external hard drive back. And the conversation led to the usual 'How are you?' 'I am good." kinda vibe.

He then went on to ask me if I was already attached. I said I was after a month of dating. He then went on to say that he didn't like the person I was attached with, saying that "You guys look weird together." etc. And then ending it with a "just kidding". I was pissed, boy I was pissed. I just said "well, I'm happy for you." then my ex went on to say, "i'm so happy now, finally I'm being treated like a prince" and I said, "I'm so happy for you" and he went on to say again "My life is so good now, I just got back from a glamorous place with my partner, a wonderful place for couples." and i said "I'm so happy for you". Then he said "You should learn to appreciate your partner more." and I said, "Hey, we didn't match, our views on life were just too different, we are different culturally" then he said "Little kid, you are dating a malay also, your cultures are also different"

You know, things like that. It annoys me. I am seriously happy with the way his life is turning out. There were something i said like "Oh, I'm happy too" and "Well, he lived overseas so our views are similar" etc. But I never really went on talking about how happy I am. I wanted to. I really did. But somehow, driving at 120km per hour and bbm-ing at the same time didn't really seem fit for me to cari gaduh, since i gaduh with him when we were together, why gaduh again when im driving on the highway. So i decided to play the classy card and said that we will still remain as friends.

Lifes a bitch


Jeffrey James


I try to be honest in the relationship but the term "somethings are better left unsaid" kept ringing in my mind. Whenever I feel there's something wrong, I keep it to myself. But to be fair, I have been sharing a lot. When i was under the influence, there were lots of things that I wanted to say, but didn't really have the chance to. But then again, maybe I was sober enough to know that what I wanted to say was childish and immature.


Jeffrey James

Happy Halloween!

Well actually I haven't done Halloween since 2007, when I was studying in England. But that doesn't mean that I can't celebrate it! In Greece we don't have Halloween but we have a dress-up celebration in february.

My cousin's efford

Me a couple of years ago

Do you understand who I'm supposed to be?

Marisse dressed up as a witch

Marissaki and Zara

my flatmates back in England, Halloween 2007

These photos are a mix of past year's Halloweens.

Food Tasting @ The One Cafe

I was invited to The One Cafe for food tasting by Azrul in Damansara last Saturday and the experience was quite good. Good conversation and never ending supply of food. Apparently to Azrul, i represent the "young" crowd that eats at his cafe. The food is good, but of course there were the bland and plain ones as well. However, with the whole ambience there, the food will be good no matter what. People go there for the music and to get together. The food is secondary even though to be fair, it's quite good.


Jeffrey James

Firaz's B'Day @ Delucca Kuala Lumpur

So I attended a friend's B'Day Party in Delucca Kuala Lumpur. Free flow of champagne, free flow of good italian food, free flow of conversation, basically free flow of everything. The restaurant setting was amazing and the people were beautiful. Everyone got together, drank, smoked and got drunk. The staff were nice enough to perform for everyone, singing really good songs for Firaz as well as prepare a wonderful dinner (the squid ink Fettucini was to die for!)

I had fun. Too much:) But a wonderful night wouldn't be complete without a little bit of drama.
Melissa(center) posing with her staff.
Wonderful guests at the event.
The B'Day Boy.
Nabilah, Troy, Melissa and Lorenzo.
I had a blast.


Jeffrey James

Disney Princesses

On my trip to Anaheim, California I filmed a video with THE Michelle Phan!! *deng deng deng* She's the 17th (last time I checked) most subscribed youtuber so it's a huge deal!!

Initially we would just reply each other on twitter sometimes but when she asked if I'd like to collaborate on a video with her I didn't even believe it was going to happen until the moment she reached my hotel room. I thought she'd cancel or something!! Don't blame me I've just met a lot of irresponsible people in life. But she didn't!! (I was in Disneyland for a press junket. Think I cannot say what yet. If you are smart you can probably guess? Pretty glaringly obvious lol)

I was apprehensive about meeting her (I'm always apprehensive about meeting people coz I rarely like people hahaha) but it turned out we got along so well and had so much in common so that was awesome!!

AND we had so much fun filming this video!!! We were Disney princesses - She's Ariel and I'm Rapunzel from the new Disney movie Tangled! (In Singapore the working title is Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale)

Check it out!

A lot of people seem to be confused about Rapunzel's make up since she is so new, so here are some pictures of the newest Disney princess. She's my VERY FAVOURITE.

So much blonde hair jealous max

Although her make up looks subtle it's actually not!! She has a golden tan, with ginormous green eyes framed by loads of lashes especially lower lashes! She has freckles, bushy brows, coral cheeks and just a hint of lip colour. She has cascading blonde hair and a damn cute chameleon as a pet too. Someone in the comments said "Rapunzel didn't have a frog". It's a chameleon!!!

Ahem. Back to the topic. How? Did Michelle do a good job duplicating the look or WHAT??

And don't forget to subscribe to Michelle's awesome make up tutorial videos here.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Alex Matthews, Adventure Kayak Magazine Reviews the Maelstrom Vital 166

Timing is everything!

I was at an outdoor store buying some new waterproof Merrell hiking boots (please don't ask me the model, I go by look and feel) and likely to be late for my next appointment where I'd have to sit and read something for a long time.

Yes, the totally vain Baffin Paddler was off to the salon to get highlights. I dread that stuff! So I grabbed my new boots and the Adventure Kayak mag that was staring at me from the rack across the room without looking at the cover or the (very brief) stories inside.

A few minutes later, covered in foil and smelly highlight stuff, I glanced at the cover of the magazine I'd just bought on impulse. Hmmm, Alex Matthews on the cover. I'm a fan. I like his articles, reviews and book on Sea Kayaking Rough Waters­.

Great, in the Adventure Kayak 2010 summer/fall issue, he reviewed the new Maelstrom Vital 166. Hey, that's my new boat!

I got a little nervous. I just posted my reaction to how the Maelstrom Vital 166 handled heading out into bigger wind and waves, and I was wondering how a man would find it. Maybe I'm too light. I was especially interested to find out what Alex Matthews thought about it. I was disappointed in the way the Maelstrom Vital headed into the waves. I thought I spent too much time rising up on the waves and crashing down on them, making headway difficult.

His take, ''When we were out in conditions reported as 30 knots gusting to 42, we found the Vital to be a wet ride, and it had a tendency to throw its bow high when riding over waves. This results in the bow deflecting and being blown off course. Speed seems average for a sea kayak of this length and design - a good compromise between speed demon and not damnably slow.''

There is more in Alex Matthew's review of the Maelstrom Vital 166 in Adventure Kayak. But they are pretty brief in their articles. I find I need more.

I'm a fan of Sea Kayaker Magazine. I hope they also review the new Maelstrom sea kayaks. If they do, or have already done so, please let me know.

Happy paddling and finding your perfect paddle mate(s)!
The Baffin Paddler

Best Of Opposing Poses

One character's pose is dominant. The other characters' poses react to it.The characters' poses create interesting negative spaces between them.One Character Opposed to a GroupMargaret is dominant character. Other kids are together a separate element. Within that element, Tommy has dominant pose with strongest line of action-directed at Margaret.BACKGROUNDS FRAME THE POSESEven the backgrounds and

Eisenberg Studies

I like how Eisenberg controls all his shapes and spaces to make clear readable and appealing poses. He is an extremely clever cartoonist and I am slowly learning some of his techniques.and here is an old Flintstone sketch I found.

grandmas vintage bag

I feel so lucky that both my grandmothers and my mum used to be very interested in fashion.
We all know that fashion changes but always comes back. So everytime that fashion changes I sneek into my grandmothers and my mothers closets and get everything I like. That way I don't need to buy new stuff cause I already have them.

(topshop hat, grandmas vintage sunglasses, h&m sweater, vintage double side fur gillet,
zara leggings, grandmas vintage bag, ugg boots)

Friday, October 29, 2010

SHOP Surf Addict Fashionista!

My shop online blog is finaly here. The thing is that my closet is full and I have to do something for that. That's why I created the SHOP Surf Addict Fashionista blog. Due to the fact that I design stuff, I am gonna post items that I design or clothes that don't fit me anymore or I just don't wear them.
My first item for sale is a "handmade studded headband" made by me just TODAY!
Check it out!
read the rest of the post and how you can shop, here.
PRICE: 20€

Happy Birthday Dad!

Everyone should be raised by a real man (and real woman).

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dating an older person

Throughout my whole dating life, I've never dated someone younger than me. All my best friends are girls and their partners are generally more older than they are. My partners are also generally older than I am.

But the difference between me and my best friends is that they are girls and I am a guy. Don't get me wrong, cougars are the in thing now. But still, women seem to date men who are older than they are. And men tend to date women who are younger than them. So why am I dating someone older?

I'm a 21 year old being. I'm not a boy, but I can hardly consider myself to be a man.I don't think that I'm mature, but at the same time, I don't think that I'm immature as well. Sure, I would wanna date someone younger than I am, but I generally won't mind dating someone older (not more than 10 year older or younger).

The funny thing about dating someone older is that these 'older' people have mostly figured out what they're gonna do with their lives. People like me of course, students, are generally swaying left and right, wondering which road to take. This guy I'm dating, well, he knows what he wants, I sort of know what I want.

The word sort of, it worries me. However, it's normal. I'm still finding myself. Apart from knowing my future is comfortable, I don't know where I'm gonna be after I graduate, or what I'm gonna be like after I graduate. It scares me sometimes, because I want to be with this guy, I want to be able to be with him for a very long time.

But it's too hard to tell when it comes to these things. I can say that I'm in love, boy am I in love. But what if the love doesn't last? What then? I will still be young, but would he?

These questions, I used to ask myself before. Would it be fair to him? And no answer came out. But I got a very important advice, to take it one step at a time. So right now, I don't think about these things. I just think about the man that I'm gonna be, and the man that I am gonna be with. Who knows what the future holds?

I love you j. And I want us to work, you as an individual, me as an individual and us as a couple.


With love

Jeffrey james


(via altamira)

Flintstone Loin Fruits and Pets

Heya aeh ho, take my hand, the best is yet to come!

I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words but let me tell you my story. I really wanted to go to the scorpions concert in athens. I used to listen to them since I was a little kid, because of my dad, who is a big fan. So we decided to go together. I asked my godfathers daughter if she wanted to join us but she couldn't. My best friend is also a big fan so she desided to come with her mother. The concert, which was cancelled on the 6th of October, was rearranged for yesterday 27th Oct. After college I ran to find my dad, had some lunch at TGI Fridays and went to the concert. The stadium was packed and we were very lucky that we found car space but we were very unlucky because it was raining heavily (you can see that from my frizzy hair). We met my bff and her mum, who had our tickets as well and jumped into the arena. So this is our story and here are the pictures of our great experience.
with my BFF

daddy's little girl

I know we look like ghosts but I liked the contrast of our hair and our bodies

Arieli and her mum, Toulina

I simply LOVE this photo

Oh God he's CRAZY

here I am rocking like a herricane


my outfit

SCORPIONS love greece <3

goodbye scorpions, from DAVLIA

now (almost) all together!

our tickets

(mums sweater, zara homemade ripped jeans, all star shoes, mums loewe bag)

Many many thanks to my dad for the amazing pictures!