Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Don't get mad, get even.

I must say that I am disappointed with O. His peeps are crying" woe is me" after seeing the first Mitt Romney political ad. for the 2012 election.

Yes, it's deceitful and misleading, but so what else is new? This is politics; politicians and political campaigns lie. And Mitt, as we all know, will do anything to get elected. Anything. His only mission in life is to become the next president of these divided state of A-merry-ca.

So O, instead of getting mad, your people should be trying to get even. Start digging up all those sound bites and old pictures hidden in Mitt's closet, and I guarantee you that you won't have to use deceptive tactics to make your point.

There is enough flip flopping out there to bury the soulless one many times over.

Anyway, I am settling and getting ready to watch the republican debates. Newt is leading now, so it should be fun.

I just hope that there are no children in the audience; Newt might want to put them behind the cameras and have them clean up the stage.   

Pic courtesy of Merry Poppet blog.


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