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You Awards (On sticky)


You know, I've thought that I have a really cute butt, but there seems to be no contest for me to join to show off my ... erm... favourite asset! Perhaps you also suffered the agony of braces for years and want more than praises for your teeth? Or perhaps you have a really toned physique and you think you deserve more than just appraising looks for it?

Well congrats then coz it is Watsons' annual YOU AWARDS, the award that's all about you! And you can actually win money for looking good!

Watson came up with a grand total of 8 categories for people to pit against each other! No 'butt' category, but they do have:

Healthy Hair
for hair that gives you confidence throughout the day

Fit Figure
for the body that is taut, toned and full of energy.

Flawless Face
for a face made amazing with make-up magic

Healthy Skin
for a skin that glows with health and radiance

Friendly Face (Female)
for the face that speaks the universal language of friendship

Friendly Face (Male)
for the face that speaks the universal language of friendship

Sunny Smiles
for the smile that lights up the room when you walk in

Sporty Physique
for the body that loves exercise and the great outdoors

So many!

With 8 different awards it's much easier to win isn't it? Honestly, just pick whatever you think has the least people join and go join it! OK I can't decide which one that is... I guess less people have fit figures? But I can't join that...

Ahem. Anyway, to entice you to read on I have to let you know the amazing prizes!

Wait for it...


$2,000 for the winner of each category


1 year modeling contract for Glow magazine


1 year's supply of the sponsors' products!

Great prizes or what!

And to register is surprisingly easy! Check out the simple registation page here.

All you have to do is to keep a Watsons receipt (any amount will do!) and fill up the form by telling Watsons why you think your feature is unique in 400 words or less.

And then post up 2 photos of yourself! Easy right?

Now, just because I'm a Know-it-all like that, here's some pointers on how I think you can have a better chance of winning 2 categories... Flawless Face and Sunny Smiles!!

First, dress up in nice clothes and preferably a noticeable accessory! First step to being shortlisted is to be noticed!! (Mine is the hairband)

You have to put make up though, being bare-faced is obviously lame for a make-up contest.

Ugly without make-up

Everyone who knows me knows I've been using ZA's two way cakes ever since I was 13! It has always been my favourite!

Recently Andie introduced to me Revlon's awesome liquid soft-flex foundation and it has officially joined my make up family!

It's really, really cool! The foundation has a crazy magic formula that lets it stay on your face for HOURS AND HOURS. The texture is a little like... deodorant. You know how when you put deodorant you can't really 'rub' it off? It's like that! But powdery!

And miraculously enough it doesn't ever (EVER) let your t-zone shine, no matter how oily your skin is. Marvellous.

However, I don't like the colour as much as I do ZA's powders, so I do a mixture of Revlon on T-zone and Za all over.

(And btw these are really my own opinions Revlon is totally not paying me to say this)

Put a little on your sponge just like that.

Spread it evenly... Apply ZA...

And your base is done!

Glam up your peekers with loads of mascara!

On my lower lashes - Loreal's lash fibres and Rimmel's mascara as the second coat because it's a nice shade of brown.

And my eyes are done!

Next step is for Sunny Smiles!

First you go brush your teeth real clean!!!

And then...

Remember to apply lip colour because nobody wants to see pale and cracked lips!

You can cam-whore while you are at it:

There! You are all ready to take photos! First for your Flawless Face Award...

Have a few for selection.

You can try the classic act chio pose...

Or I'd suggest a pose more special so that you get noticed!

Like this? :D

And as for the Sunny Smiles Award...

Just make sure you are feeling really happy when you are taking it, because a smile can always reach your eyes, and those are the best kind of smiles!

Now that you've got your photos, make sure the pictures you have are clear, sharp and bright!

Then you can send them in HERE.

Recruitment is open from now till June 10th only so hurry!


If you are not interested to join in the contest, you can still join in the fun by voting!

Voters also get prizes! The 8 lucky voters who correctly vote for the correct category winners will stand to win attractive product hampers each worth up to $50 in value and a $100 Watsons Voucher!

However, voting only starts on the 18th of June so there's a long way to go.

If you are joining, Good luck! =D

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Read this and wonder what kind of mental midgets write this stuff

Note there is no attribution for these inane conclusions by the writer. These are the kinds of victim feminists who seem to have the ear of judges, lawmakers and lawyers. It goes to show how gullible the Divorce Industry appears to be. I'd say they have some serious mental health issues if they actually believe what they write. See the section on their rules of engagement to verify if this fits. This blog is one of many by the nut bars called anonymums, man haters from OZ, with very serious issues of a kind requiring professional assistance.

Long Term Harm: Breaking The Maternal Bond

Some research suggests that the breaking of the maternal bond leads to schizophrenia, drug dependancy and learning difficulties. Many articles on the subject of the maternal bond in nearly all cases demonstrated the adverse outcomes of the broken bond. It is comparable to the interference with mother earth, the consumption of her resources and breaking the bond with the potential for future life. In other words, it is messing with the natural world as we know it and the future lives of others. When I refer to the linkage between the destruction of nature and the destruction of human nature, I do not shy away from the instigator of it all: Patriarchy.
Men have historically, but not naturally been in charge and whilst the same speak intended to liberate the women has been used to shy us all away from the fact that it was men who did this. In pursuit of greed and power, our earth as we know it is crumbling beneath our feet. Once abundant water, air and land resources are now becoming a scarce resource. Patriarchy is now scrambling for the only control left: Children. The purpose of course is to indoctrinate patriarchy, a great white lie into our children in hope that they do not open their eyes to learn the truth of the evils that have been done here on a massive scale. If patriarchy succeeds in confiscating the next generation, all is lost for life as we know it. We are going to have a generation of disturbed young people in the midst of a crisis. The breaking of the maternal bond is the last evil perpetrated against nature and one that must be stopped as the intention behind this is certainly not love. The intention is purely selfish.


Good morning my blogland friends:)
It has been more then a week since I have picked up my clay:( Where has my muse gone??
I just can't seem to get inspired:( Where has my friend gone?? What do you guys do to bring it back???
I miss my friend and I want it back!!!


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It would appear that freemasons were more successful in expelling Mr Berlusconi than his wife. They did it years ago.
Here is a list of famous freemasons:


General Medical Council like other British institutions practice discrimination. FOR EXAMPLE by expecting by law only Freemasons to declare their affiliation but members of religions are allowed to secretly cause havoc. And they do. Big time. Well, if I was elected I would make sure there is fairness for all. After all, religion to many people means no more than belonging to a social group. Freemasonry has aims of brotherly love (meaning respect and care for other irrespective of their religion or lack of it), charity and truth (that is integrity in action). Freemasons do not regard themselves as religion but as subscribers to a moral code.

Look at this eugenics poster about Freemasons:

I wish truth was valued at GMC. My experience has been that it is not. Not many people know for example that six pointed star has been a symbol of truth in ancient Sumeria (today Iraq) and that it was imported to what is today's Israel. It was placed on the doors of Solomon's Temple where justice was administered. Too many people think of it as a symbol of Jewish faith only.

Some Freemasons lodges (women's) have inverted five pointed star which is also a very ancient symbol of the goddess called Ceres. She has been for thousands of years a goddess of knowledge, motherly love, agriculture and her symbol was also an apple. When an apple is cut through equator a five pointed star is seen. Unfortunately, for Gypsies who cut their apples in that way, it meant death as in dark ages they were accused by Christians of worshiping the Evil when a five pointed star appeared to them symbol of witches feet. Knowledge became symbol of evil in Christianity. Something to be avoided. At GMC truth is still avoided. There is a culture of secrecy.

(The word cereals probably originated from the same linguistic root from goddess Ceres as does the word core (apple core) as another names for Ceres was Kor).

Freemasons have their websites like this one, presumably trying to dispel the myths about secrecy:

During the second world war Jews, Serbs and Gypsies were killed in Nazi concentration camps. I mention this here because of apples being symbols in all three ethnic/religious cultural groups as something to do with respect for knowledge.

I find it fascinating how ancient symbol of apple and its association with women is found amongst Serbs even today. At traditional Serbian wedding bride takes an apple and presses some coins into it the night before the wedding. At the wedding she turns her back to the guests and throws the apple for men to try to catch. Man who catches it is the first to get married next, so they say.Thus again there it is an apple a symbol of knowledge of who is getting married next.

Cut apple through equator can seem like a flower with five petals to some and maybe that is why in some cultures it is a bouquet of flowers which bride throws to her bridesmaids. Again, it is used as a symbol of "knowing" who will be the next bride.

Old Slavs had several gods including one called Svetovid (Holysight) or God of Justice which is not the same thing as law, of course. In some cultures symbol of justice is not to see. Exact opposite, superficially. However, in both cases it is as if something extraordinary is required.

Freemasons experienced persecution for centuries and Catholic church was openly hostile for hundreds of years. Pope Pius condemned it as sects from which synagogue of Satan is formed. Freemasons accept people of all religions even those who do not believe in God as some religions are godless and yes, it includes Catholics if they accept the moral code. Of course, Catholic church prefers money to be given to them rather than to masonic charities. Business competition, I call it.

What a coincidence that it is during the "reign" of a Catholic Prime Minister Mr Anthony Blair that legislation was introduced that Freemasons have to declare themselves in public life, but he, Mr Blair kept his true religion secret until his premiership ended. Nice to be safe, isn't it, Mr Blair. A bit selfish too, as you did not care much about the safety of others.


Although General Medical Council (GMC) has clear guidance on declaration of conflict of interests this has not been respected by some medical experts. One of them is Dr Gwen Adshead who sat on my FTP (Fitness to Practice Panel) without declaring her membership of Spirituality Special Interest Group at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, London to GMC or FTP or me. I even telephoned the Royal College to check if she was the chairperson of Ethics Committee at the time of my hearing as was published on GMC website. She was not a chairperson but was still a member of Ethics Committee she told FTP without a word about Spirituality Section.

Spirituality Section is the very same section whose members repeatedly refused to discuss the subject of religious uniforms. The same lot was quite happy to listen to Professor Michael Kelley who told them: "My thesis is simple: it may be fruitful to do more experimental investigations of religious processes, just as one can have experimental psychology of other process domains in psychology (perception, memory, learning, emotion, personality, social behaviour). However, there is no academic journal dedicated to reporting experiments on religious processes, spirituality, or faith-related issues and the current speciality journals on this topic seldom contain articles using this methodology".

Well, the members of Spirituality Section do not like research. At least three have been active in impeding the process of research on faith related matters. Professor David Jolly refused permission to answer application for research to find opinions of patients about the wearing of religious uniforms in mental health setting. He just sat ignoring my request for an answer. If he did answer he would have to justify his answers. If he did not say anything and I went ahead as I did he would, as he did, make allegations I did unauthorised research . Sorry, Professor Jolly, but patients have their opinions without your permission and they have every right to communicate this to me.

Another notable member is Dr Mike Shooter ex-president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists who was comfortable to reject the topic of religious uniforms. He is a child psychiatrist and we all know just how thoughtful paediatricians are when they do not wear white coats. So why should children be scared of religious uniforms designed to be off-putting? Unless of course, Dr Shooter has a nun clad in PVC mini sitting on his lap. Sorry, for any misunderstandings.

Having failed to get me certified as mad Dr Gwen Adshead, Consultant Forensic Psychotherapist from Broadmoore Hospital designed psychiatric monitoring for me in the form of supervision by psychiatrist for the following:

1. anger. I guess so that I can placidly accept any stupidity, nastiness, incompetence or deviousness by some members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists members.

2. team working. This is euphemism for laisser faire; but mostly not putting patients' interests first as it may conflict with that of the staff (such as doing no work when this is needed)

3. communications (not writing angry letters in case any members of medical or religious community are offended). Never heard of free speech?

This can go on for three years by which time one could be qualified to do anything else, but encounter the same barrier in the courts if injustice is encountered in one's life. One can change profession, but what about the state?

So, in a society where social injustice is guaranteed the obvious solution is a political system change. For the Royal College of Psychiatrists that would mean accountability of its members and Spirituality Section dissolution. Sorry, Prince Charles. I know it was your idea to form Spirituality Section. Not as it turned out, surely, working against the interests of the patients and public.

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Gonna go to Bali for a sponsored 4 day holiday! Lucky or what!

I've always want to go there but this is my virgin trip. *crazed smile*

I'm gonna be honest with you guys... Don't think I'd update the blog blog part of the blog, but for sure I'd update the Photo of the Moment and Twitter!

So come come to check for my holiday pictures before I even blog about them normally! :D

I checked and the roaming data price is 2c per 1kb. How much is that exactly? I guess I just won't be excessive.

Anyway I'm so happy coz I can take beautiful shots with my new camera! So excited!!!

I already put it into a waterproof bag (Juicy, no less) to prevent the same thing from happening to my old Cybershot (ie drowned in sea water together with phone). FML.

p/s: I cannot understand why any of you think that the jerboa is not cute. Just because it looks nothing like we've ever seen before doesn't mean it's not cute what!

The rules of Victim Feminism as taught to the acolytes

Dear Patriarchy - I am a Women, therefore, a victim of your oppressive rule. As a result these are our rules of engagement after our declaration of war on all men.

This was written a few years ago to educate men on the wiles of the feminist movement and their techniques to emasculate men. Many of you have experienced this if you are involved in a Family Law proceeding and you have definitely experienced it if you are a Father's Rights Advocate. The end result is, and it goes right over the heads of these victim feminists, a message saying we are but children in adult bodies and will always need to protection of the Nanny state. They have very clear "daddy" problems and it may well be part and parcel of a vicious circle. Their dad was removed from their lives, they have no idea of how to relate propperly to men and have concluded men are not necessary. They are, not unlike religious zealots, deluded by their ideology.

  1. Instantly attack anyone, on a personal level, who disagrees with any feminist precept.

  2. Only push the female agenda and utterly ignore male feelings and thoughts on the issue.

  3. When attacking male views, do not aim the attacks at the man alone (unless you are alone with the man) but loudly proclaim that all "men" who think differently are living in the past. Then refuse to accept that such behaviour is sexist.

  4. Claim anything that women do is OK because its her right to choose (This does not apply if the women offends the morals of the feminist concerned). At the same time, put down everything men say, do, or believe as foolish, stupid, childish, sexist, chauvinists etc, etc.

  5. Always minimise statistics that refer to men's pain and suffering but, always maximise (or invent outrageously exaggerated statistics) for everything women suffer.

  6. Use unattributable statistics, studies and quotes in arguments. For example (From to day's news) "It is estimated that 9 out of 10 rape victims never report their rape." (An estimation it is impossible to prove correct or false) This has the effects of terrifying the female population while giving the impression that rape is happening all over the place at every moment of the day. It also serves to cement the view that all men are rapists, in the minds of the public. If anyone challenges the figures given, use techniques 1-3.

  7. While claiming all women are stronger than all men, suddenly switch to, all women are victims of all men when the conversation demands it.

  8. Refuse to accept that women are capable of violence, even when shown irrefutable evidence that they are. This can be achieved by finding excuses for female violence such as; She was only defending herself: She has a hormone imbalance: She is depressed because she has to cope with her pig of a husband and two kids, PMS, Post Partum Depression, Etc, etc, ad infinitum.

  9. Always ridicule any man who does not agree with any of the myriad of feminist precepts but refuse to see this as verbal abuse and, if forced to admit it IS verbal abuse, claim that he was abusive first because of the WAY he disagreed and you were just responding to his patriarchal need to dominate you.

  10. Call any man who dislikes the techniques used by feminists a "sexist, woman hating, dinosaur who is living in a mythical 1950`s golden age in which women were chained to the sink and he had all the power."

  11. Surround yourself with "new men" who have been thoroughly indoctrinated with feminism and therefore emasculated. Use these men to promote feminist ideas to other men or to ridicule "old men" who can see through you.

  12. Lose no occasion to appear to defend "the family" while at the same time doing all one can to dismantle it. (Margaret Hodge a UK MP is an expert at this behaviour).

    Notes on Hodge from Wikipedia added May 28/09 by the blog admin: Privacy International awarded Margaret Hodge the 2004 Big Brother Award for "Worst Public Servant" for her backing of controversial initiatives including the Universal Child Database. At a keynote speech to the Institute for Public Policy Research on 26 November 2004, Hodge strongly defended the idea of greater state regulation of individuals' choices, stating that "some may call it the nanny state but I call it a force for good".

    In the same year Father's 4 Justice campaigner Jonathan Stanesby handcuffed Hodge, stating he was arresting her for child abuse.[6] Fathers 4 Justice targeted Hodge because she was the "bogey woman of family law, who doesn't even believe in equal parenting".[7] Stanesby and colleague Jason Hatch were later cleared of a charge false imprisonment, with the court accepting it was part of a reasonable political protest[8]

  13. If caught out in an embarrassing moment of hypocrisy by a man, instantly attack him for being cruel to you by showing you up in public because he is a "control freak who has to appear superior to women" Etc, etc.)

  14. Ignore ones own disgusting personal habits but draw constant and loud attention to the the faults of every man close to you.

  15. Avoid; by changing the subject, talking LOUDLY and rapidly, going quiet, leaving the room, sulking, banging doors, etc., any conversation that begins with the phrase, "If men have all the power, how come women make all the rules?"

  16. If, in a public situation a man begins to win an argument, gather as many like minded females and "new men" as possible. Surround the man and begin shouting him down and calling him names. (This technique can be seen often on the "Trisha show." and other female led chat shows). This technique is known as "mobbing" and is similar to the behaviour exhibited by crows when a hawk flies close to them and may be the origin of the term "birds" used descriptively by men, of women in general).

  17. If all else fails resort to tears. This technique will always fool men everywhere into running to the defence of the "helpless" female and is very effective in court rooms during divorce hearings, in Internet forums and in ugly custody battles over children. Also very useful in getting reduced sentences for anything from shop lifting to murder.

  18. If a man at the office, or other place of employment, refuses to bow to feminist ideology, accuse him of sexual advances, abuse, rape, violence, flashing, unfair promotion of others, sexism etc., and have him removed.

  19. If the man in #18 is famous, seduce him and write a book about it while empathizing with his "poor wife" to avoid her coming after you in the high street with a stiletto heal. Claim in the book that he seduced you and promised to leave his wife. Call him "a love rat" and serialise your story in the News Of The World. Don't worry, the journalists are so stupid they will never see the hypocritical nature of your story and question your version of events. If they do..... cry.

  20. Claim loudly and often that the law and penal system discriminates against women because, "The laws were written to prop up the patriarchy and suppress women." This has the effect of fooling gullible politicians, judges, lawyers and journalists into demanding that no women should ever go to prison for any reason whatsoever. If however, a female is placed in jail, demonstrate loudly outside the prison and demand her release on the grounds that: She only did it because, "He abused her." Or, "He would not give her enough money." Or, because "The Judge was a sexist, biased, women hating, old fool." Etc. Failing that, get Channel 4 or the BBC to do a documentary showing how much the children are suffering because she is in jail. Then raise a petition for release.

  21. Demand the right to enter any "all male" institution, forum, or club, on the grounds that it is sexist to refuse entry to women but at the same time, demand "all women only" activities in the local gym, swimming pool, library etc., etc., on the grounds that women need to "feel safe" in an environment that has no men around. This is a very effective way of demonising and disempowering men at one and the same time.
George Rolph

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I want I want I want! Pygmy Jerboa....

Saw this link from Perez Hilton's tweet.

This cannot possibly be real. It's the maddest cutest thing EVER in the WORLD!

My god I totally want one so bad!!!!!! How can there be something real that's so cute?!?!

It's so cute it's actually making me feel a bit sick. Like seriously!

*makings coo-ing noises*

*whips out credit card*

So where do I buy one??

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New blogskin is up! Currently my designer is still fixing the comments. Like it? Click on the "I like this" button at the bottom.

And give me your comments!!!!!!



Ok now that the site is properly done I've got time to blog more about the skin!

My web designer is none other than Lionel, from Nitro Designs. He also did my friend Ming's webpage, and I really liked what he did with the speech bubble on the banner with the twitter feed in it!

So about 2 months ago, I asked him to help me with the design...

We sorta bounced ideas off each other till it is what you see here!

For years I procrastinated on a new skin because the old one was so good and I felt really pressurized to do something better than that if I wanted a change.

But times has changed and so must blogskins!

I must take credit for the idea of the "twitter feed + Photo of the Moment on top" idea though!!

I've been photoblogging/tweeting on those two so much it's crazy!

Now, because I have a blackberry, it's super duper easy to simply take a photo and send it to blogger!!

The whole process takes less than 1 minute.

Snap, blackberry asks me what I want to do with the photo. I select "email" and send it to a secret blogger email address assigned for that blog, and type in a caption. And I hit send!

Every blogger should have a blackberry!

And because Photo of the Moment and Twitter are updated ALL THE MUTHAFUCKING TIME, you will no longer log into the website and feel annoyed that I didn't update!

Because I definitely would update everyday from now! Yay for us all!

To scroll to the previous photo, just click on the little purple arrow. :)

Cool isn't it?

Other cool stuff!

- 6 different banner photos that rotate everytime you refresh!

- Little "I like it" widget at the bottom lets you express your feelings for entries without having to leave a comment.

- Finally incorporated a search bar

- And an "Older posts" button.

- And and... Look how chio he made my blockquotes!

And good news for advertisers, especially blogshops!

If you wish to have a cheap and efficient ad, the Pixel Grid would be perfect for you.

One square with a tagline of your choice links to your webpage...

And get this...

SGD $100 - and that ad is permanent.

Yes! Forever there! So grab the prominent spots before they are all gone!

It doesn't have to be a small square. You can buy 6 squares to form into a bigass ad and $600 gives you a permanent ad space on! :)

The chio photos are shot quite some time ago by photographer Kenneth Koh. You can see his works here!

So anyway, whether you like the design or not, it's here to stay! Meanwhile, remember to always check on Photo of the Moment because that's updated all the time!

I'm editing photos for the photos I took... Got a lot lah! And I love that now you can see the quality of my LX3 in its full glory because the photos can go to a maximum width of 640 pixels wide!

Meanwhile to placate you all here's a photo of me I like very much:

Chio or what! I totally look like someone shot me unaware but I was the photographer MUAHAHAHAHA! And yes I dyed a patch of my hair pink!

I am comtemplating doing it for my whole head. Yes/No?

And now you can click on the "I like it!" button!!!


Congratulations. This is the message I got when I clicked on a link on a website article on mobbing. The message was from someone who said that if you got mobbed at work this means you are probably the brightest person in your workplace. What a consolation when I have been subjected to what is essentially psychological torture. Read about it here, the site has a lot of resources on mobbing:

So, now we have to deal with psychopaths in NHS who are killing people in a number of diverse ways. Yes, it is possible to do this. The key is not to loose trust in goodness in people and the possibility of catching them.

Watch this video of someone who knows about bullying from personal experience:

And read about some of his experiences:

Monday, May 25, 2009


In India it is recognized that older women are more likely to be witch hunted.

Watch this woman's beaten up face:

In medical profession in UK the older doctor gets the more likely is persecution, the risk increased by 400%. Women are twice as likely to be accused of poor health and behavioural problems:

It would appear General Medical Council does not have a strategy to deal with this and is unaware that witch means a wise woman in old Scottish. And they burned lots of witches there.

Today panic stricken managers rather than responding to challenging problems with team spirit can respond with ganging and mobbing.

As the rate of attacks shows a degree of variability it would be interesting to see how it varies with changes in politics, for example. Is there a pattern? I would imagine so. One would expect different types of doctors to be attacked in keeping what people think they can get away with.
Complex social and political interplay with medical advances combined would be a classic cocktail for persecution.

Read this paper on mobbing:

Shattering rampant abuse myths promulgated by Victim Feminists

May 12, 2009
By Carey Roberts

Imagine a world where ideology takes the place of truth and laws are rooted in dubious factoids from nowhere. That pretty much sums up the fact-challenged, hysteria-mongering domestic violence industry that is propped up by $1 billion of federal money each year.

Industry ideologues are loathe to admit the fact, but they truly believe the cause of partner abuse is patriarchal oppression. Not convinced? Just take it on the authority of feminist Gloria Steinem who once made this randy claim, "The patriarchy requires violence or the subliminal threat of violence in order to maintain itself."

In her now-famous PBS interview, Steinem expounded on her conspiracy-laced worldview: "It starts with the slippery slope of the supposition [of] gender that sexual relations between men and women are dominant-passive... And then it goes all the way up the scale to beatings, torture, [and] murder."

That's right, share a few tender moments with your romantic heart-throb and next thing you'll end up a statistic in the newspaper obituaries.

Journalist Philip Cook has recently come out with a book titled Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence. Cook probes the patriarchy-equals-violence theory and concludes it has more holes than a rotted-out rain barrel.

Take lesbian battering, which experts say is more common than heterosexual abuse. Remember Lindsey Lohan coming to blows with her girlfriend in a London nightclub last November? Recall Jessica Kalish of Florida who was stabbed with a screwdriver 200 times by her former female lover? And Raina L. Johnson who last year was sentenced to 28 years behind bars for the shooting of her ex-girlfriend in Washington, DC?

It's pretty loopy to explain away female-on-female brutality by casting aspersions on the loathsome patriarchy, so it's easier to pretend such incidents never happen, I guess.

In that same PBS interview, Steinem also made the claim that domestic violence is "the major cause of physical and psychological injury to women." Everyone knows Steinem is an authority in such matters, so everyone assumed she was telling the truth.

Except for Phil Cook, who decided to trace the origin of the canard.

Back in 1985, advocates Evan Stark and Anne Flitcraft poured through a stack of hospital emergency room records. Without rhyme or reason, they tallied every case of injury as caused by domestic violence, unless the chart specifically said a stranger had caused the harm. When later pressed to explain his unconventional methodology, the best Stark could say was, "maybe domestic violence is the leading cause of injury and maybe it isn't."

That's right, and maybe the moon is made of cheese so the Man in the Moon can have something to eat. Or maybe it isn't.

But that logic didn't stop former senator Joseph Biden from becoming a True Believer. "The single greatest danger to a woman's health is violence from men. Something is sick in our society," he once admonished. That line of thinking is reflected in the federal Violence Against Women Act that Biden succeeded in passing in 1994.

The DV-as-the-leading-cause-of-injury legend soon became a dependable applause line as President Bill Clinton and senators Olympia Snowe and Ron Wyden joined in the sing-along.

And sure enough, look at the Security and Financial Security Act that Rep. Roybal-Allard of California introduced just a few months ago. Peruse the bill's findings, and once again you see the lie standing straight and tall: "Violence against women has been reported to be the leading cause of physical injury to women."

Once such myths are embedded in the national psyche, they become ferociously difficult to remove. Take a Department of Health and Human Services website that once featured the "Domestic Violence is the leading cause of injury to women" claim.

"It took two years, letters from a congressman, and an inquiry from a Senator's office, plus numerous letters, which mostly went unanswered, for an undersecretary at HHS to finally respond that maybe 'the' leading cause was erroneous, but it was 'a' leading cause. The truth, of course, is that is was neither," recounts an exasperated Philip Cook. "Eventually the HHS removed the statement from its Website site but refused to issue a retraction, even after eight years of perpetrating an outrageously false 'health' statement."

Curious to know what are the leading causes of injury to women? Here they are: unintentional falls, car accidents, and overexertion. Domestic violence did not even make the list:

So relax ladies, everything you've heard about the "epidemic" of domestic violence is mostly hype calculated to stampede you into divorcing your husband and voting for yet another taxpayer-funded, ideologically-charged abuse reduction program.

© Carey Roberts

The views expressed by RenewAmerica columnists are their own and do not necessarily reflect the position of RenewAmerica or its affiliates.
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Females are more than equal in the Federal and Ontario Public Service

Some interesting stats from the Ontario Public Sector which is currently rapidly approaching a 60% female demographic, which of course means men are a minority of 40% of the employees.

In the Federal Public Service have a look at the numbers from the

Sixteenth Annual Report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada

Public Service Diversity
a) Gender
"The reversal in gender representation over the past 25 years remains one of the most significant changes in the public service.
In 2008, women represent 54.9% of public servants (compared with 42% in 1983)."

Since 1998 - 10 years ago - women have been the majority population in the Federal Government.

The gender feminists won't be happy with this though, (are they ever) because they will whine about the top jobs being controlled by men. Affirmative action has been in place since the 70's and they have no one to blame but themselves if they can't get the top jobs on merit.

Demographic Profile of the Public Service of Canada
(March 31, 2008)
  • 263,000 employees (251,000 in 1983)
  • 54.9% women (42% in 1983)
  • 41.2% of executives are women (less than 5% in 1983)
  • 60.1% of employees in the regions and 39.9% in the National Capital Region
  • 85.5% indeterminate employees; 9.5% term employees; 5% casuals and students
  • 70.6% declare English their first official language; 29.4% declare French
  • Average age 44 years (39 in 1983)
  • Average age of executives 50.4 years (48.7 in 1983)
  • Public service represents 0.8% of the Canadian population (1% in 1983)

Blah blah blah

All the comments are going on about how lazy I am and little prophecies about how I am going to lose my popularity etc!

I mean, on the whole I AM lazy, undeniably, but I've been busy these few days working on the new blogskin! I mean, that is part of blogging also right! Hmpf! Kena accused of being lazy when I am actually working hard! I even missed a KTV session ok!

I know you are salivating (you are that excited), but it will only be launched in maybe 2 days' time.

And the reason why I polled whether you guys want short posts or long posts is because I bought a Blackberry!!

Therefore, I'm connected to the internet all the time and I can twitter/post photos with a short caption anytime I want!

Since most of you choose long posts over short posts, I've actually came up with the perfect skin for that. I think it's fab anyway!!! It will be like... revolutionary!!

Meanwhile, excuse me while I go work on the skin and an advertorial for Watsons.

If you are that bored, you can sign up for Twitter and follow me here: LINK.

The 300 or so kiasu people who are already following me got a little glimpse of the new blogskin yesterday. :D

AND............ Watch videos!



Happy Mother's Day to the best Mom!

I know. So long overdue it's almost Father's day.


Watch KK and Paul attempt the impossible.


A woman who claims she can see angels!

Ding dong or some sort of messiah? Decide for yourself.

And a little bonus.

Asia Uncut on Star World interviewed me ages ago but I had not mentioned it yet. You can watch my interview here:

I totally deserved being forced to use a mac for the show.

They told me to bring my laptop but I forgot.



Delivered on banana yellow vinyl, upon the first few listens of this song on FM radio it immediately struck me as being the kind of record that stops traffic. It certainly pulled me away from the reality of what I was doing at the time at work.

It is the chorus that slays the listener by design. Filled with words to crush a person’s heart in a really rare gesture of needing to know, the voice of the song reeks of desperation. This has been one of those rare songs that has found me rewinding and listening to it immediately again afterwards and repeating this process for six or seven turns. It has also seen me looking/grabbing for the lyrics eager and desperate to work out a specific interpretation, searching for the source of the meaning of the apparent pain. This is a song it appears touches a nerve and serves solidly to empathise with and spread/share the sadness.

It is tough to gauge just what really Empire Of The Sun are about. The sound is very Australian and retro eighties as the artwork once more pays a major nod to retro fantasy art from the eighties appealing those with disposable income who were fans of Labyrinth, Legend and the Neverending Story. This really is a package that should not be liked.

I wonder if JG Ballard would approve of such usage of his title? I can’t imagine Christian Bale does.

Escapism seldom tastes so bright and shiny.

Thesaurus moment: glossy.

Empire Of The Sun
Virgin Records

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rugging up!

Its been a rather lovely weekend, despite the sudden influx of rain. I got my boots out on Friday for their first outing of the season (sadly, I'm not sure they'll make it through winter - but then I said that last winter, so lets all hope for a miracle!) - music videos and cheese crossaints at Laney's. Highly reccommended way to spend a rainy Friday night! (Obviously here they are showcased with the essential winter accessory of a cup of tea)

Shirt: Target
Jeans: Just Jeans
Boots: No! Shoes
Scarf/cardi: Cotton On

Saturday Mum took me shopping because neither of us had anything to do. Shopping outfit bears quite a resemblance to Friday Night Outfit, but with different (!) boots from the elusive Tara's Wardrobe.

Result: I HAVE A NEW JACKET. Enough said, really - look at my ecstatic jacket-wearing face!

Cooper St Jacket
Jeans West cap
Lovely earrings from my Aunty:

And an irrelevant shot of my wardrobe doors, because I love them:

Friday, May 22, 2009


There are many ways to protect children and some have made arguments to exclude religion from children who are unable to give valid consent to the process of indoctrination.

Read this article describing abuse within Catholic church (and this occurs in other religions too):


At the end of this month a small star will be made in California:

This is the future answer to energy crises and at least it could end some wars eg for control of oil.

The social implications could be enormous.

Needless to say we should expect the religious to use it as evidence for their beliefs and non-religious to demonstrate it is human to be creative. New philosophy books maybe written and new societies created.

Will this mean that some people will be forced to observe human rights more? How and who will have the power to control it?

What would happen to the price of diamonds if they hail down with rain?

How will it affect space travel. Here are some possibilities:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Special Award from a Dear Friend and a SALE!!!

So the amazing, talented, sweet energetic, motivating, adorable, funny and kind MICHELLE from The studio at Crow Haven Farm gifted me with this very special award that I proudly display on my blog:) Thank you Michelle for feeling I am worthy of this wonderful award. I am proud to call you my friend and YES you DO make a difference in my life. You are my sister:)

Now the The Byrum Spiritual Art Award means ..."You make a difference ... I know, because you have for me!"
There are so many people that make differences in our lives everyday and I want to bestow this award on all of you, but the rule says to pass this on to 5 others and them pass it to 5 others and so on and so on . five I want to pass this on to are........................

Kamila for being kamila:) Love you Kam!! at

Marilyn you really make a difference to sooo many!!

David for ALWAYS making me smile:)

Jodi for being such an inspiration and always having interesting and entertaining post on her blog:)

Nicole for making the BEST monsters EVER and just being Nicole:)

This list could really go on and on as you ALL have made a difference to me in one way or another:) If you would like to take this award and pass it on to people here in blogland who have made a difference to you please feel free to do so:)



I am clearing out the old and bringing in the new:)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and to all my American friend a good long weekend to kick pff your summer!!!

HUGZ to all of you



Female doctors hurt productivity: report

My comments left on the National Post Site:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This pattern is not new but may have just been discovered in medicine. Feminists like to promulgate the myth of women making 71 cents on the dollar as compared to men. The reasons why this is so are also evident in this study. Women have different work patterns, take more time from work for a variety of reasons including child birth, they work fewer hours on their jobs, they commute shorter distances.

The Victim Feminist spin will be the female Doctors earn less money than men. Now that we have that out of our system we learn to deal with it. We need more Doctors enrolled in med school whether they be men or women. Life goes on. If the victim feminists start to spin this as further victimization of women - mow them down with facts. This isn't about the patriarchy suppressing females it is about personal choices....and this on the MacLean's Magazine site.

When you give a monopoly to any group or organization they have not got the right stimulation (in the private sector competition) to redress what customers are telling them. If the RCOPS is behind the shortage and not government policy they need to be removed from any form of recruitment in med schools.

The study proves that females have different work habits, work fewer hours, take more time off for family reasons. There is nothing wrong with this and it is their choice. Those of us men who have been stay-at-homes for periods to raise children understand it completely. More men are doing the same thing and much more involved in the nurturing and rearing of children.

This pattern, as found in this study, is not new but may have just been discovered in medicine. Feminists like to promulgate the myth of women making 71 cents on the dollar as compared to men. The reasons why this is so are also evident in this study. They make less money because of the factors shown in this study and it is by choice not the patriarchy as victim feminists like Antonia Zerbisias, over at the Toronto Red Star, like to spin.

The Victim Feminist talking points will be the female Doctors earn less money than men and it will be true!. But it will be for reasons of choice as it is most every where else not because of that nebulous and evil patriarchy. Now that we have that out of our system we learn to deal with it. We need more Doctors enrolled in med school whether they be men or women. Life goes on. If the victim feminists start to spin this as further victimization of women – mow them down with facts.

If restricting entries into med school is artificial then it needs to be changed by the government regulators and the money found to support it. Tax and spend McQuinty can juggle his allotments and find it easily instead of buying our votes with our own tax dollars.MJM

Published: Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The growing ranks of female physicians in Canada will slash medical productivity by the equivalent of at least 1,600 doctors within a decade, concludes a provocative new analysis of data indicating that female MDs work fewer hours on average than their male colleagues.

The paper comes just a year after a blue-chip list of medical educators publicly condemned what they called the scapegoating of women for Canada's severe doctor shortage.

Dr. Mark Baerlocher, the study's lead author, acknowledged he is tackling a thorny issue, but stressed he does not favour curbing the number of female physicians. Instead, the study calls for greater increases in medical-school enrolment to offset the phenomenon.

"It's not meant to be a negative paper in any way," he said in an interview. "It's meant to take an objective, hard look at the work-hour differences that most people would agree are very real.... You can't simply ignore it because it's a sensitive issue."

The researchers led by Dr. Baerlocher analyzed results from the 2007 National Physician Survey, a canvass of doctors sponsored by major medical associations.

The survey found that women, on average, provided 30 hours a week of direct patient care, compared to 35 from men, a result of female doctors - still burdened disproportionately with child rearing and other domestic tasks - doing less on-call work and being more likely to take leaves.

Those figures were then factored in with population numbers to calculate doctor productivity per capita.

In 2007, women made up 32% of doctors. But with female students accounting for about 60% of medical school classes now, the numbers are expected to even up within a decade. When the male-female balance reaches 50-50, overall productivity will have decreased by the equivalent of 1,588 male doctors or 1,853 female doctors, all else being equal, the study concluded.

The decreased productivity would be felt sooner in specialties already becoming female-dominated, such as pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology, the researchers say.

The long surgical wait times and lack of family physicians that plague the Canadian health care system are largely blamed on the paucity of doctors. Their ranks - now at 67,000 - would need to jump by another 20,000 to reach the average for Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries.

Much of the problem is blamed on a decision by provincial governments in the early 1990s to slash medical-school enrolment, just as the ageing Baby Boom generation was producing more illness. In recent years, enrolment has been increased somewhat again.

Dr. Robert Ouellette, president of the Canadian Medical Association, said medical schools need to train even more doctors than they do now, but he steered clear of suggesting the lifestyles of female doctors are making the shortage more acute. The new generation of physicians - both male and female - tends to work fewer hours generally than older colleagues, he said. And there is evidence that women spend more time with patients, are better communicators and offer more preventive medicine.

"It's not only the hours that count - it's the quality of care that's important also," Dr. Ouellette said.

After a spate of media coverage of male and female doctors' different work patterns, the deans of medicine and other senior administrators at the universities of Toronto and Western Ontario wrote an editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal last year that urged "ending the sexist blame game."

"To disparage in any way the intelligent, dedicated women ... who have chosen to devote their lives to medicine is shameful," they wrote.

Dr. Baerlocher, a radiology resident at the University of Toronto, said he agrees women should not be blamed, but lamented a general reluctance in the medical profession to examine controversial issues, such as gender differences and abortion.

"There are a lot of topics that aren't adequately studied, because it's deemed a socially sensitive topic."

National Post

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



Over the course of “Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free” the Akron/Family manage to execute an exuberant mish mash of classic left field joints whilst making their spontaneous and schizophrenic sound very much a flavour of their own.

With “Everyone Is Guilty” starting off the show it bounces in sounding like some euphoric combination of Tortoise and Battles before the vocals and accusations that come with kick in the audience’s experience and adds an element of unease.

In addition to being very creative and playful musically the songwriting lyrically is also very emotionally explicit not necessarily accompanied with a smile.

The album (and band) is something of a two headed monster. It is in the moments that record descends too far down into folk/country territory that holds the collection back, folk/country being a sound/genre that is seldom able to lift itself out of cliché and cheese.

As my life continues to turn into a surreal shell of its former existence the more whimsical moments of this record such as “Many Ghosts” helps the Akron Family to provide a kind of twisted Disney breakdown score to proceedings.

Away from the noisefest of “MBF” the stand out track on the album for me is “Creatures.” Opening as if sounding like an almost acoustic take on drum and bass it couples with Dr Seuss nursery rhyme type lyrics of affection to provide a perfect backdrop to feeling young. By the time the song reaches the chorus the wind instruments have made a cameo appearance and a light feel dominates proceedings and a person listening can only begin to feel mesmerised as they fall in love with the process at the exact point the “up and down, down down down” mini mantra kicks in. Right now the sun is shining for a reason.

A rare and a good thing this is an indie rock album that sounds like attendance at a campfire.

Thesaurus moment: milieu.

Crammed Discs
Dead Oceans

Monday, May 18, 2009


This is Beth finished, she was for a challenge for the Dark Artist Guild "what is dark to you?"

Depression and suicide is dark to me. I hope not to offend anyone with my doll, she found her own way out of her depression.


Paiseh for neglecting the blog again. I've been really busy lately. The good news is, I've definitely got something good coming up real soon! Promise you won't be disappointed!

Blog again tomorrow. Mad tired gonna sleep now.

p/s: Poll - would you rather this blog be filled with loads of little posts (Twitter style I guess) everyday or a good long post every few days?



Boy do I feel like a fucking chump for buying this record when thinking that it was something else.

What it is is a horribly chunky riff-tastic piece of heavyset pop punk metal that is really written and recorded with all bulls eyes and focus set on angst ridden and tetchy teenagers and the money that their parents give them.

This is a particularly bad piece of teen angst exploitation as the subject matter of the record gives of the apparent impression that it is about the inclusion of the listener into some kind of bat crypt movement these (probably) eyeliner wearing punks are part of. Ultimately though the Misfits this is not. It’s just all too serious.

Painfully with the kids signing in the background on the chorus rather than some great SST or even Epitaph band from the ages instead all the hoop and holler actually reminds me of the po-faced seriousness of the music moments of The Lost Boys. I wonder if fangs come with this record.

So yeah, this isn’t good, this isn’t rebellion, this isn’t what the future captains of industry will be listening to once they have grown up. Bankers might like to listen to it while snorting coke and fucking prostitutes but only in that depressing athletic way where haircuts possess more value than iPods. What the fuck am I talking about?

Hats off for calling the b-side “Pastor Of Muppets” though.

They’re Welsh?

Thesaurus moment: no.

The Blackout

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting philosophical

I'm not sure its entirely philosophical, but I had a very long, very boring bus ride this afternoon to plot this out.

Last night I was watching Yes Man at Tara's. Aside from being hideously crushed by the fact that Zooey Deschanel's amazing blue coat is one of a kind, I really liked the movie and the entire philosophy of "Yeah! Lets do shit! Its going to be awesome!". I mean, quite ironic considering I was only watching it because I'd bailed on a cocktail night due to feeling like death, but nonetheless. I was a bit wary at the start because, let's be honest, the "YES" conference-thing is a bit cultish. But by the end, when he's all "It wasn't a covenant", its a bit less creepy and more life-affirming.


So today, while I was thinking "Hot damn, that would make life a lot more interesting!", I was chilling with my trusty friend George (my iPod, for those of you not in the know) and "Vienna" by Billy Joel came on. Which has another very valid philosophical idea, that you can't do everything and essentially, slow down. Oooh, conflicting but valid viewpoints! Honestly, I think both have their moments and its a case-by-case, discretionary thing, but it was still interesting to have them both come up.

What was also interesting was walking through the city in a very ambley, "I have ninety minutes to waste before I have to catch a bus, la-la-la" way, with George, listening to Simon and Garfunkul, and people kept pushing past me. I was like DAMN, its a SUNDAY. Calm. Your. Beard. Or at least say excuse me.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thoughts for the weekend

Rather more eventful weekend than usual (though less so than I had planned)! I bailed early during a delightful dinner and coffee last night because I had to be up nice and early for my big Saturday - going up to Perth, getting into some shopping and coffee, then pizza and cocktails tonight with friends. Alas, only made it up to the shopping and coffee before I realised I felt quite ill and had to bail on the cocktails. One day, though! (Also I'm chilling at Tara's now and pizza was provided... all is not lost)

So while I traipsed around the city today, I realised how awesome some people look. Regretfully, I left my camera at home (I thought the adorable purse I've been keeping it in would be better used housing a toothbrush and other such overnight stay necessities), otherwise I could have whipped it out and subsequently published some lovely snaps. Instead, I'm going to stick with LOOKBOOK for the moment.

Friday, May 15, 2009


GMC informed medical profession that doctors who are registered but without licence can still perform Good Samaritan Acts provided they are insured.

This is very ironic. In my case I am not allowed to work out of hours or on call. But I can perform Good Samaritan act if I am insured. And I am insured for that.

I wonder if anyone at GMC knows what Samaritan means. Probably not. Samaritans call themselves Shemerem which means Keepers of the law. So, GMC wants us to break the laws (conditions) they set up for us.

Indeed, it is our moral duty to break unreasonable laws. I always knew that.

But what about the incompetence?
Click on link below to watch this politically correct video on Good Samaritan. So GMC:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We know that human life should be more important than religion but it does not follow that all doctors would uphold these principles. Is it normal to be religious? How does the brain wiring and evolution lead to religiosity? Watch this psychiatrist explain: (it takes one hour),3779,Why-We-Believe-in-Gods---American-Atheists-09,Andy-Thomson

At GMC as far as I know there is no screening to exclude magical thinking, presumably in the name of political correctness. I think, the major reason is fear that the whole system would collapse if we got to know each other. In fact, in healthy groups, the opposite happens. Dealing with issues that cause conflict is problem solving.

GMC should have its own Development Plan to deal with religious right onslaught that is killing people in this country. I am receiving emails from agents repeatedly asking me if I could work as a locum offering more money than ever. Well, I cannot I tell them. They ask me if I know other people who can do the work instead. I do know but they do not want to work. There is unofficial strike, it appears to me. Nothing organised by anyone. Individuals have turned their back on those who have been silent while good doctors got trashed and bad prospered.

when you see someone who looks like your ex...

it just hurts. Seriously.

The real cause of Injury to women rather than the Radical Feminist Propaganda of Domestic Violence.

From: Information on this page can be found in the print version of Women's Health USA 2008. Suggested Citation: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau. Women's Health USA 2008. Rockville, Maryland:


Often, injuries can be controlled by either preventing an event (such as a car crash) or lessening its impact. This can occur through education, engineering and design of safety products, enactment and enforcement of policies and laws, economic incentives, and improvements in emergency care. Some examples include the design, oversight, and use of child safety seats and seatbelts, workplace regulations regarding safety practices, and tax incentives for fitting home pools with fences.

In 2006, unintentional falls were the leading cause of nonfatal injury among women of every age group, and rates generally increased with age. Women aged 65 years and older had the highest rate of injury due to unintentional falls (59.7 per 1,000 women), while slightly more than 19 per 1,000 women aged 18–34 and 35–44 years experienced fall-related injuries. Unintentional injuries sustained as motor vehicle occupants were the second leading cause of injury among 18- to 34-year-olds (18.7 per 1,000), while unintentional overexertion was the second leading cause of injury among women aged 35–44 and 45–64 years (13.7 and 9.3 per 1,000, respectively). Among women aged 65 years and older, being unintentionally struck by or against an object was the second leading cause of injury (5.7 per 1,000).

Unintentional and intentional injuries each represented a higher proportion of emergency department (ED) visits for men than women in 2005. Among women and men aged 18 years and older, unintentional injuries accounted for 19.9 and 27.5 percent of ED visits, respectively, while intentional injuries, or assault, represented 1.4 and 2.7 percent of visits, respectively. Among both women and men, unintentional injury accounted for a higher percentage of ED visits among those living in non-metropolitan areas, while adults living in metropolitan areas had a slightly higher percentage of ED visits due to intentional injury.

Leading Causes of Injury Among Women Aged 18 and Older, by Age, 2006 [D] Injury-Related Emergency Department Visits Among Adults Aged 18 and Older, by Area of Residence and Sex, 2005

tiger food: carbonara

Heavily adulterated from the Woman's Day Step-by-Step Cookbook, but this is how dinner went down tonight:


Stuff you need:

250g pasta (Fettucine is awesome)

1/3 cup grated parmesan

2 eggs

30g butter plus a little bit extra

4 rashers of bacon (or facon, if you're a vegetarian)

That's how I roll.

1. Boil the kettle and make yourself a cup of tea, then put the rest of the boiling water in a saucepan with some regular water. This just makes it boil faster if you're lazy like myself.

2. While the pasta is on, cut up the bacon. The recipe says to do it into strips, but I cut it into cubes because thats how Mum's always made it. Fry that shiznit up. If its facon, don't cook it for too long or it goes gross.

Chop chop chop

3. Melt the 30g butter in a bowl and add the parmesan. Mix it until its all combined, then add the 2 eggs which you previously beat together (see? Pays to read ahead in the recipe). Mix that all up.

mmm... cheese.

4. If you're following what I did exactly, this is the point where the tea comes in handy because the pasta is done, the facon/bacon is cooked, and the sauce (I use that term liberally) is done but your date is late. Hence, relax and read a book for a bit.

mmm.... tea.

5. When you're ready to finish it, drain the pasta and put it back into the saucepan. Add the extra bit of butter and reheat, toss the pasta in the butter and make sure its all coated. Transfer that into the pan you used to fry the bacon, and add the bacon and Liberal Sauce. Mix that together somewhat, and cook it over a low heat til its done. Serve that up, and you're good to go!

yummy in my tummy <3