Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Date

So I had dinner, watched a movie then drinks & desserts after with this person I met. I don't know if it can be considered but I guess it's a Date. Date is something that I haven't done yet in quite awhile and all I could say was that It was such a good night, getting to know someone new, and talking about myself (which i do often) is a breath of fresh air.

I took public transport to where we were supposed to meet and god, I was stuck in the jam for like an hour and 45 minutes. But when I actually got there, my heart started pumping and I got really nervous. I felt like running back into the cab and go home to scream but I've been looking forward to this "date" for quite some time so I just made my way to the restaurant.

Dinner was Japanese, food was reasonable, I had rice in the longest time, and conversation was fair. I didn't dare look at him that much, I was mostly looking down or looking somewhere else cause I was shyyyyyyyyy! Then later after that, we went to catch a movie, it was movie called "When in Rome" starring Josh Duhamel and Kristen Bell or something. Typical love story, typical funny scenes, typical reasonable movie. But there was a movie premiere or something and I saw Amber Chia. It was random.

We then made our way to this Cafe and ordered Wine and dessert. Talked more, got to know each other more and drank. Just a glass though. I didn't wanna go overboard with the alcohol. Well, I sort of wanted to down a whole bottle cause I was still Shy but I'll save the split personality for some other time. It was good though, and I hope there will be a second date.

I'm choosing the place. Ayam Penyet! Ding Ding Ding!



This was the final record I bought at Record Store Day, which was being pushed with the premise of being a Mogwai remix. To be buying such a seven inch for £5.99 featuring two acts that I haven’t had any interest in for years. This purchase truly represents the meltdown felt from the frenzy of Record Store Day.

Over the past year I have been watching Ash valiantly shit out regular seven inch singles attached to letters but never once have I been inspired, motivated or compelled to actually buying one of them. Today things have reached letter N (number 14) so I guess by now it is probably too late to begin my collection if I should desire so.

And I don’t. “Dare To Dream” is something of a mess. A mess with sprinkles. Even now after both acts have had their best days Ash and Mogwai make for awkward and uncomfortable bedfellows and on this release it only appears to etch out the worst elements in each band as Tim Wheeler’s silly vocals emerge very camp against a dragged out and doggy Mogwai aural drawl. In a way it sounds like Joy Division mutating into early New Order as they discover drum machines but from another perspective there is a sense of languid betrayal in how it also sounds something of a sonic abortion.

The release is a one sided affair with an etched b-side that looks relatively aesthetically pleasing. It’s all relative.

Thesaurus moment: hill.


Monday, April 26, 2010



This is a confusing release on many many levels. Firstly I experience “the Peel” in not knowing whether I am playing the seven inch at the correct speed or not. When the vocals appear on what I believe to be “David Comes To Life” I would seem that I am indeed playing the record at the wrong speed. My confusion from what the actual track is stems from the fact that the single has the b-side label on both sides of the record. Was this a mean track done playfully on purpose?

The biggest confusion for me however arises due to the fact that I just don’t get Fucked Up. I sincerely want to love them and indulge but when the record comes up to plate and faces an open goal somehow it just spoons the effort beyond the grave.

Starting again now at the correct speed the store opens up with “Magic Word” which is a mesmerising shuffle that sounds almost skiffle and strangely Ice Cream For Crow all at the same time. I think this is something Charlie Hodge would recommend to Elvis during a drinking session. Wha’ happened? Isn’t this supposed to be the current pinnacle of punk?

Listening to “David Comes To Life” at the correct speed is a far more enjoyable experience than listening to it at the wrong. Go figure, I’m an idiot. The vocals sound discerningly dub as the guitar loops all surrounding parties in unnecessary fashion.

“Crooked Head” is the track most recognisable as Fucked Up with Pink Eyes trademark artistic expression being best represented with a backbeat that feels as if it is working against him rather than with him. As with much of their material it makes for an uncomfortable sync, one that does not do as much justice to the other as should be.

Coming with a useful Fucked Up 7” list insert, this release is culled from a session at Daytrotter Studios in November 2008 and is the Fucked Up contribution to Record Store Day 2010 on many levels.

Thesaurus moment: balk.

Fucked Up

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hottie Of The Moment

Our Hottie of the Moment is a Gorgeous Sabahan Girl. This beautiful Kadazan beauty is a former Unduk Ngadau (Harvest Queen), Former Miss Sabah World/Universe, Miss Malaysia Model of the World, as well as the the current Miss Malaysia Earth. Her name is Mandy Nandu and she is a down to earth, tall and statuesque beauty. A personal friend I have done a couple of shows with her and she is just fabulous. She recently celebrated her birthday and has a few projects in her hands. She is one talented beauty and is going to make the Sabahan name proud.

Here are some of her pictures.



With Beck still in tow this is a Sunset Sound Session single released to coincide with Record Store Day 2010 of two tracks culled from said session recorded for KCRW radio in Los Angeles.

“Heaven Can Wait” is a plonking ditty that brings to mind rural green California in the late sixties just as the dream is dying and all the idealists are frantically clinging onto their dreams. In other words it is a summery sounding affair with an explicit spring in its step.

Charlotte Gainsbourg possesses a genuinely unique vocal style. By unique I mean that she often sounds male, perhaps this is the result of too much Lemon Incest (although equally this could just be the influence of Hansen). Regardless it means that her act/spiel/shtick is full of quirk and character which serves to enable her to appeal to an uncomfortable audience.

The Beck input as composer and lyricist is tangible as a bendy narrative is churned out, one that possesses the devil may care attitude of a person that no longer need worry about the world.

Roaming onto the other side things sound/become very mechanic and minimal with the frenetic rush of “IRM” that almost rides into Stereolab territory screaming of a person desperately trying to be kooky and different while running the music equivalent of an egg and spoon race.

Its all breezy and disposable stuff, material that could equally be at the beach or in the sewer come a few months time.

Thesaurus moment: spring.

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Saturday, April 24, 2010



I once saw Foals play live at Latitude Festival and unfortunately it was one of the most feeble sets I have ever witnessed from a band with such clout being pumped into and put behind them.

Its not all hate from me honestly I have genuinely liked a number of their singles but sometimes you just have to shrug and concede “I don’t get it.” I remember when I worked at the studio and how the A&R (A&E) lady was raving about in the context of all this nu-rave gimmick stuff. At this point I genuinely thought there was more to them. Then Sub Pop signed them in the US so surely there must be something there to grab hold of. So with nice looking artwork on Record Store Day as all the limited edition releases I actually want have gone to pushier individuals than myself here is me giving them another chance.

On that note I’ll be fucked if I know what they are doing on this single. For starters it is so fucking quiet and subdued. Why is this? What point are they trying to make? Is this them sounding mature? Sounding as if operating on a knife edge? Am I playing the record at the wrong speed again? (no to that last one).

So well done, once again the kids have been let down by a band claiming so much and delivering so little. How the fuck can Warners be justified in supporting this? Why are they wasting the earth’s resources on such dross?

Eventually the song crawls out of its stupor only to resemble some eighties sports television soundtrack. Can the bar be actually lowered any further?

Thesaurus moment: spoon.

Warners Music Ltd


So the last time I was in a relationship was about a year ago. And well, I’ve been single ever since I moved to Kuala Lumpur. It’s quite sad actually, cause as the day goes by, I get even more desperate, looking for the next relationship. When my last relationship ended, I was in bad shape, in terms of physical appearances. I was 70kgs when I started my last relationship and was 86kgs when that relationship ended. Talking about letting go.

Then I tried to fix up my life bit by bit. It was hard, moving to a new city, getting used t everything, weight still went up and down. It took me more than half a year but only a few months ago I started really moving on, I am now 73kgs and started making new friends in Kuala Lumpur. I manage to budget my spending (I’m still constantly broke) but I know how to spend less in clubs. My assignments have been going alright and I’m not really alone, I have housemates.

Then came this new person, whom added me on facebook. I realized that we had quite a number of friends in common. So we talked and talked online, not long conversations, but just the usual get to know one another kind of talk, and well, I started liking this new person. In terms of looks, well, fairly good looking, seems like a good background, not too tall, not too short, and not old as well. Everything seems just nice.

I haven’t exactly met this person in person before, we did set a date but before the “day” comes all I do is think about this new person. I keep thinking if it will work out, I hope it will work out, I hope that we will click on our coffee date. I hope for many things. Yes, I am desperate, but I want to be in a relationship badly, with someone I click and care about. I can’t help it because I have two couples living in my house. It’s sad, really.

What I’m scared of is that when we do eventually meet, this person might not be interested in me anymore, or worse, I might not be interested in this person. I want to think that I’m boyfriend material but from the few rejections that I got from being here, well, all I can say is that my confidence is not as high as before. However, I am baring in mind that when a door closes, a window might open.

I hope the coffee date goes well. If it doesn’t, well, then I have to move on.

Life is so sad.


Jeffrey James

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Massive impact in a tiny sleek machine


YAY ME!! I got myself a new toy to play with and this time it's the HTC HD mini phone!

Got invited to the HTC HD mini event down at Ion, so there I went! I was most pleasantly surprised to find out that they were providing hair and make up for guests for a mini (pun intended) photoshoot!!

Being hiao, I immediately went for the empty hair styling hot seat!

Stylist was blow-drying my hair coz it's still a bit wet!

What better to do than to play with my new phone while getting hair done??

Took a few camwhoring shots and IT WAS AWESOME!!

At 5 mega pixels (auto focus! Widescreen Photo Capture!) all the photos taken turned out so nice! Stupid Blackberry's camera is just bloody 3.2mp. -_-

Me + mini

All my hair straightened! And then the hair stylist took quite some time to transform my boring tresses into a elaborate curls!

This is the make up counter...

Tadah!!!!!! Poofed up hair!
It's time for my photoshoot!!

(Don't ask me what's the pink rectangle in the photo for the life of me I can't figure it out!! I think my camera went siao. Or maybe the phone can chu power. Hadoken!)

They printed out the photos for us, magazine-styled, and here is mine!

How? Cover girl material or what?!

Reviewing the photo taken by the pros...

And take another with my camera!! Artsy boh!!

They also have many other HTC phones around to let the invited guests play with, including the mini!

On the outside, the HTC looks so boring being all black, but the inside will completely surprise you!!



How cute and happy-looking!! LOL

Now for a little more about the product...

The HTC HD mini is a fully touchscreen phone and I don't usually like touchscreen phones but it was intuitive and surprisingly enough it was a breeze typing on it!

The interface is great with a fully customizable home page where you can place your most commonly used applications.

Lightweight and tiny, but has everything you need in a smartphone! Besides all the usual stuff (like 3G, wifi, bluetooth etc), I also like it that the multimedia player includes an FM radio!! Now I don't have to have a radio to listen to Rozz's show!

Another thing that pleasantly surprised me was the Animated Weather Wallpaper.

Amazingly enough the phone detects the weather today and animates your phone accordingly! Damn chio lah!! It was cloudy so I had clouds float around the screen, telling me that it's 27 degrees! (Night time as I am writing this)


I found it fantastic that when I got the phone out of the box, all the most commonly used smartphone apps were already installed for me by some considerate geek from the HTC headquarters.

All you need is your sim card and you can tweet, fb, msn with friends etc all without waiting! Watch Youtube videos! And never get lost again with Google Maps!

I didn't have to muck around with finding the apps and installing them and rebooting my phone etc!

But if you DO want more apps, they are easy to find using Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Get as many as you want!

Yes... This is the star of this entry.
But if you think I'm done here you are wrong!


Black? One tone? NO WAY!

If the inside of the phone is so customizable,
so must the outside, right??

First it gets Gmasked at the kiosk at the event...

And then it is now a DELICIOUS shade of pink




Yes I did the blinging myself!!


Just prove you have been paying attention to my blog entry by telling me

1) five awesome features I mentioned about the HTC HD mini, and

2) include WHY YOU NEED A SMARTPHONE in not more than 200 words

Most Creative entry wins!

Send your entry to htchdmini@nuffnang.com by 5th May 2010 and you might get this (almost) brand new HTC HD mini phone!

Could be yours!

The phone, not me.

Malaysian Media

Well, as you all know, I'm an air headed bimbo and many of us airheads study Mass Communications. So, I'm the kind of person who would constantly read up on the latest news, being a lifestyle piece from yahoo.com or a local news from The Star. I can say that whenever I read The Star Newspaper (Malaysian Newspaper), I will always sigh and wonder why is that the Media in Malaysia is a lapdog to the government instead of being a watchdog for democracy.

It irritates me on how the "biggest" & most "profitable" news paper company in Malaysia report such biased news to the general public. I was reading a couple of articles regarding politics and man there is such Hegemony is all of them (Hegemony = When an Idea is being fed to a less Dominant Group by a more Dominant Group, Eg Government feeding General Public). The Government feeds the People Biased News that basically carries the idea that "The Government is Good, The Opposing Party or anything that is against the Government is Bad" and people in general will follow the idea.

It is of course unfair to state that most people believe what they are being fed, but Newspaper editors, designers and publishers know how to influence the readers with creative headlines, I know, I'm a communications student. And generally people living in the city or seek a second source for news don't really believe in The Star Newspaper, I only buy it for the advertorials. But knowing that biased news are being released by the government through media channels like Television, Radio and Print are being fed to people who generally don't much idea about the whole situation.

Thanks to Facebook and other online networking sites, the government suffered major backlash during the last elections, however, the Government is finding ways to challenge the new networking sites that has become a strong tool by the Opposing parties. I'm not saying I'm Pro PKR or PAS, I'm just saying that we have the freedom to know, which devil to vote for, and now there's one strong devil that is giving biased news on the other devils and covering up it's own misdeeds. Hopefully in the future, things will start to change.

*The Star Newspaper is a government owned newspaper, it is owned my MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) which is a sub division of the ruling Malaysian Party UMNO. That is why we receive biased government news from them. Check out www.thestar.com.my to know more about their bad news reports.


Jeffrey James

Wednesday, April 21, 2010



For the longest time on Record Store Day 2010 I found myself wandering around with just this seven inch in my hand. Truly people were swarming all over limited edition stuff in the style of Sex And The City wannabes at a Next sale. For a moment I felt panic, I wanted out of the record shop but there was no escape. So instead I found myself just standing in a corner breathing heavily hoping to bide my time until the real goodies hidden behind the counter were to be unveiled for the patient mannered types such as myself. It didn’t happen. As I saw somebody carry off their vinyl version of the Sonic Youth Starbucks compilation for the eleventh time I knew my She & Him seven inch would not be alone in order to maintain cred as I approached the counter. From here when I finally approached the checkout with my pile of potentially mediocre vinyl, including my £6 She & Him seven inch, my pain was justified as the man smiling behind the till handed me a cloth tote bag that came exclusively with this release. Had my pain in one foul swoop suddenly been justified? I had only been in the store almost two hours by this point. Was it worth it? For £41.42 I got my record store rush.

I just dropped this record. Literally and physically, I haven’t even got around to listening to it and the corner of the spine is now already bent. The value has just gone from mint to just very good. Suddenly it doesn’t feel worth it.

She & Him feel like flavour of the month right now, which is not necessarily a band thing because Zooey Deschanel has a high level of cred right from back when she was a scene stealer in The Good Girl. That said actresses taking up indie rock has something of jaded history (Juliette Lewis and Scarlett Johansson a dubious list begins with you).

In a sad way Deschanel’s efforts remind me a bit of Reese Witherspoon in Walk The Line and as such make them DOA. In John Peel style I begin listening to the seven inch at the wrong speed (listening to it after the Factory limited edition ten inch I also got at Record Store Day). Dare I even suggest that it may sound better at such a speed (I’m down with the kids and their chopped and screwed).

I was given to believe that this would be a full on country assault but instead it is a far more sprightly affair. Her voice reminds me a lot of Tanya Donnelly, Shannon Wright and Sarah Shannon from Velocity Girl (all fantastic vocalists) but strangely the most striking aspect that grabs me is the piano line courtesy of M Ward that reminds me of the “Self Preservation Society” theme song from The Italian Job and thus it all comes full circle and the selection never escapes Hollywood.

Thesaurus moment: wrap.

She & Him

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bantut Outing - Friday @ Frangi

So I couldn't hold myself back at home and decided to party it up with my house mates and some friends at Frangipani in Changkat, Kuala Lumpur. For those of you who don't know, Frangipani is a french restaurant/bar that is relatively happening on Friday nights. I met up with some old friends, gotten taken advantage of, as well as learn of some new drama.

A night isn't complete without it's drama right? :)


Jeffrey James

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tampa Bay Paddle Distractions - St. Pete's Most Famous Debate!

How can I admit that I went to St. Petersburg in Tampa Bay, Florida with a camera that I hate and fell in love with the city the first few hours and refused to take any pictures of it out of respect. "I'll be back with a better camera. This is just a scouting mission for places I like enough to visit twice."

After several hours of exploring the city by car, nature called. Where to go? It's not the land of fast food stops that I usually only use for things other than food. "Head to the marina, there must be something there."

A sweet historic looking Byzantine style little octagonal brick building on the water across from the boats in the marina suddenly caught my eye.

"No way, it's a public restroom!" Never mind more immediate needs, out came the camera I hate to snap a shot of it.

"Why am I doing this? I've never taken a photo of a bathroom before!"

People needing to enter the establishment are stopping to let me take a shot unobstructed. Tourists with puzzled expressions are wondering why I'm taking a picture of it. "Why are you taking a picture of a restroom?"

Me: "I'm not sure. Go ahead, don't let me stop you!"

A happy jogger passing by stops, jogs in place and says, "Do you know the story of this bathroom?"

Me: "Ummm, no. There's a story?"

Jogger: "As legend has it, there's a church, St. Mary's, only a few blocks from here on the corner of 4th Street and 5th Avenue. The architect of the church was not paid as promised for his work. Out of spite, he had this public bathroom built to resemble the church and had it constructed before the church was built."

Me: "Great, thanks. A bathroom with a story! Have a good jog!"

Now I've got to find the church without a map and spend time researching the story. Stories are passed on for a reason? I wasn't looking for one.

Sure enough, the church is nearby and easy to find. You'll likely find the bathroom replica first though! And it seems to be more popular!

According to the church website, the church was built in 1929, seats 1,000! Impressive!

Mini St. Mary's on the marina seats many less! And was apparently built in 1927.

The story makes sense. The church was built during the Great Depression. The architect was likely underpaid. The church has its own version of history though. No mention of the public bathroom it resembles! http://www.stmaryolg.org/history.html

I'd like to visit the interior (of the church) one day.

And the debate rages on. Is it a true story or not . . . ?

Tour guides and passing joggers (and now me) have kept the story alive.

Kudos to Henry Taylor, architect. What a beautiful and useful design of both buildings and a brillant way to make a point! Out of spite, you made the church more famous with a remarkable replica of it in the form of a restroom in a more noticeable location than the church (on the water at the marina) and helped more people find the church and learn more about it!

What's the moral of the story?

Interesting to ponder! Ha!

(Don't tick off your smart and savy architect!)



Released for Record Store Day 2010 this ten inch sampler features four tracks from the strongest arms in the Factory Records legacy. As ever with most Factory releases the packaging looks amazing, minimal but stark and tastefully done as in some respect/degree this release just represents the latest plundering of the Factory back catalogue.

After visiting Manchester earlier this year I now find myself with something of a larger appreciation for the place and the music that came from within it. Indeed it was watching 24 Hour Party People almost ten years ago now that snapped me with a moment of clarity that read “this is how a record label should be” and within a few weeks I had jacked in my own label Gringo Records.

Back on vinyl this music sounds better than ever. Despite the best efforts of Peter Hook to undermine their legacy a song such as “Transmission” will always represent the pinnacle of British independent music. The playing is frenetic, the intentions and message are just terrifying as it represents all things that were right with a genre that was supposed to be about disenfranchised individuals. This was the band performing at their peak.

“Ceremony” by New Order follows still enabling the dark elements of the band that they used to be. In comparison to Curtis the vocals of Sumner sound robotic by design, required to be startling and cold by necessity. In order to keep up business as usual it all had to be aloof.

Turning over The Durutti Column selection “Sketch For Summer” is a tweeting bird affair creating a casual roam for the listener as the label’s mentally challenged older brother act takes a stroll around the recesses of their own mind. It’s a window.

Smartly the Happy Mondays selection is the club mix of “Hallelujah” which serves to remind the listener that the band was not necessarily always the cartoon drug addled idiots that they resemble these days as they take their touring circus act around the globe doing the festival circuit cheapening their act with each blow. Received from its natural home on vinyl “Hallelujah” is such a sickly smooth piece of work with the best kind of grooving bassline offering the recipient the best in both worlds of beats and guitars. This still probably sounds magnificent in a club today, this has genuinely aged majestically. Well done chaps.

I’d take the exploits of Tony Wilson over Malcolm McLaren any day of the week. He was only a pretend prat.

I love ten inches.

Thesaurus moment: tool.

Joy Division
New Order
The Durutti Column
Happy Mondays
Factory Records



To take place on: 26-5-2010 3-7pm

In front of: General Medical Council
350 Euston Road
London NW1 3JN
Nearest underground station: Great Portland Street

Dress: as any character from Alice in Wonderland if you like. Bring your own tea and cakes, folding chair.

We will demonstrate against Human Rights Abuses by the General Medical Council

1.Against GMC failure to protect patients and public
2.Against predeterminations of guilty verdict in the cases of innocent doctors and failure to erase those doctors whose have ended lives of their patients. Against discrimination based on race, age and gender.
3.Against faulty, inadequate, biased and prejudiced investigations of complaints raised
4.Against false allegations by GMC psychiatrists of madness in doctors who have no mental illness used to prevent addressing issues raised by whistleblowers
5.For freedom of speech
6.Against religious fanatics sitting at Fitness to Practice hearings
7.Against breaches of Data Protection Act 1998
8.Against failure to address conflicts of interests of all of those involved in investigations, determinations as well as persecution and defence
Characters in Alice in Wonderland:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Professor Dora Kohen, GMC, uniforms

Professor Dora Kohen was appointed to work at the General Medical Council, UK as Health Screener (screening complaints against medical doctors in order to refer doctors for psychiatric examinations). She also worked for Parole Board (2007-2008) paid for by Department of Justice.
Interestingly, at the time when religion was forced by Blair Administration on many public institutions, she wrote an article: "Nurses' uniforms" in Psychiatric Bulletin Vol 26 No4 April 2002 page 156. Essentially, she claims that nurses balloted to go back to wearing their nursing uniforms in all the psychiatric intensive care unit, acute male and female wards, and rehabilitation wards. and that this was followed by "a great reduction in aggression, violence and the number of untoward incidents on the ward".
Professor Kohen's article is only the length of an average abstract, does not have any critical appraisal of other literature about the wearing of uniforms in psychiatric setting, or of her own research, contrary to all the principles of good science. There are no references given, no scales or tests mentioned, no statistical analysis and no explanation why no bias was excluded. Presumably, it is the same nurses who voted for uniforms that subsequently would not be filling untoward incident forms. It was left to them to report any incidents.
It is very easy for me to note that one of the editors of Psychiatric Bulletin was at the time Dr Mike Shooter (a religious man), who was also a President of The Royal College of Psychiatrists to whom I wrote about my concerns about the wearing of religious uniforms when working with mentally ill. He was completely incapable of addressing the issue. He did not seem to care about science or evidence by allowing such an article to be published.
The facts are that in UK mental health care professionals have not worn uniforms when working with mentally ill for over thirty years. The papers on wearing of religious uniforms are not readily available on line, or in the average good medical library. These have to ordered and paid for (hundreds of pounds). It appears, Professor Kohen did not dip into her own pocket as I did to find out why uniforms are not worn. I did not regret spending hundreds of pounds in search of truth. I can give references to what I write about simply, because I am willing to do so.
Having found out that the wearing of uniforms in psychiatric setting leads to a barrier in communications, increased violence, more self-harm, more absconding and worse treatment adherence I did research on religious uniforms and what mentally ill people think about it by administering a questionnaire (and not uniforms). Most people found religious uniforms off-putting.
Professor Dora Kohen could have administered questionnaires with photographs of the actors dressed as nurses and controlled for sex as well as uniforms. There should have been two different questionnaires: A and B. In A questionnaire she could have had a female nurse dressed in uniform, male in casual clothes with a Linkert scale below and in B questionnaire other way round. Linkert scale could have on one end Most attractive and at the other end Most-Off putting. Patients would than put a vertical line across the horizontal Linkert scale line to indicate how they feel about it. This would remove nursing, and administrative bias in deciding to go ahead with uniforms.
My research on religious uniforms in psychiatric setting (the first in the world) was followed by furore and mobbing leading to sham peer review before the General Medical Council.
Interestingly, GMC Health Screener thought I had mental health problems ( I never had mental illness in my whole life). When I obtained documents from GMC about the investigation of my case under Data Protection Act 1998, it was 10 years later. Medical Screener's name was blackened. Why such secrecy is required? I sign my patients notes and so do other doctors. Covering up the wrong doing is old and stinky and it is not lawful.
The stigma of mental illness was attached to me so that what I say can be disregarded and this is the case up to present day. GMC should ask for its money back from all of those experts who gave it poor service.
Religion is politics dressed in drag, as somebody said and the low standard of Professor Kohen's paper is noticeable as well as that of the editor who approved it.
Professor Kohen, in her paper, refers to patients as service users but staff as "in patient staff". Clearly, Professor Kohen cannot stomach being consistent and saying in service users staff.
There is no mention of the fact that nurses can be badly paid, houses can be expensive to buy to live in and not spending money on professional clothes which cost a bit, can result in a desire to wear a uniform because it is a cheap alternative. I do not think the same nurses would be spending hundreds of pounds to get publications on the wearing of nursing uniforms.
I guess, under Labour Government we are supposed to think that nurses, workers did the right thing and doctors the wrong, as I also note they did not opt to wear white coats. They do not need to, and could not be forced to.
Once again, The Royal College of Psychiatrists acted in its own interests: preserving the power of the religious psychiatrists and not putting patients first.
Now, that thousands of Catholic priests are known to have abused children, The Royal College will continue protesting that they really, always do their best in the interest of patients.
The famous experiment of Little Albert, see below shows how fears can be formed: through bad experience. Surely, abused men would fear clergy who were under obligation to cover up abuse as well.
However, the evidence is there, when the choice is presented to The Royal College of Psychiatrists to choose between science and abuse of power, it's choice was abuse of power.
If nurses needed to be identified by patients or relatives they could have had their big badges clearly displayed. There is no need for uniforms for identification purposes. Why they would not go to a nursing office on the ward if they needed a nurse? Why is not there a member of staff on duty to assist relatives during visiting time? Etc, etc.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello from Istanbul!!!

Gillian and I are now in a cafe thing in Istanbul's transit lounge with 7 fucking hours to kill so we just camwhored with her macbook (Gasp I'm using APPLE!!)...

So I decided to just post them here!! LOL

(Obviously no photoshop and minimal make up... Say first coz confirm will get insulted)

Ok will update more when I reach Tbilisi!