Monday, February 28, 2011

Book review

Having woken up at 7am in the morning, washed up, got ready, and walked to campus only did I found out that there was no class today. As angry and disappointed at myself for not being more aware that tutorials weren't happening this week, I decided to start my day by having my breakfast, a piece of chicken wing, an egg, 6 pieces of dimsum, and curry soup with fishballs in it. Yes, I am on a diet.

I then took out this book I'm reading (i'm on chapter 30, page 384). It's called The Society by an author called Michael Palmer. I don't read as often as i would like but I do read occasionally. The book has been getting better and better as the story goes. It's basically a story about high powered executives that are being killed by a group of serial killers because of their policies for health care in a random state in America.

It's worth a read though if you like the whole medical/cop drama that has a little bit of twist to it along with some romance (all books seem to have romance in it). It's a good book to read when you're on a long flight in a plane.

Gosh I need to read more often.

Pick the book up if you have time. It's on sale now.


Jeffrey James shopping bags

Soooo excited with my new shoes from TOPSHOP. While in London, I visited the oxford circus store 3 times, once the store opposite to Harrods and the Milton Keynes store as well. Generally except from a SurfAddict and FashionAddict, I'm a TopshopAddict as well. I also LOVE the new shopping bags with the snake backround, so trendy!

AbbeyRoad and the Beatles

I visited London on Friday and spend the night at my friends Leta's house. On Saturday I met my cousin in London and visited her cousin, who lives just a block away from Abbey Road and the Beatle's studio. When I found out, how could I NOT take pictures of the place?
In the pictures I have been photographed with my AMAZING little cousin, Marisse!

(grandmas vintage fur, topshop leather pants, green nailpolish and studded shoes, h&m sweater, prasini bag, vintage fur tail)


Hello Everybody, I'm so sorry for not posting anything this week. I visited my cousin on Wednesday so I wasn't on the internet so often! These are some pictures during my flight :) xx


A great collection with pieces of the latest trends, like sheer fabrics and more into a palette of muted neutrals available in my-wardrobe.
Check out what's hot and shop the collection here.

Rohypnol and Other Signs of Selfish Weakness

Date Rape Drugs: a phrase that summarizes the grotesque violation of trust that women and girls are dealing with. Find out about Drug Assisted Rape HERE.
When a woman loses control of her body,
her thought processes, her very memory,
the trauma is a unique trauma, with different issues encountered than for those who were conscious or those who did not know the attacker.
All types of rape have varying traumas, so,
Please do not become concerned if you have "symptoms" or problems somewhat different from the lists you might read as typical.

Here is a stunning picture painted by a K-State student.

I am putting it here in very small form; The artist has given us permission to put a larger version in our PURPLE CRIED books. ( HERE and HERE)

Thank you for caring.

First Day of Class

So I has my first class today after three months, it has something to do we sound editing. I'm still pretty much blur with everything right now. I'm not sure what my grade is cause the whole scholarship and department had a little bit of a mix up.

And what sucks is that I have to wake up at 7am tomorrow cause I've got class at 8am.



Jeffrey James

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life is so unexpected.

But like I've said before, you're only a bad person when people finds out:S


Jeffrey James

Some color

Dallas 2010

Finally got down to editing my pictures from my trip to Dallas, Texas last December!

Wow, my average wait time for a blog entry is about 2.5 months. And to think they say one of the things blogs beat traditional media at is their speed to publish. Hmmm...

Anyway mostly pictures coz I finished editing at freaking 5.26am! Say whattttttttt?

Snow-filled landing strips in Minnesota where we transitted. THANK GOD Dallas winters are not so crazy cold!!

Say hi to my new camera pouch! :D It costs only $3 from one of those vending egg machines!! Cannot choose the colour though. Got pink, purple, blue, white and yellow (listed in my order of preference) and my first try I got a damn yellow (ugly!) and second I got the blue.

Ok lah I'm growing to like it. I should go try for a few more!

His and her footwear at Mike's uncle's lakehouse. Fun place!

Enjoying the sunset even at sub-zero temperature.

Rainbow sky... Can't get over how gorgeous it is! And that's the moon!

Tried to take a photo with the sky but unfortunately blocked by my big head/hat. Not a bad thing. LOL!

Artsy shot

In case you ever wondered "How would Xiaxue look like with puffy white cheeks?". 
Your question answered.

Mustang with reindeer ears. Love the Americans' Xmas spirit!

Camwhoring in the car

Burger from Steak n' Shake. Freaking awesome skinny fries! 

Guess what the patty is made of?


No wonder Voldemort's such a fan

Found my brown wedged oxfords at F21 - was so mad happy! 

These kinda shoes were all over Vivi then but unfortunately are now 
phased now before I even managed to blog about them fml.

Romantic drive to the lake that Mike loves

Watching seagulls and ducks. Too cold to walk outta the car though.

Cooked dinner for his family... LOBSTER TAIL!!

Pack of 2 tails only $7usd, but frozen ones lah. And so easy to cook - dig out the meat, stuff cheese in between meat and shell, sprinkle garlic and put some butter then pop into the oven.

It was not bad but my first attempt was quite raw!! Had to put it back in for another 10 mins. That's the shit thing about oven-cooking!

And that CORN.

You may think it is a insignificant side dish but my GOD the corn in the states is so freaking yummilicious!!!!!!!!!

Freaking sweet and the kernels are firm and crunchy and bursting with juice when you bite into them. Nothing like the mushy and lou feng variety you get in Singapore!! I can eat 4 in a row I swear!

I miss you V Coke!

Kitty thinks he is the king of the world sprawled all over the floor

This photo looks like an ad for fabric softener. I'm showing some love to my Uniqlo pink fur coat!! It is so nice and snug for winter and not to mention CHIO :p

Mike's mom specially cooking creamy pasta for me!! Love

There she is constantly fussing over how comfortable we are and how filled our stomachs are.

Doggie in da house

The house decorated for Xmas

 With a real fire! Careful of falling into the cinders Santa!

Pardon this ghost-like photo. I curled my hair and thought it was gorgeous that day...

Did I already mention gorgeous? I did...

Watching a movie together

Our first Xmas together married! :D

Xmas pressie to myself: Juicy Couture knitted earphones with mouse ears!! TOO CUTE

Yes I'm a bit too old for them but WHATEVER! Blondes get away with anything.


Playing with FIREWORKS!!!

Illegal in Singapore but legal in the states:

I have a feeling I posted a photo of this place before. Or is it a Deja vu?

BOOMBOOMBOOM! I will resist posting Katy Perry lyrics.

Had a hard time choosing our stash! Also I learnt the names of the different kinds of fireworks! "Artillery Shells" are those that we see at our NDPs. And the only sort I find are worth the money.

Roman Candles are lame!

LOL Mike's dad's gonna kill me for posting this up. We went to a field to set off the fireworks and it was super cold and he was underdressed so he took a blanket that was in the car to wrap himself in!!

We forced him to take a photo and it's so cute!! LOL

I will NOT post boring badly taken shots of the fireworks to torture you. You are welcome.

Hey this photo is not photoshopped!! Rare!!!

Dinner at a vintage burger joint with Mike's brothers... Erm just this photo I got distracted by my meal after that.

Wah lau... Coz the weather is so dry over there, my wedding ring finger acted up and had this.... What's this thing called?

Like a dry patch that's super itchy!!

Had to wear my ring on my right hand -_- Thank god it's ok now!! THANK YOU 100% HUMIDITY!

Ann and Paul waiting for a table for our dinner...

My, ahem, husband posing like a model. Unbeknownst to him, a mouthless cat at the background threatens his masculinity...

Sayre family

Girl in green is Daniel's fiancee!

My doodle on the table's paper!

Ok finish!!! I have relieved the guilt I've been having the past few days over not properly blogging. Phew!